So this is my first Hunger Games fanfic so I apologize if it's a bit awkward. I personally think that Glimmer and Cato make a better couple than Clove and Cato simply due to the fact that Clove is 15 and Cato is like 18. If you don't like Glato, than go elsewhere :)

From the first time I saw her, I knew that I had to have her. And me being who I was, knew that I would have her... one way or another.
Clove and I reported to the Training Center at ten, after we'd bathed and ate breakfast. We'd already decided to ally ourselves with the District 1 and 4 tributes, which brought me closer to her.
"I'm Cato," I said immediately standing closely in front of her. Instead of backing away from me, she smiled.
"I'm Glimmer," she replied. She ran her fingers throughher golden blonde hair, causing me to smirk. "Where should we start first?"
Clove stepped closer to us. "I'm good with knives. I can show you what I've got." Glimmer wasn't intimidated by Clove at all. She just smiled and everyone followed Clove to the knife throwing grabbed three knives, throwing them effortlessly at three targets. She didn't miss not once. I admired her aggressiveness, but she was too young and too impulsive for my taste. I need someone sweet and gorgeous, like Glimmer.
Glimmer and Marvel took turns throwing the knives. They weren't as good as Clove obviously, but they were decent. After we finished, I grabbed a sword. I wanted to show everyone my strength, especially Glimmer. I stabbed at the dummies, knocking the heads off in the process. Glimmer clapped for me. "You're not so bad," she said, giving me a flirty grin.
"I'm one of the best there is," I replied. "You're not so bad yourself." She didn't say anything. She just gave me a small smile and walked away to the Survival Skills stations.

That night, I couldn't sleep. I wasn't sleepy. I had her on my mind. I left our apartment to explore the building. Surprisingly, I ran into her on my way. "Hey," she said.
"What brings you out of bed so late?" I asked in a husky voice. I stepped closer to her.
"I'm not tired," she replied. "What about you?"
"Same problem."
"How unfortunate. Where were you headed?"
"Nowhere in particular."
"Let's go to the roof. You can see the whole city from there." I nodded and stuck my arm out for her to hold. She took it without hesitation. "You're quite the gentleman, huh Cato?"
"For a beautiful girl like you, of course." We got to the roof and sat down near the edge. She was right. You could see the whole city from where we were. The moonlight shone on Glimmer, making her emerald eyes sparkle. I wanted her. And I always got what I wanted, so I leaned in and kissed her. A few seconds later, I pulled away from her. She smiled, this time, pulling me back in for another kiss. Then I took control and deepened the kiss. She wrapped her hands around my neck, while I ran my fingers through her hair.
"You know how long I've waited for this moment?" I asked her.
"How long?" she said, looking into my eyes.
"Since I first saw you in the chariots with that other tribute. What's his name? Marble?" I said. She laughed and shook her head.
"His name's Marvel, not Marble. But I couldn't help but notice you staring at me during training."
"What can I say? You're beautiful."
"Thank you... We should probably get to bed. I mean, we have the interviews tomorrow. I'm not sure what kind of approach I'm going to make."
"Just be yourself, Glim," I said, smiling at the nickname I gave her. She laughed again.
"Glim?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.
"Is that a problem?"
"Not at all, Cato. Good night." She rose and kissed my lips again. When she left, I raised my fingers to my lips. I longed for her lips once more.

I took a deep breath when my name was called for my interview. I walked out into the open, waving at the crowd. They went wild. I shook hands with Caesar Flickerman and had a seat.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Cato! From District 2!" The crowd began clapping wildly. When they wre hushed, the questions began. "So tell me, Cato... What went through your head when you volunteered as tribute?"
"I was determined... I want to win the Games so that I can bring pride and honor for my district."
"Such determination. Isn't that amazing ladies and gentlemen. I mean, he's willing to risk everything to do so." The crowd began clapping again as I smiled. "If you win this, what do you intend to do with yourself?"
"I intend to live a successful life... Live in a nice house, hang out with friends, maybe have a family of my own some day."
"So you want a life of glitz and glamour?"
"I guess you can say that. I'm sure I'll have quite the celebrity status."
"Well, Cato... Look at yourself. You are a celebrity. Everyone knows who you are now. You have to make them remember who Cato is!" The crowd went wild. I grinned and Caesar looked extremely pleased with himself.
"As for the final question, do you have any love interests?"
"I do, actually. She's beautiful. She has blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She would mean the world to me if we ever got together."
"Well isn't that just so sweet? Does she have a name? Would you be willing to tell us that much? The audience is dying to know?" I smiled as I looked out at the audience. They were sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for my answer. I looked at Clove, who was glaring at me angrily.
"Her name's Glimmer," I said sadly. "But I call her Glim." The audience gasped. Caesar looked absolutely heartbroken. The audience stifled out sighs and aww's.
"Well, ladies and gentlemen... Let's have a big round of applause for Cato!" Despite my last question, they cheered loudly. I walked off of the stage and past Clove, who was still glaring at me when I walked past. I supposed that being around her would get a lot more awkward.
Glimmer was backstage, with tears in her eyes. She grabbed me and pulled me into a huge hug. "Oh, Cato. We can't... Only one will come out."
"I hope that you win," I said truthfully. I wanted to win, to make my district proud. But Glimmer was more important to me. All of the agressiveness and ruthlessness that I'd had in me before had dissipated. I didn't want to be that person anymore.
"No. Don't say that," she urged me. She kissed me again on the lips, then stood on her toes to kiss my cheek. "We'll get through this somehow. After all, the odds are in our favor, right?"
I beamed at her. I hugged her, pulling her close to me. "Right."