Fandom: Shattered Glass
Rating: K
Warnings: None

Disclaimer: In some alternate universe, I own Transformers. This is not that universe.

Author's Note: Occasionally, I still dabble in poetry. To satisfy some of my muses I wrote this for Shattered Glass. It was done on a whim around two in the morning, so forgive me if the quality is somewhat lacking. Regardless, I hope you guys like it!


Turn your back to the light
and gaze into the mirror.
What do you see within the glass?
Is the image fogged, or clearer?

Is reality only half of one coin?
Are our reflections absolute?
How can we know what broken shards
can or can't dilute?

Shattered glass has a tendency
to spiderweb the pane.
But when our warped reflections form,
is it truly to blame?

The only truth broken glass tells
is reflected in the cracks.
But how can we be accountable for
the stranger staring back?

They say, that when the crystal bleeds,
everything we're not is shown.
In the shattered surface we become
all that we've never known.

Polar opposites separated by
mirror and transparent wall.
Individuals, reflections, one in the same,
both none of the above and all.

O, Mirror, Mirror, tell me how
these false perceptions you allow.
O, Mirror, Mirror, let me feel;
which side of the shattered glass is real?