It wasn't easy for them to try and fix everything, it definitely wasn't
solved that night. Life wasn't like that and never would be. It was just
the first, terrible step in a journey that would prove to be heart-
breakingly difficult. They both had days, even weeks where they didn't
think they could do it. Where they thought they would never be able to
pull through it together. There was countless sleepless nights and tears
shed. Even though it took years, they were successful. They would never
be okay with the fact, they would always miss and love Adam, always wish
that they could reach out and hold him again, touch his face, her him
laugh, watch him grow. But there came a time when they could finally
make it through the day. Finally get through a night without breaking
down and crying. And then came a day when they had another son. They
toyed with the idea of naming him Adam, but quickly decided against it.
It wasn't fair to Adam or the new baby. He could never be replaced and
the baby shouldn't have to try. So they named him Michael. And with
Michael and Adam's memory, they had everything they needed.