Chapter 7

The beginning of Sayaka's despair

Three small glass containers stood side by side on a wooden dressing table. In each one there was a small bright sphere. 1 yellow, 1 pink and 1 red, The girl known as Elly stared at them while sucking on a lollipop. "So these are their...umm"

"Souls" Kyubey finished for her

She turn slightly green with sickness "Why do you have them?"

Kyubey lifted the glass covering the pink soul "This is the soul of Daitaro Tomoe, touch it" she did as she was told and poked it, long and short strings of light came out of the bright sphere.

"Star children have their souls taken out when they're babies but unlike humans they're aware that its missing" Kyubey explained

"Don't they care?"

"They aren't aware that its the soul that's missing. From my research the only thing they feel is a feeling that something is missing. But with their souls out of their bodies we are able to control how their emotions work and so they don't die easily. The only one we've used it on though is Aito though" Kyubey explained in greater detail

She looked at the clock in her apartment, It read 10:30. "I have to get to bed. Tell me more about this later" she said heading to her room

Kyubey put the glass container back over the floating, pink sphere without touching it and disappeared.

The cold alien shrubbery caressed her school uniform leaving stains on her body. The freezing touch of the night's unforgiving chill and wind probably meant that winter was coming to this world. She lay low inside a small indent in the ground that was low enough and hidden enough to avoid being spotted. Her breathing was rapid and she could keep her hands still, her eyes shifted constantly to check her surroundings. "I think she went this way" a familiar voice said

She wasted no time as more adrenaline rushed through her veins like a waterfall and she attempted to make a quick getaway. She didn't care which direction she was heading in, the only thing that was on her mind was to get away from the ones that tried to find her with the intent to kill. Her keen hearing noticed footsteps that belonged to more than 1 person running after her but she payed no attention to it as she dodged the many obstacles the forest had to offer. 'Everything in this god damn forest looks the same!' She thought as she pushed her legs to take her farther through the never ending landscape. She couldn't take it anymore, her throat burned and her legs were completely numb. She collapsed to the ground behind a moldy log panting heavily. The voices and footsteps came closer and closer and her panting got heavier and heavier with each passing second but she forced herself to keep quiet. It became silent and her heart beat filled her ears with its frequent beating. She shut her eyes and put her hands against her ears attempting to calm herself down. Suddenly she was hauled over the log with a thug she screamed at the unexpected force.

'Madoka! Madoka!' Kyubey's voice echoed through her head with telepathy. The stopped before she could see the ones after her. She shot up from her bed wide awake, her breathing was rapid.

"Thank god it was just a dream" she said to herself. She looked to the side to see Kyubey

"Are you alright Madoka?" He asked

She took a deep breath to clear her thoughts "I'm fine Kyubey" She looked at her alarm clock "Its only doesn't start until 8" she crawled out of bed and walked to the bathroom 'I can't believe march break passed by so quickly' she thought while she brushed her teeth

'Didn't you enjoy the holiday from school?' Kyubey said inside her head

She spat in the sink and spoke out loud rather than in her head "Of course I enjoyed it" she rinsed her toothbrush off and put it back in the case "Its just that it passed by fast...and w-well...I kinda got used to sharing a bed...with...somebody else" she started to blush but it could barely be seen

The school bell rang on the bright monday morning. The school yard began to empty as tired kids from grades 7 to 12 stormed lazily into their classes and prepared themselves for the normal slow day. Madoka walked into the classroom with tired eyes and the look seemed to be like a fashion trend as she saw that pretty much everyone had the same look.

"Mornin" Sayaka said in the middle of a yawn while stretching her arms

Madoka sat down in her seat and placed her bag to the side. She beamed a smile to the kids around her. She looked to her right to see a sleeping Aito. She giggled 'Well at least he doesn't snore' she thought

Sayaka tapped Homura on the shoulder "Who's the empty seat for?" She asked turning her attention to the new desk beside Homura where Hitomi used to sit

Homura who was busily at work with a project "a new student is arriving today" she stated

Homura's news took the tired eyes out of the others and she was almost immediately swarmed with students asking questions about the new kid. But to Homura's luck Saotome-sensei walked into the classroom and placed order back into the students.

"Good morning class!" She said with a bright smile "I hope you all had a great march break. Anyway before we pick up from where we left off last week let's welcome back a Kyousuke Kamijo from the hospital" the class applauded him for his return

The teacher continued to speak "Also today we have a new student in our class" conflict filled the classroom as students debated about if the student was a boy or a girl, his or her interests, the comments went on and on until they were silenced by Saotome-sensei once again

"You can come in now" she said looking towards the door

Tension filled the room as they heard footsteps getting closer and closer. The student they belonged to caught everyone's attention...well other than Homura.

The new student stunned the class. She had basically Madoka's hairstyle but her hair was tied in thick red ribbons and went down to her hips. Her eyes couldn't be seen because her hair covered them from view, she wore dark blue stockings that went passed her knees. The most noticeable thing about her though that attracted the attention of most of the boys in the classroom was her curves and her chest that were more developed than the other girls, even Aito was starring but was put in place with a punch in the arm from Sayaka.

Whispers filled the room with phrases like "Wow she's hot!" Some whispered to each other, "Her hair is almost as long as Homura's" said one of the female students, "I think I'm ready to start dating" said a male student with a grin

She beamed a bright, confident smile to her peers "Yo! I'm Shimizu Tokiwa! Even though my first name is Tokiwa I prefer if you just call me Elly!" She said

The class clapped and cheered for her. "Wow she's cool!" Said one of the girls

By lunch time it seemed that she was one of the popular kids in school already, everyone seemed to like her other than Sayaka. She slammed her food tray on the table in anger as she sat down in the restaurant booth "That girl is pissing me off!" She shouted

"How? She's-" Madoka was cut off by Sayaka

"I know she's smart, athletic, funny, nice and has a stupid bright smile! She seems suspicious to me!" She said biting aggressively into her hot dog

Madoka shifted her position to the wall as Homura and Mami joined their booth "Maybe your a little bit jealous of all the attention she's getting" Homura said

Mami nodded "especially since she has also attracted the attention of Kamijo"

Sayaka waved her hand to dismiss the ideas. She looked down in deep concentration "I'm being serious here. Something is fishy about her and I will find out"

The group ignored Sayaka's jealousy for the rest of the school hour thinking it was just a jealous school girl faze.

Eventually the slow school day ended and kids started to exit the school grounds and head back to their houses "Hey there's the new girl! I never knew she walked this way" said madoka

Sayaka gave a groan "Can we not-" she was cut off

"let's catch up to her maybe we can all walk home together from now on" she said while tugging Sayaka along

"Oh fine" said sayaka

"Elly! Wait up" yelled Madoka

Elly turned and smiled as she saw them approaching "Hey girls you two are some of my classmates right?"

"Yep we didn't know you walk home this way, do you live near by?"

She shook her head "I'm just heading to Akemi's house"

"So your already friends with Homura?" Sayaka questioned surprised by how fast Homura was acquainted with the mystery girl

"...Well not exactly. She just said it was important, anyway I have to go" the duo waved goodbye to the girl they knew little about

A cup of tea was set on the small table. The big tailed girl looked around the white room, she closed her eyes and took a sip of her tea "So, you already know who I am"

Homura sat across from her "I know your intentions and I suggest you don't interfere with mine"

"I have no clue what your talking about" she chugged the remainder of the drink down her throat "But the things you've explained to me over the past hour was pretty cool but seems a little too far fetched...I will tell ya this though...a lot of things are going to get hectic...and fast " She opened the door to exit the house "Until next time Akemi"

"Please just call me-" it was too late, the door was already shut

Sayaka sprawled out onto Madoka's bed smacking her head with her hand "I just don't get it!"

Madoka closed her eyes and shook her head "You do inside the brackets first Sayaka. If you don't follow the rules to complete the equation using BEDMAS you won't find out what X equals"

Sayaka stared blindly at the page as Madoka wrote solved the equation effortlessly "There" she said putting the pencil down "Now do you understand?"

Sayaka took the textbook and the sheet of paper out of Madoka's hands and threw it to her bedroom floor with anger "screw the math! I don't care anymore!"

"But exams are coming soon and you've missed the lectures to skip school and fight witches with Mami and Aito. You can't drag them down"

Sayaka playfully pouted "I don't get it" Sayaka's playfulness soon turned to aggressiveness "It doesn't matter anyway mom already took away my Xbox and my Wii! If only she would just die!"

"Sayaka!" Madoka said in surprise "She works hard and wants you to pass with flying colours!"

A knock came from the door "come in" Madoka said

The door opened to reveal Madoka's dad "Sayaka, your mom is here"

Sayaka hopped off the bed and gathered her things and put them back in her backpack "see ya later Madoka" Madoka waved goodbye without making a sound, still stunned over what she had heard

She waved goodbye to Mr. Kaname as the car drove off "So how was your day?" Her mom asked with a smile

"It was fine" she said coldy without making eye contact

"What's wrong?" She asked with great concern

"Don't bug me and just drive!" She shouted

Her mother's face was filled with shock "Sayaka! Please don't speak to me that way! I'm your mother...if its about me taking away your games please don't be mad. I only want you to do your best because I love you and-" she was cut off

"I'll be fine on my own! Please just don't talk to me for the rest of the night" Sayaka said

The sunlight shined through Sayaka's bedroom window making her stir awake. She opened her eyes only to instantly regret it as the light burned her eyes. She opened her eyes again more slowly and let them adjust to the light...but that's when she saw a trail of blood. Her eyes widened in shock, she dashed out of bed and followed the trail "KYAAAAAA!"

She sat in the police car with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket, she also still wore her musical note pajamas still traumatized from what she had witnessed moments ago. She looked through the window to notice the police taking out a body bag, she cried silently as she knew who it was her mother.

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