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*Beep Beep*
Deidara didn't even notice that she had fallen asleep. Checking her phone it read 1 new message. "Fuck, its already 5?" Rolling off the bed she walked to the bathroom. Flicking the switch the sudden light blinded her. "For fuck sakes, un" Looking in the mirror she say her hair was wild, sticking up in every way possible. Her eyeliner and mascara was smudged and leaking down her face. Growling she took the hand towel off the little shelf and wiped away the mess, then proceded to go to her bag grab her brush, mascara, and eyeliner. She sat there for a good 5 minutes trying to get all the knots out of her hair then put it in its usual style of half ponytail, with a fringe over her left eye. Then she got changed into some black shorts, red tank top, and black over shirt. After she was done getting ready, she grabbed her shoes and decided to find the cafeteria.

Locking her door she felt as if someone was watching her again, but she just brushed it off. And went off to find some food."Who the hell decided to put rooms in the basement with no freaking elevator? This is torcher, un"

"The same man who runs the place" Looking up she saw 2 guys on the next landing. The first one had white hair that was combed back, he had pink eyes and his shirt was half way unbuttoned. With huge muscles, and a cat like grin. The second was super tan with green eyes and black shoulder length hair. He too had huge muscles. They looked like a guys you would not want to mess with."My names Hidan this is my pal Kakazu," He said pointing to his tan friend, "You must be new here because I would have noticed a pretty girl like you"

Deidara just kinda stood in the middle of the stairs awkwardly. "Oh um thank you, un"

"So, where are you heading beautiful?" Hidan purred coming a little closer.

"Leave her alone you horn dog" Someone barked behind her. Turning she saw a man with bright orange spiky hair , with grey eyes, and a ton of peircings. And a blue haired woman , with matching blue eyes, and a single lip peircing stood beside him. They look cute together, but deidara would rather not see them alone in the back of an alley.

"Oh calm down Pein, I was just bugging her. Besides shes new and maybe I just wanted to make her feel welcome"

"More like get in her pants, don't listen to anything he says," said the blue haird lady. "My name is Konan, what's yours?"

"Deidara,un" She said quietly

"Its nice to meet you Deidara, This is Pein and I guess you've already met Hidan and Kakazu. Where are you heading?"

"Um to find something to eat,un" she said playing with bangs

"Were heading the same way do you want to come eat with us?" Konan said smiling

"Oh ok thanks,un"

"Hey what about us! For jashin sakes!" Hidan yelled

"Fine what ever" Konan said

The walk to the cafeteria wasn't long. Deidara and Konan talked, Pein and Kakazu played shot for shot,(Which Pein was winning) and Hidan kinda just sulked and pouted. Once they got there they went straight to the front of the line.

"Hey Konan why did we just skip infront of all those people? un" Deidara whispered while grabbing a plate of fries and some grapes.

"Because people respect us" Pein answered. Deidara decided not to ask, and followed them to a table far in the back no one sat around the table, but there were 5 people sitting there eating already.

"Hey guys, this is Deidara" Konan said sitting down next to Pein. "Deidara this is Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu,Tobi, and Sasori"

All dei did was give a small wave and sit down with her tray next ot Konan. Looking at the new people she just met was weird. Itachi had long black hair that was pulled into a low loose pony tail, with red eyes , and he had 2 lines that ran verticaly on both cheeks. Kisame was huge, he had short dark blue hair that was gelled into a fin he had huge brown eyes and a slight blue tinge to his skin. Zetsu was smaller then Kisame but still big, he wore a big green sweater so all dei could see was his big yellow eyes. Tobi looked just as weird, he wore a bright orange mask and his black skipy hair poked out of the top is weird angles he also had black gloves on and a huge black sweater.

Sasori is really who caught her eye though. He had red messy hair, and red eyes were like fire she could get lost in them for hours. His skin looked smooth and soft, almost like a doll. But there was something strange about him, she could have swore she knew him from somewhere, like a distant memory.

"Hey blondie since your staring at red does this mean we ain't going to makeout later?" Hidan asked

"Leave her alone Hidan, but Deidara me and Pein are going back to his room to uh study i'll see you around" And with that Konan and Pein got up took there trays and left.

"Well babe im going to go find someone to hit and ditch, catch you around." Hidan picked up his tray and threw it on a table full of preppy looking kids.

The rest of super was pretty quiet. Everyone ate and Tobi would whisper thing in Zetsu ear and he would chuckle. Itachi did nothing but stare at her, which kinda gave her the creeps. Kisame and Kakazu had finished eting and left. Sasori just sat there, he didn't eat, nor make conversation with anyone. He would glance over every once in a while and Dei would just blush and look away. Zetsu got up to leave and Tobi just like a puppy followed him. The table felt kinda awkward now with just her Itachi and Sasori. So like the others she picked up her tray, and walked out the doors.

She was half way to her room when she heard footsteps behind her, looking behind her she saw no one, Shrugging it off she kept walking. They started up again, turning her head once again she saw no one. So she started walking faster, the steps to went faster. She started to run, and faintly she could hear the steps behind her. Unlocking her door she went inside, turned on the lights and almost jumped out of her skin. On her bed there was a wooden box. Slowely she walked over to it. It was just a plain wooden , nothing special. When she opened it there was a black rose, and a half torn picture... of her. It was taken when she was about 7 someones arm was wrapped around her but they where ripped out. "Where the hell did this come from?"

There was a loud crash from next door. "What the fuck?" walking to the wall she put her ear on it. It kinda sounded like someone was crying, there was another loud bang and then everything was silent. The sound of something being dragged , then a loud thump. Moving away she looked at the wall puzzled.

*In the next room over*

"What a mess, this will take hours to clean up." He walked over the closet and turned on the light. Grabbing the bucket, bleach, and rags he sofley touched the half torn picture.

"Soon my dear" With that he turned off the light and shut the door.

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