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Working when you knew you had a future was easier than working when you didn't know what that future may hold in store for you. Therefore, the people of New Earth worked very hard everyday, perhaps fueled by an emotion they hadn't felt in a long time. Hope. It had been already 2 years since the creation of planet "Bob" and its population had increased almost monthly, even though all the human colonies had arrived in the first six months.

After all, the humans did not only live in the drifter colonies, as a matter of fact some of them prefered to live on alien colonies or planets as there was a lower probability of the Drej attacking them there and a higher probability of scape, even though it drastically increased the probabilities of being turned over by your neighbours as the aliens didn' t want to enrage the Drej, or in some cases like Cale's they would treat you like trash, although that didn't stop them from coming to live to New Earth and in some cases stirr some trouble.

Akima and Cale, first inhabitants, creators and newly elected leaders of New Earth, had to deal with this and many more troubles. The first trouble was the creation of cities as the new planet was empty of any kind of human or other life form presence, but with the arrival of the drifter colonies some cities began to be formed. The problem of food and supplies was a different one as many of the humans that inhabited the earth weren't experts in hunting and were really poor in farming experience, those who actually had it. They had to resort to the old films they had on the subject from the many drifter colonies and even ask help from some very reluctant aliens.

Once those two troubles were solved, more or less, Cale, Akima and the rest of the planet's government, representatives from each of the new cities had to deal with an even more complicated issue. The issue of defense, which had been largely debated over the 2 years the planet had been around. The problem was easy, the humans didn't want to be involved in any kind of belligerent activities since it would indicate other planets that they weren't peaceful, but with no army or militia to defend them they could be easily conquered or even destroyed.

So long they had managed to keep a security force made up from volunteers, enough to maintain civil order but not a foe to an invading force. Cale was tired, the meeting had occupied all the morning and threatened to occupy the afternoon too. Nothing was being decided but he had to wait until his turn to speak and hopefully end this worthless debate which after all was a waste of time. For now it was the representative of Neo-Hong Kong speaking, he was a middle aged man with glasses, not very tall nor strong, but he had managed to keep his colony safe, like the rest of the government he wore a suit, a black one at that. He was in the middle of his speech, trying to convince the government of the necessity of an army.

"So my comrades, it is time for humanity to show that we are not finished. We have to be prepared for future threats, we can't count on more saviors, we need an army now." He was really convincing but from the other side of the room the voices of opposition could be heard. It was Neo Tokyo's representative, a young woman with long brown hair and Akima's childhood friend Nanami.

"So convincing, representative Wong. But I must say your arguments lack something and that something is common sense. Human race must embrace peace in order to become prosperous again and therefore I see no reason to raise an army. The security force is enough."

"For now" said another representative. Voices began to agree with that third voice, Cale was forced to intervene in order to put order on the council's room.

"Now, now fellas we all have our right to give our opinion but we have to respect turns." He just said. Everyone became quiet, Cale had gained a large amount of respect within the government as had Akima. They knew the rest of the government wanted to hear their opinion on the matter, he gave Akima a look to proceed to explain their plan, a plan they had spent nights thinking on trying to touch every little detail, the plan itself however was very simple.

"Well" Akima began, all eyes turning form Cale to her, "Cale and I both think it's a good idea to have an army. But as a tool to maintain peace and nothing more. It will not conduct operations outside our system unless it is completely necessary." People began to nod in agreement and even Nanami didn't speak against it. It was Cale's turn to speak "We also think we should reform the security force into a normal police force." This proposal was received by nods. Cale sighed "So far, so good" he thought before continuing. "If this proposal is admitted, Akina and me would withdraw from the government to form and train the army"

The nods were no more, the silence fell upon the room. The government was clearly astonished by this statements. "As such" Akima continued "We will be under direct orders from all of you."

The murmurs increased in number and tone until they were no longer murmurs. "They are so young" said someone. "Well they were space pirates" said another, "Akima was but Caleā€¦" The murmurs continued. Nanami's voice could be heard above the rest.

"Silence!" shouted the girl quieting everyone down. She stared at Cale and Akima for a long time before speaking again. "So you are saying that you two would give up your position just to form an army and a stellar fleet to protect us?" She asked incredulously. "Yes" Akima responded firmly. Nanami smirked "Then count me in on that too" she said. "And me too" said another one. Cale looked up and could see his friend Bob, representative of Neo New York, a tall Caucasian male with black short hair and really bulky. Akima and Cale couldn't help but smile at them and nod in a agreement.

The votation was short as everyone voted in favor of the proposal. If anyone thinks creating a whole new world if the difficult part, they are so wrong