Title: try as they might...
Author: daniethegirl
Characters: Waldsen(Serena/Blair)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: what goes on between them are just theirs...

Good morning New York. We all know what mornings are for. Yes, it's a time for hot news and grapevine fresh gossip. Can you smell the scent of the morning breeze and brewed scandal?

Last night, S was spotted outside The Supper with Lonely Boy. Does this mean they are getting back together? As they say, actions speak volumes.

Serena van der Woodsen stared at the photos of her and Dan Humphrey. Surely, whoever sees the images would think they were back together. Did she really touch his face that sweetly? She definitely couldn't remember, but it surely looked like it.

With a sigh, she shut her Macbook then rolled to her back. She consoled herself with the fact that there are some things Gossip Girl doesn't know. YET.

"Gossip Girl should really get a life. She needs to get laid sometimes." From the doorway, Blair Waldorf strode into the bedroom straight to Serena's bed. She always acts like she owns the room, even the air that Serena's breathing. Partly, it's true. "I mean, doesn't she have better things to do than spy on other people?" The cool brunette plopped down next to her bestfriend.

"Oh come on B, she's just trying to entertain." Truth be told, Serena kinda likes the attention but she's not gonna tell that to Blair. "Besides, you love her gossips and she knows it. Like what she always says…'you know you love me.'"

Blair scoffed at Serena's Gossip Girl impersonation. "I so do not love her. Ok, maybe a teensy bit." She made a tiny gap between her thumb and pointer fingers to illustrate. "And…and she's so wrong about you and Lonely Boy." She turned to Serena only to find the blonde already staring at her. They shared knowing smiles that Gossip Girl could never catch.


Blair closed her Chemistry book. The subject always had been a breeze for her so she could relax and watch her classmates slave over the exercise. Spying movement, she glanced over her bestfriend. Serena looked relieved when she did. "What?" Blair mouthed. The blonde flashed her sidekick and mouthed Gossip Girl back. Blair fished her own mobile from her tote bag.

Is B N-less but not dateless?

Last Saturday, B and her Mystery Boy were seen leaving a private art exhibit at Downtown. Her date had his hood on the whole time.

Who could lucky guy, that B's been seen kissing after the event inside her car, be? I have this feeling we'll find out soon enough.

Blair typed in a message to Serena.

honeyB: She's gud. At downtown? Unbelievable.
soulS: Ye, but not that gud.
hB: You left sumtin in my rum,tho.
sS: No shit. I'll cum over & get 8 2nyt. Eric's been luking 4 that hoodie 4 lyk 4ever.