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This is a Fem!Ash fanfic, with a sort of twist that makes this slightly unique in my opinion, and besides, I always wanted to do a fanfic where Ash falls into the world of Pokémon Special, seeing as most stories like this either have both in the same universe/dimension right from the start or it's almost always the characters of Pokémon Special that wind up falling into Ash's world. So here's me mixing it up a bit and adding a special twist to it to make things interesting.

Summary: A horrible incident occurs and Ash Ketchum finds herself trapped in the body of an Eevee and stuck in a parallel world. Heavily injured from the events that led up to this strange and unfamiliar occurrence, she is quickly found by a young Gold's mother, who takes her in and helps to get her back on her own two, or rather four feet.

Five years later and with a new family and her scars completely healed, Ash, now known as Joltaro, will set forth to accompany Gold as he travels across the Johto region in search of the mysterious red haired thief known as Silver. How will the journey change with this experienced pokémon trainer turned pokémon along for the ride?

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Smoke and fire rose into the sky, turning the once beautiful green forest into a raging pain filled sea of red.

Already brittle leaves and twigs, charred beyond recognition, snapped underfoot as a young girl with black hair ran through the raging inferno as fast as she physically could, adrenaline the only thing keeping her already exhausted body going.

Not far behind her, the sounds of a battle already lost continued, the cries of pokémon, panicking calls for help and vicious war cries all mixing into one long, spiraling symphony of chaos echoed behind her. Her brain reluctantly memorizing every single note as she continued her mad dash in search for some semblance of safety.

There was a flash of lightning in the darkness beyond the light generated by the flames, in the pitch black darkness of night, followed by the tell-tale sound of thunder. And in the distance, the angered cry of an enraged legendary could be heard.

Another flash of lightning, this one a lot closer than what the girl would've liked, and without warning a tree came tumbling down on her head, its canopy already burning away as it quickly made its decent downwards.

Just before the tree hit, the young girl, eyes wide in shock and horror, caught sight of a flash of eyes as red as the fire still burning around her, but filled with a sort of resolution she did not quite, and most likely never would, understand. All before her world went black, a thought ran through her head, though she was sure that it was not her own.

It is not your time yet child.

It seemed the world really was going to end today…

Prologue: A new Addition to the PokéFamily!

A gentle breeze darted between the dense, green leaves of the forest canopy, causing the branches to sway and shake ever so slightly. A young woman, around 27 years of age, strolled down the dirt path that lead towards her home, arms full with a heavy bag of groceries as she hummed a pleasant turn to wordless song that only she seemed to know.

"Oh!" a startled cry resounded as a small purple monkey darted straight past her, as always, a little too over excited at being outside, and causing her to drop one of the fruits she had bought earlier during her trip to the next town. "Oh dear…Ataro!" she called out to the pokémon, admonishing it very lightly as she went to reclaim the rogue fruit.

"Oooh-ohh…" the pokémon whimpered, visibly upset that it had accidently made the woman drop something in its own rush. The woman chuckled slightly, not at all mad at the little thing, and quickly sated its guilty feelings,

"Oh, it's alright Ataro, you didn't mean to right?" the woman gave a gentle smile, only half paying attention as her hand reached for the fruit, which had come to a stop just before the line of vegetation that ran along the sides of the road.

Just as she was about to get a decent grip on the surprisingly slippery food item, the leaves in the brush began to rustle, and the woman found herself jumping back in surprise, leaving the fruit on the filthy ground. Ataro quickly jumped in front of her, ready to attack just in case it was a wild pokémon, enraged at having its territory encroached upon, that came out. The woman's eyes widened though when it was not a territorial pokémon hell-bent on making sure they learned to never come by again, but a heavily injured one, stumbling precariously as it cooed its own name in obvious pain, before it finally collapsed to the ground. The pokémon's body was all but completely covered in burn marks and scratches, and if the woman wasn't so focused on getting the pokémon home and to some help, she would've fainted upon sight.

She had never seen such horrendous injuries before, especially on one so little as this.

Handing the groceries over to Ataro with a quick apology, she quickly scooped up the injured pokémon, cradling it gently in her arms, before taking the groceries back from the ever helpful normal-type and quickly making her way back to her home town, the pokémon professor there could help. Of that she was more than sure of.

It was a week later when the woman could finally bring the injured pokémon home, already too attached to just leave it to its own devices in the wild. The little pokémon, identified by the local pokémon researcher, Prof. Elm, as an Eevee; a female one at that, still needed time to fully recover from her vast injuries. The woman, already attached to the little cute ball of fur as she was, had refused to let any other, even the professor himself for how much she trusted him, take care of her and insisted on bringing her back to her own home.

Of course the slightly clumsy man had tried to argue back, saying that her house was already filled to the brim with pokémon and how she couldn't possibly take care of one more, especially considering the fact that she still had her own son to take care of on top of all the pokémon she had in that house of hers. Any and all legit reasoning had been quickly silenced however by a slightly harsh glare from the woman, who wasted no time in scooping the little Eevee up and bringing her directly home without a second thought on the matter.

Her son, turning six soon in the next two weeks, would be happy with the new addition she was sure, and she just couldn't wait for him to see the little thing. She would have to remind him to be careful of her, lest he aggravate, or even worse, reopen her still healing injuries, but the woman was sure he would enjoy his newest companion.

"Mama!" the woman found herself almost being tackled as she entered the house, arms slightly full with the Eevee. She giggled, looking down past the furry bundle in her arms at the mop of black hair, covered by a yellow and black cap a head size too big with a gentle smile on her face.

"Well there's my little man! Guess what I brought back with me from my trip to the professor's?" she asked, watching as her son tilted his head cutely to the side and was forced to resist the urge to give the boy a bone-crushing hug.

"What is it?"

"A new friend, here see?" the woman untucked the blanket she had wrapped the extremely rare pokémon in, showing the still sleeping pokémon to her son. She watched as Gold wrinkled his nose up slightly at the fur ball, eying it in slight suspicion and curiosity, unable to identify what exactly it was, other than the obvious fact that it was some sort of pokémon.

"What is it?" the woman chuckled at the innocent question and held the Eevee out, motioning for her son to hold her while she gently guided his movements so that she was comfortable in the still too small boy's arms.

"This, Gold, is an Eevee. She's a very rare normal-type pokémon, and she's been through some very bad experiences, so you have to be nice to her understand?" the woman explained gently as she watched her son suddenly stiffen up at her words, shooting a nervous glance at her before starring down at the pokémon slightly worried. The woman gave a reassuring smile, "She might not be able to play with you for a bit, but you have to be patient because she's still healing up. Understand?"

"Eevee got a boo boo?" the woman smiled, holding back the urge to snuggle her adorable son to oblivion as she nodded,

"Yes, Eevee got a very bad boo boo." The woman confirmed with a nod of her head.

For what was yet another surprise to be added to the list of many in her life, the woman was shocked when, for the rest of the day, Gold didn't talk, staying by the side of the injured pokémon and refusing to move, not even to listen to his favorite radio hostess, instead having Aibo bring the radio to him so he didn't have to leave her side.

And when bedtime came and she tried to tuck her son in, he refused and fought her the whole step of the way, until the woman finally agreed to allow Gold to bring Eevee with him to bed. Her expression was one of joy though, as she left the room, turning off the lights for the night so the child and pokémon could get some decent sleep, catching the gently whispered words as she left.

"Welcome to the PokéFamily…Joltaro…"

If the woman hadn't know any better, for all of five seconds she would've believed that the little Eevee had actually said something back,

"Thank you…Gold…"

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