Chapter 1

Two of the same dream?

"What...what's going on?" The boy said in his head. "I-I can't speak" he was covered in a pool of blood. He looked to the side to see a pink haired girl in her own pool of blood a couple of meters away. He had raven black spiky hair, brown eyes and pale skin; he was also wearing his school uniform from Mitakihara.

"M-Madoka! What happened?!"

A girl with long black hair stood in the middle of the destroyed town of Mitakihara along with a furry white creature.

"See? What did I tell you? In the end they both destroyed themselves over something that would never change" it said

she noticed the boy was still moving. He reached a hand out to her. "It's best to put him down. When he remembers what he did he'll probably ask for you to kill him anyway" Kyubey stated
she pulled out a rifle

His eyes widened "please stop! I'm fine! Don't kill me" he thought. She looked like she didn't want to do it; it looked like she was going to cry. The boy tried to stand up but fell in the pool of blood again

She loaded the weapon "...I'm sorry Aito-kun" she said as she pointed it straight at his eyes

"Wait stop! How do you know my name?! What did I do for you to do it?! Whatever I did I'll make it up for you!" His silent pleas for help went unheard as she couldn't hear him anyway


When everyone was seated the teacher cleared her throat "today we have a new student, don't be shy and-" she walked straight to the board and wrote "Akemi Homura"

"Hello I'm ak... Homura, just call me Homura" Homura walked down the isle Aito was sitting in at took the seat behind Madoka in front of next to Aito. During the lunch break instead of normally sitting with his normal guy friends he told Madoka, Sayaka and Hitomi about it. "It's weird" said Madoka "I had a dream and she was in it, I'm certain it was her!" Hitomi and Sayaka burst out laughing while Madoka just smirked trying to hold in her laughter."Geez Aito that must have been a crazy dream you had. Aren't I good enough to dream about?" Sayaka joked still slightly laughing at what the boy had said.

Hitomi calmed down and put on a straight face "maybe you've seen her somewhere before and even if you don't remember she could have left a powerful effect somewhere down the line that you're seeing her through your dreams" "Hitomi could be right Aito maybe you have seen her before somewhere before maybe after a while you'll remember her again" Madoka said taking a sip of her smoothie. Aito sighed and shrugged it off for a while. School pasted by fast already the end of the day the three of them walking home since Hitomi had her violin lessons and they soon parted ways going in individual directions soon just Madoka and Aito "do you honestly believe what I said Madoka?"

"Well do be honest…I've had similar dreams with that Homura girl in them too. I think there might be a connection between the two of us" she said trying not to sound corny.

Aito thought about it for a moment "I started having these dreams before I even came to this school though, how long have you been having yours?" he said turning to her

"Only recently. Homura was in some purple costume that looked like she was going to an anime convention or something" she said looking back on it

"Same. Has she been looking at you all day? Like your apart of something bad?" he said while putting his hands behind his head. She nodded

She stopped for a second "Aito..."

"Ya, what's up?" he said stopping and looking back at her

"Why exactly did you come to this school anyway?" she asked before catching up to him

He cleared his mind and thought back to his past

The white, fluffy creature approached him "Your first client will be Madoka Kaname. Tomorrow your parents will find the compelling need to move to Mitakihara town. Eventually you'll meet Madoka; she has an extraordinary amount of talent and power for the role of a puella magi."

"What do I have to do?"

"You won't have to do anything. Just live a normal everyday life until the time comes" Kyubey said as he turned and walked away.

He was snapped back to reality when Madoka began to speak again "u-unless you don't want to talk about it" she said trying to avoid the question she asked

He smiled hugging Madoka playfully "your too nice Madoka" he said

"Aito-kun!" she whined "let go your all sweaty" she grimaced as she felt it through her clothes

"w-what's wrong?" she said noticing Aito's blush

"y-you called me Aito-kun" he said

She slapped his back lightly "aren't we close friends?" she said with a smile

"Well I guess but I never really thought you considered me a friend…" The said scratching behind his head

"I see you around school a lot and even when you're with others, you walk over to chat when some don't even notice…and I appreciate that" she said with another smile as they reached her house.

"See you tomorrow Aito-kun" she said before closing the door.

"Mom, dad I'm home" said Aito walking into the kitchen to grab an apple

"how was your day" called his mother while making diner

"fine" he responded as he closed the door to his bed room.

He dropped his backpack by the door after he removed the empty bento container and his homework. While he was suppose to be studying for his math test he couldn't help but let his mind wander towards the dream he awoke from this morning. "Maybe I have seen her somewhere the more I think about it the more I vaguely feel like I knew her..." He glances at his clock on the wall. "It's getting late and I'm not getting much studying done so ill just call it I night" *click* (in his dream) Aito opened his eyes to find he was outside only something was strange. The streets were empty cars abandoned in the middle of the streets. No one in sight. Suddenly it got darker as a shadow of something large passed over head before he had time to look up to investigate he was jolted awake by the familiar sound of beeping.