Steve walked into the living room just to find it empty.

"Tony and Peter are probably in the lab… Again." Steve sighed and threw his jacket onto the couch and walked towards the lab. Even from upstairs he could hear them arguing.

"Dad, these measurements are all wrong. When you put on the suit, it's going to be too stiff and you won't be able to move." Steve chuckled a little as he heard Peter yell at Tony. Even though he wasn't his real son, he did have the attitude that passes down from one Stark to another.

"Pete, remember what happened the last time you told me something was wrong and you "fixed" it?" Steve and Peter hoped that Tony never mentioned that little incident ever again.

"Tony, you promised that you wouldn't talk about that anymore." Steve said as he walked into the lab. Peter looked horribly mortified and rushed out of the lab, pushing Steve aside.

"I'll go talk - " "No, I'll go talk to him." Steve cut Tony off before he he could get up off his chair.