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A girl with long blond hair and blue eyes clutched her things in the back of a black car, as a women drove her through the gates into her new school. She started to fidget as the car came to a halt. The woman spoke "We're here" Is all she said before getting out. Follwing suit she grabbed her duffle bag and opened the door swinging it over her shoulder as she got out. She looked up at the huge building. The sign above the door read 'Sunas School For Troubled Teens' The place looked more like something out of a horror story, with its huge doors and vine covered brick walls. Some windows had cracks in it, and everything looked rottened. The concrete stairs which lead up the the doors were crumbling. All together it just looked gloomy.

The women cleared her throat, "Ms. Iwa you better get moving you don't want to make the head principal wait." Nodding , deidara fixed the bag on her back and walked up the stairs. Inside looked even worse then the outside. Everything looked old and even more spooky. The double stair case looked like it would fall apart at any moment. Looking down the halls to her left and right it looked as if someone lit the way with candles, they were dark and the only real light came through the dirty old windows.

Following the lady up the stairs dei noted that there were no pitcures of anything, or anyone. At the top of the stairs there was a small door that read 'Office' The lady turned to dei and put a hand on her shoulder "Stay strong kid, and good luck" And with that the lady backed up and walked down the other side of the stairs. Slowely dei turned the knob on the door and peeked inside.

"Come in" Is all she heard so deidara awkwardly entered. "Ahh , you must be the new girl we've been expecting you" Said a man with short white hair that was pulled into a pony tail with huge glasses. "Mr. Sounds office is right in that door, go see him" He pointed to a door behind him with a snake on it. Nodding her head she made her way to the strange door. Dei had barely enough time to make a knock before a deep voice told her to enter.

Opening the door she once again had barley enough time to get in before the same voice told her to shut the door and sit down. Quickley she shut the door and, sat infront of the huge desk which had nothing on it but a folder. The man behind it suited the place nicely, he had long black hair kinda yellowish eyes and super pale skin. He reminded her of a snake. "SO your correct?" Shaking her head yes he continued. "This school has 3 very strict rules with very strick consiquences. First there is to be no back talking. Second no relationships will go on while you're here. Third no leaving the property am I clear?"

"Yes sir, un" Dei answered very quietly.

"Good now here is all the information you will need, a copy of the rules, dress code, schedual, locker, your room and key. You may leave now."

Grabbing the folder dei bowed "Thank you sir, un" She quickley left shuting the door behind her. Once outside the office dei sat on the stairs and opened the folder. The first page she looked at had her room on it, room 665 in the basement. "Lovely" Folding the paper up she put it in her sweater pocket along with the key and walked down the stairs and to the hall that marked 300-600. The hallway looked a lot less creepy now that she was in it quickley she came to set of stairs that marked 300, then 400, 500, and lastley 600. Making her was down the landings , she stared getting freaked out . What if she didn't fit in here? What if no one wanted to be her friend? What if they found out her secret? Stopping she tryed to shake the bad thoughts away. No she'll be fine here. Shes safe, nothing can happen to her here. FInally comming the the landing marked 660 she opened the door are walked down the hall, until she stood infront of her room. Reaching into her pocket to get the key she could have swore she saw something move at the end of the hall. Quickely she unlocked the door turned on the lights and jumped inside and shut and locked the door.

The room was small. A twin bed with a chest that lay at the end, dresser with a full length mirror, desk and chair, nightstand with a lamp,a few shelves, and her own tiny bathroom. It was cozy and actually inviting unlike the rest of the place. The walls were a beautiful red and the carpet was soft and kinda a chocolate brown. The bed had black sheets and a blood red comferter, and 2 big fluffy pillows. Taking off her shoes and sweater and kinda just throwing them aside she glomped the bed. It was soft , warm and cozy.

Just as deidara got comfy there was a knock at the door. Growling inwards she got off the bed, unlocked and opened the door to find no one there. But there was a note and a black rose on the ground. Picking it up she looked down the halls but no one was to be seen. "Weird, un" She shut and locked the door again. Throwing the rose to the nightstand she sat and read the note. Dei opened it to find a picture of a red scorpion on it. "I can already tell that this is gonna be an interesting year, un"

Out side the door a red hair laughed, "More then you know my dear" and walked to the room marked 666 and closed the door.

Ya thats the end of the first chapter, sorry its kinda lame and short :)
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