Well, Here's the first chapter of my first fanfic! I hope you like it! I'd love any advice or friendly criticisms! Thanks! :D The smurfs Belong to Peyo, not me *cries*

It was a bright, sunny day in Smurf Village. The Smurflings were playing on the edge of the smurfball field, while Handy was inventing a new exercise machine for Hefty. Painter was busy making a sculpture of Smurfette while Harmony was scraping his fingernails on a chalkboard, screeching at the top of his lungs like a demented parrot. At least, that's what it sounded like. Every smurf was outside and enjoying the unnaturally warm October day. Almost every smurf, that is.

Leaning against the wall of a purple and blue mushroom house, the solitary figure of a smurf could be seen. He was cloaked in shadows, arms crossed across his bare chest, a scowl permanently etched onto his face. Grouchy Smurf had his head turned toward the ground, a distant look in his eyes. No smurf smiled at him as they passed, no one bothered to say hello. He stood so still, he could easily be mistaken for one of Painter's statues.

That is, until a rubber ball knocked him in the back of the head, causing him to fall flat on his face. "Hey, you! Toss us back the ball!" The Smurflings, not bothering to apologize, stood a few meters away, waiting for whomever they had struck to return their toy.

They nearly screamed, however, when they noticed it was Grouchy, who lifted his face off of the ground and turned to glare at them. Snappy, who had been the one to speak, was completely horrified. They recoiled as Grouchy slowly picked himself up, grabbed the ball, and glowered at the Smurflings. Truthfully, they weren't just scared of Grouchy. They were completely terrified of him; the way he seemed to appear out of nowhere, how he spoke only to voice his hatred of all the things that others found smurfy.

The way the shadows he lurked in made him appear to be half-dead, and now his eyes seemed to glint red if you looked him right in the eye, though why anyone would even consider doing so was lost on the Smurflings.

The poor children closed their eyes as Grouchy began to walk towards them, ball in hand. Their hearts nearly stopped when his footsteps grew silent; they could hear Grouchy's deep, slow breaths inches from their faces. They huddled together, shaking, and prepared to be eaten alive, have their intestines pulled up their throats, be slowly ripped to shreds. There was a soft "thump" before things became quiet once again.

They continued to cower silently for what felt like hours before Nat decided to cautiously open one of his eyes and look around. Surprised, he shook the others, and Slouchy slowly lifted his head. Grouchy was gone, the ball resting where it had landed when grouchy had dropped it. Nat and Slouchy turned to tell Snappy and Sassette that it was safe, only to cover their mouths in an attempt to stifle their giggles.

Snappy had slid his hands around Sassette's slender waist, while she had flung her arms around his neck, pressing their cowering forms close together. Nat and Slouchy finally both gave in to temptation and burst into laughter at the romantic sight. This caused Snappy and Sassette's eyes to fling open to find that their bodies were intertwined, lips inches apart. Their faces burned a deep crimson as they leapt apart from each other, disgust and embarrassment written on their faces. "Hey, you smurfs, stop laughing!" Snappy howled, still blushing. "It's not funny!"

"Yeah it is," Nat managed through a fresh wave of giggles. "It's smurfin' hilarious!" Their laughter was abruptly replaced with deep moans of pain when Sassette reached down and knocked both of their heads together, hard. "Say anything to any smurf and I'll hang you from a tree branch by your underwear!" she yelled. Nat groaned and meekly nodded before picking up the bright red ball from its resting place.

"Where do you think he went?" he asked suddenly. The Smurflings became silent for several minutes as they pondered Slouchy's question. "I don't know, and I don't wanna find out," Snappy replied at last. "I'm getting outta here before that creep comes back!"

The four kids turned and sped off to the other side of the village, where they thought they would be safe. None of them noticed the pair of glowing red eyes hidden behind a nearby smurfberry bush, watching their every move.

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