Port Charles was about to experience one of the coldest winters to date, at least that's what the weather people are saying. Quite frankly, he couldn't feel the cold and probably wouldn't even notice the drastic frost around him.

Its been another long night, his friends having yet another "crisis" that needed his immediate attention and all his free time. If not for the slight emergency at the warehouse, he doubts he would've been allowed to leave the penthouse hours ago.

Sitting on his bike, Jason Morgan glances up at the building that housed both his penthouse and his boss' - truly contemplating his next move. He could either go up there, put up with whatever argument they've found themselves in this time, or he can start up his bike and go where the road leads.

He's not needed, as far as the business is concerned, for at least a week. The only thing keeping him in Port Charles is his two friends that love each other to distraction, often trying to kill each other in the process of showing that love. Without much effort, his mind was made up and he was set to go.

Signaling for the guard, Johnny, to approach his bike, Jason Morgan leaves a quick message for his sister, Emily, before handing off the phone. In that gesture alone, the guard understands what he's saying and gives him the nod that he'd handle things until he returned.

Revving his engine, Jason kicks the bike off its stand before speeding away from the building. His friends will just have to make do without him for now because the road is calling to him like a moth to a flame and the need to escape is overwhelmingly persistent that he can't ignore it.

"What do you mean he just left?" Sonny Corinthos eyes on his head guard, Francis Corelli, a little miffed to find out like this at that hour of the morning.

"Johnny called up and said he'll be out of contact for a week at most." Francis relays the message, personally glad that his friend took the time off.

"How did he seem?" Carly Corinthos inserts, worry lining her features, placing herself beside Sonny - always to the right. "Did he say why he was taking off all of a sudden? Maybe I should call him...does he have his cellphone? Please, tell me he didn't leave it behind again."

"He simply gave Johnny his cellphone and took off." Francis concedes, knowing that it was going to be real tense without Jason around. "That's all I know."

"Very well." Sonny waves him away. "Return to your post."

"Yes, sir." Francis says plainly, opening the door and walking out without another word.

"We have to send someone after him, Sonny." Carly insists, turning to face her husband once the guard was out the door. "I don't know why he suddenly took off without notice, but I'm sure there must be something wrong."

"We're not sending anyone after him." Sonny says plainly, walking over to pick up their son, Michael, into his arms. "He'll be back. He always comes back. Then and only then can you bombard him with your questions."

"Sonny..." she whines, walking over to him.

"Give him time to cool off from whatever he's going through right now and, when he comes back, you can talk his ear off about it, okay?"

"Okay." she says begrudgingly. "Can we eat out tonight? I really want to use that new dress you bought me."

"Of course." Sonny kisses her softly, nothing bringing them together like Jason leaving town. "For now, lets just have breakfast with Michael before we take him to the park, okay?"

"Okay." she smiles, wanting more of a kiss than he had given. "I love you, Sonny!"

"I love you, too, crazy girl!"

Riding the road wherever it should take him, Jason finds himself entering Rochester, the welcome sign flying by him like much of the scenery. Nothing felt as good as being on the back of his motorcycle, going top speed, with the world blowing by him in a blur. To sum it up in one word, its bliss.

He was about to pass what looked like a lookout point when, for some reason, he found himself pulling off the main road and parking his bike to take in the view. The sun was about to rise over the horizon, it was truly beautiful. Its the kind of thing that his life could never taint. That people from his world could never detract from.

The autumn days are coming to an end, soon winter will be upon the small Rochester town and the world around her will be blanketed in a white beauty of purity. Its strange to think that all it will take is a good strong snowfall for the entire town to be transformed from its usual tattered, rundown state.

Going from town to town, never one to settle down, even if her life depended on it, Elizabeth Webber found refuge in the small town of Charlotte two years ago and has yet to leave since. Maybe it was the people or maybe just the town itself, but Elizabeth felt like she couldn't leave until she understood what drew her to that town.

"Morning, Lizzie, sweetheart!" the ever so sweet elderly lady, Mable Carrie, calls to her from her diner. "You stopping by for your morning muffin today? Brian has them fresh out of the oven, not even ten minutes, just how you like 'em."

"I'd love to, Mamma Carrie, but I'm trying to beat the sun over Cape Cod." Elizabeth replies lovingly, securing her art supplies into her trunk. "Thanks for the offer, though."

"Oh, come now, dear." her overly loving neighbor smiles. "You can afford to spare five minutes, can't you?"

With a sigh, Elizabeth knows that she won't be able to deny her, never having been able to thus far, even knowing that five minutes is never really five minutes. Shutting her trunk with a firm grip, Elizabeth slings her backpack over her shoulder, looking both ways before crossing the street to the diner.

"One muffin, Mamma Carrie." she says with conviction. "Then I have to be going, okay?"

"Of course, sweetheart, just one." the elderly lady smiles a dimpled smile before showing her into the diner. "So, how have you been doing? You look like you haven't eaten a thing in days."

"Mamma Carrie." she groans, knowing where the woman was going with her comment. "I've been eating fine...I spent the last two days camping out on the mountain top, that's all."

"At least let me pack you a decent meal for your trip to Cape Cod." the woman turns on her charm to overdrive. "A three course meal never hurt anyone."

"Brian, help me here, will ya?" Elizabeth looks to the woman's son for help. "She's gonna make me late and she knows it."

"Sorry, Lizzie, honey." the man smirks, raising his spatula. "You know how she gets...might as well let her fix you somethin'."

"Mamma Carrie, I swear, if you give me the muffin and let me go on my way, I'll come over tonight for dinner and you can stuff me fat, okay?" Elizabeth clasps her hands together, pleading with the woman to see how badly she wanted to get to Cape Cod in time.

"You've got yourself a deal." Mable replies, handing her more than a few muffins in a brown bag. "Now, you know what time I serve dinner and what time I expect you there, right?"

"Yes, Mamma Carrie, thanks for the muffins." she exclaims on her way out the door. "I'll be on time, promise!"

Bounding out of the diner, she sprints across the street before jumping into her car and heading to Cape Cod as fast as her little car can take her. She appreciated Mable Carrie more than she could ever express, but sometimes that old lady really messes with her artistic flow.

One time, Elizabeth had been so inspired to paint like never before, but Mable had guilt her into joining her family for their semi-annual reunion. The inspiration died out and Elizabeth was forced to keep track of Mable's family events so she wasn't in town when they happened.

"Not today, Mamma Carrie." she mutters to herself, taking the turn onto Cape Cod drive. "Today is about my art and nothing's going to stop me."

Just as Elizabeth is arriving to Cape Cod, Jason is pulling away from the sight, missing each other by a few seconds. Unloading her trunk, Elizabeth sets up her easel and paints, settling in to paint the beauty that the view provided her. Admittedly, she would have loved to have gotten there earlier, but she'll just have to try again tomorrow. Preferably leaving before Mable Carrie can wrangle her into the diner for another "five minute" muffin stop.

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