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"I can hear you, you know." Maggie says, to Hal, as she hears his feet crunching on the leaves and twigs on the ground.

"Ah, yeah yeah." Hal smirks; he walks around to Maggie who he finds is sitting on a fallen tree log.

"You scrape your heels when you walk." she tells him. Hal smirks.

"My mum said the same thing." He answers.

Maggie smiles, "She was right."

"I doubt she was giving me pointers on how to survive the alien invasion." Hal says, with a smile.

Maggie begins, with a smile, "Maybe not but as your partner I'm asking you to-"

"Pick up my feet." Hal says, finishing her sentence; as he speaks he takes a seat down next to her on the log.

"At least when we're on patrol." Maggie adds.

"Yes ma'am." Hal smiles.

"How'd you know I was here anyway?" Maggie asks, turning to look at Hal as she speaks.

Hal hesitates before he replies, "Because you weren't in your tent, and this is where you've been coming almost every morning."

"What? You spying on me or something?" Maggie asks, with a small smile.

"Not exactly spying, just-" Hal begins.

"Spying." she cuts Hal off.

He grins, as he says, "No, I'm keeping an eye on my partner."

"Mmm. Whatever you say Hal Mason, whatever you say." Maggie smiles, she looks away from Hal.

"What are you doing out here?" he asks, after a moment of silence.

Maggie hesitates; she lets out a small sigh and speaks, "Hiding."

"From what? Me? Well, you've picked a great spot. Out here, in the open." Hal smiles, he looks to Maggie who is smiling, but it's small and it's not real.

Hal knows her real smile.

"What? Come on, you can tell me. We're partners." he tells her.

"I'm getting a clear head, before my night shift. Avoiding it, I guess…" she says, pushing back a strand of her hair.

"Why?" Hal asks, tilting his head to the side slightly.

Maggie looks up at Hal who she finds is watching her intently.

"I don't like the dark, all that much." she admits, looking back down to her hands.

"Because of Pope and his crew?" Hal asks.

She's never told him any of the stories but he's heard them around camp. He hopes that these stories are more fiction than fact but Maggie never talks about them and he never asks. Until now, and he can see from her stiffened posture and her eyes that don't lift from the ground that he's made a mistake bringing it up.

"I'm sorry-" he begins, softly.

"Don't be." she says, giving Hal a reassuring smile.

Hal will never know how she can do that, how she can completely change her emotions in a second. He won't know because she won't let him in. She's not that kind of person. They both know that.

"You're safe now Maggie." he says, wanting to give her some kind of reassurance or support.

She shakes her head slowly, a smile on her face. "No, I'm not. None of us are."

"You're right. We're not completely safe, but I'll do my best to keep you safe." he says, still watching her.

"So, you're a lacrosse boy, huh?" Maggie asks, quickly changing the conversation. "That's the one with the sticks, right?" she asks, with a small smile on her features.

"Right," Hal replies, smiling back.

"I was never the 'sporty' type at school," she admits.

"Really? I wouldn't have guessed," Hal answers, his smile widens.

Maggie looks at Hal as she says, "Things would be different if none of this happened. If we were at high school together, you wouldn't have noticed me."

"What?" Hal frowns at this.

"You're the lacrosse playing popular guy with the cheerleader girlfriend, and I'm that 'weird' girl that no one notices, smoking pot under the bleachers." Maggie says, still with a smile on her face.

"I would have noticed you." Hal tells her.

Maggie doesn't hesitate to reply, "No you wouldn't have, Hal. No one did. No one at school, or at home, anywhere – I was a lost cause. Nobody cared."

"What, uh what's up?" she asks Hal, pushing back her hair behind her ear again.

"Weaver wants us to scout pharmacies and hospitals. Dr Glass is low on supplies." Hal answers.

"Good. Been in Richmond for a week, going stir crazy, could us a-" Maggie says, as she stands, but before she can finish her sentence an explosion not far in the distance lights up the sky.

When they return to camp, Tom swaps Dai for Tector and Lee and sends them out with Hal and Maggie on the scout for equipment and medical supplies.

As Hal, and the Berserkers, join Maggie outside of the front of the hospital he announces, "That's two hospitals down, one to go. Isn't looking good."

Just as Maggie looks up, towards Hal, a light in the distance shines through the nearby trees and the once silent night is filled with the ringing and skin crawling sound of mechs.

Hal yells out, loudly, "Cover! Get down."

The Berserkers disappear down behind a car, as soon as Hal yells out for them to take cover.

He turns towards Maggie and directs her towards the door of a nearby car.

"Here, go." he says.

Maggie slides into the seat of the old and slightly rusted car first. Hal follows her seconds later and gets in; as he does he closes the door shut and turns towards her but before he can speak she does.

"Get down." she tells him, quickly.

"What?" he asks; as the words pass his lips Maggie shoves his body down onto the floor of the car.

With Hal already lying on the floor of the car, Maggie positions herself so that she is lying next to Hal. She moves so that half of her body is resting on top of him. They wrap their arms around each other as though it is such a natural thing to do in such a situation and wait for the mechs to come.

As the first mechs pass their car, Hal breathes in heavily. He pauses before he says, "Stay calm."

Moments later he repeats, "Stay calm."

Maggie replies, with a soft but slightly unconvincing voice, "I'm calm. You calm?"

"Very calm." Hal answers; as he speaks he casts a look down on to Maggie. He watches her for a moment before he repeats, "I've never been so calm."

As Hal finally glances away from Maggie she looks up at him. After watching him for a brief second she says, "Yeah, me neither."

When the mechs that had passed them by disappear into the distance and there appears, for the moment, to be no more mechs coming Maggie moves. She half pulls herself off of Hal so that she is not resting on him entirely.

With a smirk on her features she comments, "Ow. So damn bony."

While grinning, Hal replies, "I'll bring you a pillow next time."

Only a few seconds of silence pass before more mechs can be heard moving towards the direction of the car; their light falls down on to the car as it moves towards the car and as the light sets down on to them Hal pulls Maggie into his chest and wraps his arms tightly around her.

Despite that Maggie would never admit to Hal, or anyone, that she wasn't calm in this situation Hal knows her well enough to see that she is slightly on edge. So, to calm her in this situation, Hal speaks so that they may be calm together.

With a lower tone, Hal says, "You know, my first car was a civic. It had 212,000 miles on it. Nobody understood why I wanted it but I'd just started dating this girl – Rita. And there weren't too many places we could go, so that car was-"

"Was like, your bachelor pad." Maggie asks, with a grin appearing on her face.

"You gotta love tinted windows." he states. It gave us our privacy." Hal adds, with a smile now on his face.

"Ri-ta." Maggie says, slowly.

"What's wrong with Ri-ta?" Hal asks; as he speaks he is careful to watch Maggie.

"It's kind of an old lady name." Maggie replies; as she speaks she props her head up and half smiles.

"Okay Margaret." Hal replies, quickly, with a laugh. He continues, still with a grin, "She was no old lady, I'll tell you that. She was a dancer, jazz, she would wear these, like, stretchy jazz pants-"

"A leotard?" Maggie asks, with slightly raised eyebrows.

"No, this wasn't a leotard; this was some special Jazz pant. First time I saw her onstage dance I was in love. Like love at first sight." Hal tells her, still smiling.

Maggie pauses before she says, "Love at first sight, at Jazz pants."

As the words pass her lips she and Hal simultaneously laugh as though it is the funniest thing that they have heard in quite some time.

While still smiling, Hal admits, "I haven't met anybody that talks like you do."

Hal is being completely honest as he tells Maggie he has never met anyone like her and he doubts greatly that he ever will meet someone like her again.

Truth be told, he hasn't met anyone like her and Hal doubts that he ever will meet someone else like her.

"Not even Ri-ta?" she asks.

Hal, while still smiling, replies, "There weren't a lot of words between us."

"Or Karen?" Maggie asks; as she speaks she no longer wears the same smile on her face.

The smile disappears from Hal's features almost instantly causing Maggie to regret speaking of such things.

He pauses before he admits, "I didn't really get a chance to find out."

Maggie sighs, loudly, before she says, "I'm sorry."

Hal replies, very quickly, "No, no. It's okay. It's okay...I, uh - I think that we're okay to move out."

With those words spoken, he pulls away from Maggie and gets out of the car first, leaving her alone on the floor for a moment. She sighs, loudly, and gets out of the car so that she may follow Hal.

She follows him a few feet away from the car before she states, "My problem is I don't know how to stop myself from going too far."

Hal turns around, slowly, before he replies, "Like I said, it's no big deal."

"It is." Maggie says; as she speaks she shakes her head slightly. "I mean, it has to be...So I'm a jerk for going there and I'm sorry. I should have stuck to trashing Rita."

With a small, unsure, smile on her face Maggie asks, "We good?"

Hal nods, once, and with a small smile returning on his own face he says, "Always."

As Hal steps out of the front door of the hospital which they had come across on their scout, and hit the jackpot with as they had found such a large supply of medicine in it, he finds Maggie sitting down, by herself, on the front stairs of the hospital.

"We're going to rest for a couple of hours, leave tonight." he announces. "Why don't you come inside?" he asks; as he speaks he takes a step towards Maggie and continues to look down at her.

Maggie, who does not turn around to look at Hal but rather continues on gazing out at what lies before the front of the hospital, replies, "Nah, not in the hospital."

Hal pauses and remains silent for only a moment before he decides upon speaking.

"Because of the cancer?" he asks; he continues to look down at Maggie who he finds hasn't turned around and has not acknowledged that he is standing behind her but rather continues staring down at her hands which are covered with black leather gloves.

When Maggie remains silent, Hal lets out a small sigh before he steps towards her and takes a seat down on the steps beside her. He looks out towards the trees, in the direction that Maggie is looking out at, before he says, "You know, you never did tell me what kind of cancer you had."

Without glancing at Hal, she replies, "Nah I did."

"You said..." Hal begins. He continues with a lower tone, "You had the bad kind, like there's a good kind."

Hal lifts his gaze towards Maggie now as he waits for her answers. He finds that she is, for a moment, still continuing to avoid him but finally she speaks and turns to face him.

As she sets her gaze down upon Hal, she says, "Brain tumours."

Hal asks, "More than one?"

"Yeah..." she admits. "They operated one me three times. I have actual holes in my skull." she tells him.

She pauses, briefly, before she says, "Here."

She takes Hal's hand and places it at the back of her head; as she does this she inches closer towards him and pulls his fingers closer to the soft spot. She rests her hand on-top of his before she says, "You feel that soft spot."

Hal pauses before he answers, "Oh."

Maggie drops her hand from Hal's and lowers it back to her side as she asks, "It doesn't freak you out?"

Hal, however, keeps his hand resting on Maggie's head as he answers, with a smile, "No."

As he slowly removes his hand from her head and places it back to where it had previously rested, Maggie speaks.

"When I went in for the third operation I remember thinking that if I don't come out of this, if I die on the table, I'd be okay with that." she admits; as she speaks she turns away from Hal so as to not meet his gaze directly.

"Wow." Hal mutters, with a much lower tone. "It was that bad?" he asks.

She pauses for quite some time before she speaks, "It's like...You're out, out of life, you're at your last little drop. So, if it just drips away, wasn't much left anyway."

Maggie glances back up to Hal who she finds is still watching her still. She smiles at him and looks, briefly, away again.

"I'm glad you got it back." he tells her; and he is so incredibly glad that she got it back because if she hadn't then she wouldn't be here with him.

Maggie pauses before she admits, with a slightly softer tone, "I didn't get it back, not all of it."

Maggie turns to look at Hal, who is still watching her. He leans in, slowly, their eyes stay connected until his look down to her lips then to her eyes, Maggie does the same thing. Hal leans in closes, and presses his lips against Maggie's, she closes her eyes as he does, and the kiss is everything she thought that it might feel like.

For a second they find comfort in each other but Maggie isn't used to this. She doesn't know how she is supposed to feel. Her stone walls shoot right back up, and she pulls away, resting her head on Hal's, he looks away briefly, like he's hurt, and then back to Maggie. He doesn't move away; he keeps his head rested on hers. Maggie lifts her hand to her lips.

"Maggie.." Hal begins to speak.

"Don't. Just don't say anything," She stands up, with her gun in her hands, and walks down the stairs. "Forget it." She adds, walking towards the back of the hospital, to freedom, to air.

After a few hours of rest inside the hospital, in which Hal was unable to find sleep at all and so spent his time walking the corridors and hallways, Hal and the Berserkers pack up the medical supplies and carry them outside. As they step outside Maggie, who had spent her time alone with her thoughts, glances up from where she is seated on her motorbike and pauses before she gets off and walks towards Hal. As she reaches Hal she takes a bag from him, without speaking, and turns away.

"Hey, Maggie." Hal calls out, after Maggie; as he speaks he follows her as she steps towards her bike.

She replies, "What?"

Hal begins, "I just-"

"Look..." Maggie begins, cutting off Hal as he speaks.

Hal, who speaks as Maggie does, says, "Just-"

"Look." she repeats.

Hal stops so that he may let Maggie speak but as he waits silently to hear her words he isn't entirely sure that he is going to like what she has to say, at all, and he is almost certain that he is going to disagree with her.

Maggie had left him, alone, outside the front of the hospital because she had wanted distance and so she would still probably want that same distance now but Hal didn't want distance; he didn't want it at all.

"What's important is I know you've got my back. And you know I've got yours. We're partners, right? That's what partners do, we watch out for each other. That's it. There's nothing else here." Maggie tells him; as she speaks she slides onto her bike and continues to hold Hal's unwavering gaze.

Hal pauses before, with a softer tone, he admits, "I want there to be."

"Yeah, well we all want a lot of things, but this – no..." Maggie begins; she stops only so that she may start up her bike. "There can't be, so just stop. Now." she adds; and with those last words spoken she drives off, on her bike, away from Hal and towards the distance to which she seeks.

Hal, who had caught up with Maggie on his bike and had eventually overtaken her and taken the lead, stops his bike causing the Berserkers and Maggie to stop theirs. They have stopped in a quiet, seemingly empty, part of a burnt down town.

"Almost home people." he calls out, loudly.

Just as the words pass his lips, an explosion not very far behind them lights up the once dark night sky and soon enough they begin to come under heavy fire. Hal and The Berserkers start up their bikes and drive as quickly away as they can so to avoid being in the line of fire.

As Hal pulls his bike to a stop he turns towards Lee and Tector. He calls out, loudly, "Anybody see where they came from?"

"Hell no!" Tector answers.

As Hal glances over Lee and Tector he suddenly becomes aware of Maggie's absence. "Where's Maggie?" he asks; as he speaks he looks back towards the spot where they came under fire.

There, he finds her. Maggie, injured and resting on the ground, taking cover behind an old car.

The humming sound of incoming mechs rings through the air just as their lights shine down against the brick walls; this alerts them all that the mechs are coming and they aren't too far away.

Maggie, who knows that they won't have much time to get out of here before the mechs come, calls out, "Go!"

The mechs aren't far away at all. Maggie doesn't want Hal to risk his life for her when in an attempt to try and save her because it wouldn't turn out well.

"Get the hell outta here!" she yells out.

Hal, ignoring Maggie's wishes for them to leave, yells out to the Berserkers, "Cover me."

Quickly, he turns his bike around and rides off in the direction of Maggie. The thought of leaving her behind had never crossed his mind. He would never and could never leave her behind.

Upon catching sight of Hal, Maggie yells out, angrily, "What are you doing? Get out of here!"

As he pulls his bike to a stop before Maggie he yells back, "I can't! I gotta haul your lazy ass back to camp! Come one!"

As he finishes speaking he extends his hand out to Maggie so that she may hold on to it and he may be able to pull her up onto the bike so that he can get her to safety.

"Idiot!" Maggie yells back; despite that she is clearly angered by his choice to come back at her as it was so risky, Maggie does not hesitate to take Hal's hand.

As she takes his hand he pulls her up on to the back of his bike and once he has made sure that she is securely on the bike he drives back as quickly, but also as carefully, as he can because she needs help as quickly as she can get it.

Anne, who had spotted Hal entering the camp with an unconscious Maggie in his arms, had instructed him to take her to the med bus. He had carried her limp, lifeless, bloodied body in his arms towards the bus and once inside he had set her down on the bed.

"I got you." he whispers.

And although she cannot hear these words, he says them because he means them.

After setting Maggie's body down Hal turns to Anne, with a deeply panicked expression on his features, and asks, "Is she going to be alright?"

Anne pauses before she answers, honestly, "I don't know yet, Hal."

Weaver, who has just stepped onto the med bus, announces, "We gotta move."

Anne glances up briefly at Weaver before she asks, "Can you find me a driver?"

Weaver looks towards Hal who he sees that despite the wounds on his face, and the blood on his clothes, he appears to be in a well enough state to drive and he only assumes that Hal would want to stay on the bus with Margaret, considering that she is his partner, and so he thinks of a solution for all of them.

"Hal?" Weaver asks, as he glances towards him.

Hal lifts his gaze from Maggie towards Weaver and answers, quickly, "Yeah. I got it."

Before he moves away from Maggie he turns to Anne, and asks, "You got her?"

Anne nods, confidently, and smiles at Hal, "We got her, Hal. Slow and steady."

As Hal moves towards the driver's seat he mutters, "Slow and steady."

After taking a seat he turns back so that he may be able to see Maggie, again. He finds that Anne has lifted her blood stained shirt; her stomach is covered with as much, if not move, blood. Seeing Maggie in such a state pains Hal, greatly, and he has to take in a deep breath of air in an attempt to calm himself before he allows himself to worry so greatly.

Hal continues to watch Maggie as he repeats, "Slow and steady."

After arriving at the hospital, Anne and Lourdes had insisted on taking Maggie inside to a room, despite Hal's objections - since he would not explain why he thought it would be better if Maggie were to wake on the bus Anne had made the decision that a room would be best.

Hal did not feel that it was his place to share the information that Maggie had chosen to share with him, about her not being able to enter hospitals. He hadn't pushed Anne on the idea about Maggie staying in the bus and so he had decided that he would be there when Maggie woke so as to calm her nerves about being inside the hospital.

As Hal reaches the door to Maggie's room he pauses before he decides upon entering it. He steps through to find Lourdes in the room, with Maggie. Lourdes is already at the door as Hal opens it and so she takes the time to tell him the good news, now.

"It doesn't look like there are any bullet fragments." Lourdes informs him. "It missed her lung...Anne thinks that she will be fine." she adds. She pauses before, with a kind smile on her features, she says, "I'll give you some time."

Once Lourdes has left the room, Hal takes a step towards Maggie who he finds is bandaged up and resting in a bed with a blanket covering half of her body. Her arms lay down by her side and she lies so incredibly still. She reluctantly lifts her gaze to meet Hal's and finds that he is smiling.

Maggie does not smile back, however, as she does not understand why Hal would risk his life to save her.

"Why'd you come back for me?" she asks him.

She speaks as though it is such a simple question and deserves such a simple answer.

Hal frowns, though, at this question as he cannot believe that she would ask such a thing.

"'Why?'" he asks, still frowning deeply. "What kind of question is that?" he asks; as he speaks he walks a little closer towards her bedside.

She pauses before she states, "You could have gotten yourself killed, Hal."

Hal ignores Maggie's words as he cares more about the fact that she could have died out there. She would have died painfully, in fear, and alone and he could not imagine leaving her to such a thing. He could not imagine leaving her at all.

"Yeah...And you, you would have died out there." he answers, quickly.

The smallest beginnings of a frown appear on Maggie's features as she appears to be considering what it is that she will say next. When she finally speaks, her voice is softer, "There are people who need you, Hal. People who depend on you."

"The same with you." Hal replies, with no hesitation whatsoever.

He needs Maggie. He depends on her.

Maggie turns away from Hal so that their eyes are not directly meeting. She pauses before she says, "No."

No. She does not believe that anyone needs her. She does not believe that people depend on her. But Hal; he has his family, who need him and depend on him, and the Second Mass also need him and depend on him to protect and fight for them.

Hal takes a slower step towards Maggie before he says, "I need you, okay?"

His voice cracks as he speaks and as he continues to speak his voice is slightly raw. "I need you." he repeats.

He pauses, briefly, before he continues, "You said it yourself. We've got each-others backs. We're partners. We look out for each other, take care of each other. And if anything ever happened to you, Maggie, I'd-"

Hal stops before he can finish; he struggles to finish. His normally cool composure has disappeared and has been replaced by something that Maggie doesn't quite understand.

"What is this?" she asks.

Hal half smiles as he begins, "It's just..." he pauses, and lowers his gaze so to avoid looking at Maggie, and continues with a lower tone, "That, uh...I know you're gonna say this is stupid and crazy, but when I saw you laying there on the ground-"

Maggie cuts in, over Hal, "Hey."

Hal lifts his head, slightly, now before he asks, "What?"

She pauses before she answers, "Nothing...I just..."

A silence falls between the two of them as Hal stretches out his arms, down, on to Maggie's hospital bed. He leans down so that he is looking directly at her.

"Can you do me a favour?" she asks, with a softer tone.

With no hesitation whatsoever, Hal answers, "Anything."

Anything; it's true. He would do anything for Maggie in a heartbeat.

A small, almost nervous, laugh passes Maggie's lips and Hal can see, clearly, that her eyes are glistening with tears.

She says, so softly, "Sit down."

"Ok." Hal agrees, still watching Maggie as he speaks.

"Can you - Can you just stay here, until I fall asleep?" she asks him.

Hal replies, "I can do that.

As Hal pulls in a chair, towards Maggie's bedside, she breathes in deeply. He rests his hands on the edge of her bed and watches her closely for a moment. For a moment, Maggie is silent and still. For a moment, she remains this way as though she is considering something. Then, she slowly, and almost with caution, lifts her right hand and places it down on to Hal's hand. She continues to stare down at his hand as she does this.

Hal takes Maggie's hand, with both of his hand, and holds it; right now, in this moment, Maggie feels safer than she has felt in years and with Hal here, beside her, she feels as though she may be able to rest.

The night continues peacefully for some time but peace is not something that the Second Mass has or ever will be accustomed to and it is surely not something that they can ever expect to have for long. Maggie had eventually fallen to sleep, while still holding onto Hal's hands, and she had slept without waking until now.

"Maggie." Hal calls out, loudly. "Maggie, wake up." he says, almost pleading with her.

He's called out to her several times but she hadn't woken or responded until now.

Now, she wakes gasping for air as though she was drowning in a tank of ice cold water that had prevented her from breathing until now. Her right hand wraps tightly around Hal's throat, a defensive mechanism, choking him; she does this because she hadn't known that it was Hal.

"Mag-It's me - It's Hal." he stutters; as he speaks he holds his hands up in the air to show her that he means her no harm and never will.

Maggie recognises Hal by his eyes immediately. These eyes don't haunt her.

She drops her hands from his neck immediately as her eyes dart around the dimly lit room. She pauses before turning back to Hal who she finds is watching her with a deep look of concern on his tired features. She never wanted this; she never wanted his pity or concern.

"Hal, what are you-" she begins but stops. She pauses only briefly so that she may rub her temples, when she speaks again her voice is much lower. "I'm sorry. I just...I don't..." she mutters.

"It's ok. It's ok." Hal replies, reassuringly.

After a moment of silence passes between them, Hal decides to speak.

"You were having a nightmare?" he asks; he holds absolutely no judgement in his eyes or on his features but rather genuine concern.

Maggie lays back so that her head is resting on her pillow again. "No." she answers, simply. She closes her eyes and lets out a small smile before she admits, "A memory."

"About what?" Hal questions.

He waits for an answer that Maggie doesn't have and so she only gives him silence. She opens her eyes after a few minutes to find Hal still continues to watch her.

"What?" she asks him; she speaks as though nothing happened. "Don't be worried, Hal. I'm fine." she insists.

Despite that Hal doesn't believe Maggie as she insists that she is fine he doesn't speak again about it but rather changes the subject completely.

"I...uh...I have something for you." Hal tells her.

Maggie watches him with a silent curiosity and intensity as he reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out a a silver chain. He passes the chain to Maggie as he says, "I picked it up a couple of nights ago."

Maggie recognises the pendant straight away: The Saint Jude Pendant.

Maggie half smiles as she runs her fingers slowly over the pendant. "The Saint of lost causes." she says.

Hal pauses before he says, "There's no such thing as a lost cause. Not when there are people still willing to fight for it."

Maggie meets Hal's gaze as she asks, "When did you become so wise?"

Hal replies, with a smile, "I've always been wise."

The smile still remains on his face as he says, reassuringly, "Go back to sleep, Maggie. I'm here."

These words are supposed to reassure her but they don't because he can't protect her from her dreams, her nightmares, her memories or the darkness that lurks within each of them and still follows her in reality.

When Maggie wakes in the early morning she finds that the room is lit up in a soft orange light. The morning sun has seeped through the blinds and fallen down softly into the room.

Upon waking Maggie feels something a little too familiar; someone else's breath down the back of her neck. Suddenly, she becomes aware that there is someone in the bed beside her.

The haunting memories come back to her in flashes; they torment her and haunt her. These hauntings seem so real. They cause Maggie to jump up in bed so fast that her head spins and her body aches so badly. She wakes Hal as she does this; he nearly jumps out of the bed at the movement as he'd believed something to be wrong with Maggie.

"Maggie?" he says; frowning slightly he rubs his eyes so that he may better see her.

"What are you doing - why, I-" Maggie stutters and then stops.

She closes her eyes slowly as she allows a cool, slightly shaken, breath of air to enter her lips and soothe her.

Hal begins, softly, "Maggie..."

Maggie cuts him off, without listen to his words. "Don't, Hal." she tells him. "Go, please. Just get out." she adds.

Hal silently watches Maggie for a moment; he does not wish to leave her and leaves things as they are. He wants to say something, anything, to her but words fail him and he finds that all that he can do is give Maggie the distance that she wants, again. He pulls himself slowly from her bed and grabs his gun, which he'd rested on the chair by the beside. He pauses and glances back once more at Maggie who he finds is as still and emotionless as a statue made of stone and so he leaves her because he's not sure what else he can do to fix this.

As Hal walks down the hallway, in the direction of the kitchen, he finds Tom stepping out a hospital room with Doctor Glass right by his side.

"I'll see you later." Anne says, smiling. She leans in and gives Tom a quick kiss before she turns away and heads off in the direction of her patients.

As Tom turns to walk in the opposite direction he finds Hal watching him with a grin on his face.

"What?" Tom asks, with a smile of his own.

"Looks like I caught you on the walk of shame." Hal says; as he speaks he is unable to stop the grin from spreading on his features.

"Hey!" Tom exclaims. "You did not." he answers; as he speaks he tries to hide an obvious smile.

"Yeah, you just had a sleepover." Hal says, sarcastically.

Tom, who allows himself to smile now, asks, "How's Maggie? Are you- Are you on your own walk of shame? Hal, do we need to have the talk?"

"No, Dad, no. No. Just - No." Hal replies, so very quickly; as he speaks he shakes his head several times. "Let's just get breakfast, okay?" he suggests.

Tom turns towards Hal as he says, "Anne said that she should be fine."

Despite that Hal isn't saying anything, and isn't voicing his concerns and worries about Maggie, Tom can clearly see that Hal is worried about her.

"Uh, yeah she's ok. She's fine. I'm actually not hungry." Hal says; he takes a slight step back from Tom as he continues, "I'll go check on Ben and Matt, you get something to eat."

Tom takes a step towards Hal as he asks, with an expression of deep concern on his face, "Hal, are you alright?"

"Yeah, Dad, I'm fine. I'm fine." Hal says; as he speaks he smiles at Tom in an attempt to reassure his father that he is fine but Tom doesn't believe it in the slightest.

As Anne turns and spots Hal moving down the hallway of the hospital, she smiles kindly at him and says, "Hal, Maggie wants to see you."

This news, that Maggie wants to see him, surprises Hal greatly and he pauses before he nods and replies, "Thanks."

When Hal enters Maggie's room he finds her sitting up in her bed; in her hand he finds she is holding the Saint Jude pendant.

Upon catching sight of Hal, Maggie smiles weakly. "Hey." she says. She continues, as she lowers her gaze down to the pendant, "Hal, I'm sorry..."

Hal begins, "You don't have anything to be-"

Maggie cuts him off, though, because she does believe that she has something to apologise for.

"Yeah, I do, Hal. I'm sorry." she says; and as those words pass her lips she holds out her hand to him with the pendant resting in it.

"I heard you're on patrol today, with Dai." she states. She pauses before she continues, "How about...We take turns with the pendant. It'll be like I'm there today."

Maggie glances down, almost nervously, at her hand and then she slowly lifts her gaze back up to meet Hal's.

He smiles at her and says, "I'll keep it safe."

"Not with those feet of yours." Maggie replies, as Hal takes the pendant from her hands.

He grins at this and moves towards the door. As he reaches he answers, "You better hurry up and get better. I need my partner out there to make sure I don't scrape my heels."

A/N: This is my first Fanfiction, I was a little nervous posting it. A lot of this chapter is based around what happened in Falling Skies season 2 episode 5, with my own additions and ideas added to it. I've got many more good ideas of my own for future chapters which I've already written...So please let me know if I should continue with it and post more?