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"Brother" couldn't suppress a grin when he felt the meteorite failing to achieve its objective. He had always thought "Cousin" would need a lesson like that to become less full of himself. He didn't mind his comrade's confidence in his plans but he normally was too overconfident for his taste. It was that overconfidence that had put an end to the Drej race.

"Cousin" had pushed the race to its limits and had used it for many of the missions he carried out, mainly annihilation missions. By the time the attack on Earth came the Drej were really weakened and even though the mission was a success the Drej didn't have the resources to end the humans that escaped Earth. As the humans would discover soon the Drej were too worn out when they confronted them and as time and missions had gone by the Drej Empire had been reduced to an armada and a rather small one at that which was easily defeated by the humans.

As a punishment "Cousin" was degraded and forced to serve under "Brother" who would complete the mission of eradicating humans. When "Cousin" saw the grin on his companion's face he knew his toy didn't work and he felt frustrated. It felt as if the humans were making fun of him. "Brother must have had his power of "surveillance", a power that allowed him to see any part of the universe all this time, working all this time. "Cousin" looked down to the Black planet bellow him, Planet Ophrys, home of the titans.

Looking at it was completely terrifying as it was completely black with orange lines which were rivers of lava and there was no trace of water in sight, it was the polar opposite of Earth or New Earth for that matter and yet it had some kind of twisted beauty, it was the beauty of darkness. It was rumored that it had acquired its aspect over the centuries of wars the planet had undergone. The titans were the most belligerent species in all universe and perhaps the cruelest as well. It was a perfect vassal race for "Brother".

The sun in that system was completely red and more often than not days were scarier than nights. It was a perfect planet for that race. The titanic cities had been built with the sweat and blood of slaves from various systems but some said they were the by far the most impressive view one could see. It was unlikely however that you would return home safely after visiting the titans.

Of course the titans had been there for hundreds of thousands of years and were tired of it. They wanted other races to fear them and respect them as their rulers. And that is why they had served their "Family" for generations. Titans wanted power, a lot of power and "Father" was probably the only being in the universe capable of giving them the power the sought.

They teleported themselves to the titans Underground capital. It was a beautiful sight indeed but from the shadows the titans observed. They weren't the monsters human mythology made them out to be and were far larger in population than the humans, they were however really powerful soldiers whose technology had been used for war and war only since their beginning. They were primitive in anything else but when it came to war they were far more developed than most species.

The city itself was dark but the architecture resembled ancient Greece cities like Athens or Sparta so it was beautiful. "Cousin" asked himself if the titans had brought human slaves to build it, but as this race was more ancient than humans and the capital was probably older than those cities he supposed they didn't. As they walked into the titan's king's palace a procession of titans and maybe even some slaves followed them in some sort of procession.

As he looked to the guards he saw they were wearing dark armors that resembled a human medieval knight. They were really still and wouldn't move unless they were ordered to. The weapons they carried looked like spears but worked like human laser rifles, but were over a 100 times more powerful. "Cousin" remembered "Father" had told him once about those weapons when he was a child but he couldn't quite remember what he said about them.

The halls in the palace were pitch black, but luckily for him his race could as easily in the dark as they could with light. They arrived before a giant black metallic door with an ancient image of a mythology titan smashing other beings, presumably humans, against the floor with his foot. As the doors opened, their "companions" stopped on their tracks. No one was allowed in the throne room unless invited.

The room was illuminated by torches on the walls, there were columns on both sides and a dark throne on the end. The decoration was poor but like the rest of the city the room was beautiful in its own way. The titan king stood seated in his throne while the guards closed the doors leaving them alone with him.

Like the rest of his people he looked human, but was bulkier and taller perhaps 3 meters tall, he had silver hair and the eyes were the same color. He had a black armor with screaming human faces on his shoulders. He looked at his guests with a smirk, almost as if he knew they why they were there.

"Greetings oh great king Cronus" Said "Brother" kneeling before the figure and signaling for "Cousin" to do the same. "Cousin" didn't follow his superior's example. It just wasn't in his nature to kneel before someone he didn't respect, although something told him he would soon change his mind.

"Greetings" the titan replied with a cold smile.

"We come to you as old friends in this day, to ask you and your mighty army to help us with a little trouble we have" "Brother" said.

The titan was surprised but didn't show it. He just smiled and nodded prompting "Brother" to continue.

"The little trouble we have is the human race" "Brother". Cronus's eyes shone with hatred towards his old slaves. It was "Brother" this time the one who smiled knowing he had ignited the old flame of revenge in the titan's heart. "We need you to get rid of them. Of course you may do whatever you see fit. You may even let some of them live to be your slaves"

Cronus nodded but he seemed absent. He didn't smile. He was considering the proposal, but "Brother" knew the temptation of revenge. The humans were the only race in the universe who had managed to free themselves from the titans and that was a great offense, though there were only a few titans on Earth. Finally the decision was reached by the old king.

"Alright I'll help you" he said with an evil smirk on his face.