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Chapter 19: Burst!


The reunited group decided that watching Dayren and Yuri train was the most interesting thing to do and so followed them out-of-town slightly. They all settled under a tree, picnic basket and all. Estelle and Flynn were setting out the blanket and food, Repede had already fallen asleep with Raven lying nearby nearly asleep too, Rita and Karol were watching the two soon-to-be-sparring friends going over Burst Artes.

"So, who are you rooting for?" Karol asked excitedly bouncing on his feet.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Rita replied.

"Who do you want to win, d'uh!" Karol said turning to her and Rita resisted hitting him.

"Why do I care? That Idiot is just gunna get beaten up..." Rita grumbled.

"Yeah! Yuri won't lose to Dayren, no matter how strong he is!" Karol cheered.

"...But it would be interesting to see the Idiot beat up Yuri for a change." Rita mumbled but was heard regardless.

"Huh? Why are you rooting for Dayren? Oooh..." Karol said suddenly in an understanding way. He started nodding his head.

"What!?" Rita demanded.

"...You're just saying that... To be against me, right?" Karol said with a mischievous grin.

"...That's right!" Rita said crossing her arms. Karol snickered.

"You're getting easier to read, Rita." Karol whispered. Then, Estelle called them as preparations were done and lunch was waiting. Not a moment too soon as Yuri and Dayren were ready to start.


"You ready?" Yuri asked.

"You even need to ask?" Dayren replied.

"Ha, don't sound too cocky or you'll end up like me!" Yuri grinned while drawing his sword.

"Oh dear... That sounds awful!" Dayren grinned back while drawing his swords. They both got into place.

"And..." Yuri said, preparing to go.

"En Garde!" Dayren said and the two ran at each other. The sound of steel clashing drew the attention of the group. The two swung, lunged, parried and everything in between, captivating their audience.

"Alright, try this! Destruction Field!" Yuri called. Dayren was knocked over but quickly jumped up again.

"Nice try! Sword Rain!" Dayren countered.

"Ha! Wolf Strike!"

"Falling Leaf!"


"Triple Kick! Dragon Swarm!" The attacks hit Yuri in the back hard and knocked him down. From the side, the group had eating and leaned forward with interest.

"Woah... Tha' kid's gotten better." Raven remarked.

"Y-Yeah... He knocked down Yuri!" Karol said shocked.

"...Wow... It makes me wanna join in!" Flynn said with a glint in his eye.

"Flynn's getting as into it as those two." Estelle chuckled.

"Uh huh..." Rita said distractedly.

"Seems our Genius Mage is just as into it too." Raven grinned.

"Shh! I'm trying to watch that!" Rita snapped. The others looked back at the fight to see Dayren casting.

"Come, zap 'em where they stand! Spark Wave!" Yuri managed to avoid getting hit head on but couldn't avoid it completely.

"Ngh... Oh, it's on! Cerberus Strike! Crushing Eagle!"

"Hahaha! That it? Wolverine! Axe Smash!"

"Heh... That should be enough. Now watch me." Yuri said.

"I'll blow you away! Ha! Ha! Ha! Wolf Strike! Dragon Swarm!" Then there was a small flash.

"Divine Wolf!" And Dayren took every hit.

"Ack! ...Wow!" He said from the floor.

"As expected of Yuri, he's not holding back." Flynn commented. The others nodded in agreement. Within a minute or two, Dayren was up.

"My turn then?" He asked and Yuri nodded. Dayren focused his battle energy.

"Think you can keep up!? Heeyah! Sword Rain! Dragon Swarm!" Then there was a flash. Dayren then unleashed a series of quick kicks that were impossible to follow.

"Stampede!" He named it. Yuri was knocked down again.

"He did it!" Karol cheered.

"I thought you were rooting for Yuri." Rita said.

"Doesn't mean I can't be happy for Dayren." Karol replied and Rita shrugged.

"He is strong... That's twice he's knocked down Yuri..." Flynn said.

"Yup... That's my kid!" Raven beamed proudly.

"But he's not your son, Raven..." Estelle said confused.

"I don't think he meant it literally, Lady Estellise..." Flynn sighed with a smile. But Estelle still didn't seem to get it.

"Someone should tell 'em ta come eat before they start again." Raven said.

"Alright... Estelle, let's go." Rita said.

"Huh? Ok." Estelle replied, not expecting it. The others watched as the two girls approached the tired combatants. Estelle gracefully help Yuri and they both walked over. When Dayren saw Rita approach, He puffed out his chest and said something. Rita proceeded to club him around the head and drag him by the collar back. Everyone sweat-dropped.

Skit: Master of Kicks

Flynn: Hey, Dayren?

Dayren: Hm?

Flynn: I wanted to ask something else about your fighting style.

Dayren: (Smirk) Alright Flynn the Just Flynn.

Flynn: Please don't start that again.

Dayren: Ehehe... Sorry. Please, ask your question.

Flynn: Ok. You use your swords and your feet in combat, it's very interesting.

Dayren: Uh huh!

Flynn: Where did you learn this fighting style?

Dayren: Hmm... Funny you should ask. I don't remember the guy's face or name but he was tall and had long blue hair... He only ever used his feet to fight.

Flynn: Intriguing. What other features do you remember?

Dayren: He was well dressed, muscular... He seemed quite rough if you didn't know him but when you did, he's the definition of a Gentleman. Also he was an awesome cook!

Flynn: ...I don't think I know anyone of that description. When did you decide to integrate your kicking with your swordplay?

Dayren: When... I wanted to be able to surprise my enemy with variety... And cos it looks cool!

Flynn: (Sweat-drop) I see...

After they'd eaten and Dayren's ego had started to deflated finally, they started to walk back. Dayren was positively glowing as he led the group with a spring in his step.

"I'm so awesome! I mastered the Burst Arte and looked cool doing it! ...I'm one step closer to my mission." Dayren was talking to himself mostly. The group decided to ignore him and let him have his fun but Flynn's ears perked up at the last bit.

"Ah yes, didn't you mention that a while ago?" He asked.

"Huh?" Dayren replied over his shoulder.

"I remember. You said you'd tell us what it was later. Well, it's later now." Yuri said. Dayren abruptly stopped and the rest followed suit hastily.

"Are you sure you wanna know?" Dayren asked, his voice serious.

"Of course! As your friends, we want you to do everything you want to!" Estelle said enthusiastically.

"...I'd save the enthusiasm until after you hear it." Dayren replied, tone still the same.

"It can't be that bad..." Karol said but he didn't sound so sure.

"...Fine. I'll tell... I'm... Looking for someone." Dayren said.

"Oh? That's not bad. Or is it a past girlfriend?" Yuri smirked. The girls both stiffened slightly.

"And when I find him..." Dayren continued, ignoring Yuri. Everyone was silent.

"I'm going to kill that bastard..!"

The group gasped. It was the last thing they were expecting to come from the mouth of the eccentric boy.

"Kill!?" Karol was the first to say.

"N-No way..." Estelle gasped.

"Kid...! What..." Raven was at a loss for words.

"What the hell are you talking about!? Are you crazy!?" Rita yelled.

"WHAT! How outrageous!" Flynn roared. Yuri was silent.

"Yuri! Say something!" Estelle pleaded but Yuri maintained his silent stare at the back of the boy's head.

"If you won't, then I will! I shall not stand and watch you commit a crime in front of me!" Flynn said, putting a hand on his sword hilt for emphasis. But the boy was unperturbed and looked over his shoulder. His glare was ice-cold and sent a chill up some of the group's spine.

"If anyone, including any of you, were to get in my way when I have the chance... I won't hold back." He said, his tone as harsh as his glare. The group watched in stunned silence as he walked off.

Skit: Tension between friends

Flynn: UNACCEPTABLE! How...!

Yuri: Flynn calm down.

Estelle: But Yuri...! You heard him! He's...

Rita: He's stupider than I thought... Bloody idiot!

Raven: Hey! There's no need fer that kinda language.

Rita: Shut it!

Karol: Rita! Come on, calm down everyone!

Flynn: You tell me to calm down!? He just admitted his intentions to commit a grave sin!

Yuri: A grave sin...

Estelle: Surely we can't allow him to do this!

Flynn: If he does... I'll have no choice but to...

Rita: Shut up!

Karol: Rita, you don't have to yell.

Raven: Jeez, everyone's gone nuts.

Repede: *WOOOOOOO*

All: ...!

Yuri: Thanks Repede.

Repede: *ARF!*

Yuri: Alright all of you, calm down.

Estelle: Right...

Yuri: We don't know who this man is or what he's does to Dayren but it must have been bad.

Karol: Yeah... Knowing what he's like, He doesn't seem the type to hold a grudge without a good reason.

Yuri: Exactly. So I think we should just keep an eye on him for a bit longer.

Rita: Ok...

Flynn: Sorry Yuri... I can't accept it. (Leaves)

Raven: ...Don't worry about him, Yuri. As the Commandant, it's to be expected. Nice work handling the situation.

Yuri: All thanks should go to Repede here.

Repede: *WOOF*

Raven: Ahaha... Well done pooch!

Upon arriving back in Dahngrest, the previous tension had lifted slightly. Raven and Estelle had taken it upon themselves to talk to Dayren. Yuri was still trying to calm Flynn but only managed to do so partially. Before the two tired sword-fighters could catch a break at the Inn and the rest of the group go shopping, a young-looking boy ran up to them.

"Guild Leader! The Don is requesting our Guild to see him urgently." He said hurriedly.

"Really? Then go gather the rest and we'll see you there. Thanks Ren." Karol said smiling. The puzzled looks he received demanded an answer.

"He's one of the new recruits in our Guild, Ren. He has a twin brother called Len... Telling them apart is difficult sometimes." Karol explained.

"Hm... I see." Estelle said.

"Anyway, we shouldn't keep the Don waiting too long." Yuri said and the group nodded.


Sooner or later, the group were entering the Don's chamber. There, they saw the other five members of Brave Vesperia, including the twins Len and Ren. 'You know, I still can't tell them apart. They joined pretty soon after our adventure last year but I still can't do it...' Yuri thought to himself. Said twins turned to look at Yuri and Karol and smiled nervously. At the head of the room was the Don, Harry Whitehorse himself sitting on the large chair. But also, the Duchess and her sister were seated either side of him, watching the group enter silently.

"Ah, you're here at last! It's good to see you all. Are you well?" Harry asked.

"We've had worst days." Yuri said.

"I see. I'd love to hear about your adventures..." Harry started but Tillya politely whispered something.

"O-Oh yes, of course. I apologise." He hastily said and the Duchess smiled.

"I called you here on a matter of great importance." Harry said seriously, slipping into the role of the Don.

"You may have guessed but it concerns our latest threat: These Mechanical Men. Now, this is a mission directly from me and I can not allow you to decline. I want you all to investigate them and find a way to stop them." Harry said. The Guild members all nodded while Dayren, Estelle, Flynn and Rita awkwardly looked around the room, wondering if they should also respond.

"Ah, but how rude of me. Princess Estellise, Commandant Flynn Scifo and Rita Mordio, I would like to ask for your help in this too. Your strength would be a huge asset to us, as would your other friends... Which reminds me..." Harry said, standing up.

"I would suggest that you first find your remaining two friends, especially Judith as she is one of your Guild leaders. I'm sure you have an idea of where to find her." Harry finished. The Duchess then stood up and approached.

"I also would like to request something. Please may my sister and I travel with you a while?" She asked with a respectful bow.

"Are you sure? The journey ahead is sure to get more difficult." Flynn said seriously.

"We know, Mister Commandant. But we have our own personal reasons for wanting to come along." Kara said, joining her sister's side.

"We've decided this is to be our last search. We'd like to finish it, even if it's hopeless" Tillya said, glancing at the male teen in the group.

"Hmm... I know better than most that once your minds are made up, they can not be swayed." Flynn mused.

"I see no objection to it. We have so much time to catch up on!" Estelle said beaming.

"Alright... I know that we can protect you with most of our group here." Flynn sighed. The three childhood friends were overjoyed.

"Thank you... Oh, and one last thing. I... Would like to avoid the front lines for now. I hope you'll forgive my selfishness." Tillya said with a lower bow.

"Please don't worry about that, we completely understand." Estelle said.

"Thank you again, Estelle." Tillya smiled. After sorting the little bits out, the group turned to leave. However they were stopped.

"Ah! Sorry wait! I almost forgot, I've asked an old friend of Raven's to help you when he can. He should be ready to do so when you return." The Don said and the group gave the Old Man some puzzled looks.

"What? I didn't know I had any ol' friends still willin' ta help me." Raven defended. At that, the group left.


Kara joined the Party



Tillya has joined as a Guest


The group stopped outside the Union building to discuss important matters.

"So who are the newbies?" Dayren asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I almost forgot! You know Ren and I've told you about his twin, Len." Karol said and both boys, around Karol's age and had short blond hair, waved.

"From left to right, we have June, Amelia and Nancy." Karol introduced. June, a girl slightly older than Karol had light green hair and glasses, gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up. Amelia was around June's age and had dark blond hair and red hair-band and shyly waved.

"Hi Karol sir! I hope my sis hasn't been too harsh in you." Nancy said.

"I think you'll find that I am only ever truthful, which is sometimes is harsh." A voice said approaching them. It turned out to be none other than Nan.

"Nan? So Nancy is your sister..." Estelle mused.

"Unfortunately..." Nan sighed. Nancy had the same colour hair as her sister but she had braids in hers, a difference from her older sibling.

"So, we have to find Patty and Judith, then look into the Metal Men." Yuri said, getting them on topic.

"That's pretty much it but... We have no idea where Patty is." Karol said.

"Didn't she say she was gunna sail around and 'look for treasure' by herself?" Rita said.

"I believe so. I'm surprised we let her so easily." Flynn said.

"It's what tha' kid said she wanted ta do." Raven shrugged.

"Well, we at least know where the other person is, right?" Dayren asked.

"Yeah, Judith is on Mt. Temza with Ba'ul..." Karol said.

"So, I suggest we go there first. Maybe your friend there knows where to find the other." Tillya said. The group nodded.

"So, we're going on a boat right!?" Kara said excitedly.

"Uh no..." Dayren grumbled, remembering his Motion Sickness.

"Indeed. I came here to tell you that the boat is waiting." Nan said.

"I see. Thank you Nan. Will... You be coming along with us?" Karol asked shyly.

"I... Um..." Nan stuttered, not expecting the question.

"Of course she is! She's just too shy to admit it." Nancy said.

"Shush you. I'll go, but only to make sure you stay out of trouble." Nan said.

"Alright, that's our plan. Go to Mt. Temza to find... Judith? Yeah. And then find Patty so we can investigate the Mecha A... Metal Men. Right?" Dayren summed up.

"Pretty much." Yuri said slowly.

"Yay! Then let's go!" Kara said excitedly.

"Alright! Brave Vesperia, fall out!" Karol declared and several party members joined in with a cheer. You can probably guess who did and who didn't.

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