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Episode 2: Vs. Hoothoot!

A gently breeze darted across the lawn as the front door swung open, a speeding red blur of a boy all but bounding out of the house in impatience, a skateboard tucked underneath his arm and Joltaro sitting lazily perched on his shoulder while Ataro clung to his back easily despite how fast their trainer was going, only stopping in his apparent rush to turn back and glare at the door before calling for somebody inside,

"Come on Gorou, hurry up!" the demand was met almost instantly as another boy rushed out, brown baseball cap in hand as he ran to catch up with the forever impatient Gold.

"Hey, wait a minute! Don't leave without me!" Gorou called in a panic, going completely ignored by Gold to his greatest chagrin, as the young trainer called out to his mother, still within the house.

"Mom, me and Gorou are going out for a bit!" Gold's mother walked out of the house, followed shortly after by the rest of the pokémon living within as she stopped in the doorway to see her son and his new friend off.

"Ah, what made you decide to get up so early? Hm, well if you're going out, then you might as well take everyone with you." She suggested pleasantly, motioning to the now crowd of pokémon standing in front of her. Gold gave a quick nod, moving to gather them all around him as Gorou talked with the woman for a bit before joining him. "Take care of Gold, Gorou."

"I can manage that. It's the least I can do after you let me stay overnight without any notice in advance-"

"Gorou come on!" the young boy found himself being interrupted as Gold stood, balancing with one leg on his skateboard and staring at him with increasing impatience at the front gate of his house. Sighing slightly, Gorou quickly ran to catch up, his mind slowly falling back to the night before.

"Thank for getting my luggage back for me." Gorou thanked Gold again, bowing slightly as the young boy nurtured his own ego to the slightly exasperated looks he was getting from the Eevee sitting on his shoulder. "To be honest, I was supposed to bring this to the local pokémon researcher." At the mention of the man, Gold perked up, turning his attention back onto Gorou in seconds,

"You mean Prof. Elm." At the statement, Gorou nodded, even though it wasn't a question.

"Yep! The bag was entrusted to me by the Prof. Oak, it's filled with some pretty rare pokémon-"

"Wait! Did you just say Prof. Oak?!" at the reaction he received, Gorou chuckled to himself, not surprised by Gold's astonishment by the fact, 'Heh, he's so surprised. But of course, it's only natural. There's not a trainer in this world that hasn't heard of Prof. Oak.' "Prof. Oak is… is… is that old guy that does the radio show with Mary!" Gorou immediately found himself hugging the ground as what Gold had just said fully registered in his suddenly very slow brain.

"Is that how you talk about a world-renowned pokémon researcher?!" Gorou blinked as he suddenly heard the all too familiar voice of Mary Atashi,

"Nah," Gold replied with a dismissive sort of tone, "The main attraction on the show is Mary, just listen to her cute voice!" Gold said as he held up the radio, his Eevee seeming to sigh at her trainer's behavior but obviously far too used to it to really bother with it. Suddenly Gold seemed to be stricken by some sort of idea, his expression one of sudden inspiration as a foreboding feeling bubbled up in the pit of Gorou's stomach, the older boy having the feeling that he probably wasn't going to like whatever the other's idea was very much if at all. All the same, he still felt obligated to ask.

"Wh-what is it?" he asked hesitantly, looking slightly wary of the other,

"You, after you going to deliver that bag , when are you going to see Prof. Oak?" at the question, Gorou blinked slightly before answering,

"Well Prof. Oak is doing research Cherrygrove City, so I have to head there…" In what Gorou was beginning to suspect was becoming a habit for the other, Gold interrupted, the expression on his face one of pure determination and slight desperateness,

"Good, take me with you then!"


"Huh? Hurry up Gorou, come on!" Gorou shook his head slightly as Gold's voice cut through his thoughts, forcibly dragging him from the memory and back into the present. The older boy found himself sighing slightly at Gold's behavior, 'There he goes again…' he thought to himself with barely contained exasperation and mild annoyance.

"Hey Joltaro, didn't you say you used to travel before you came to stay with us?" Ataro asked from his perch, hanging off of the back of Gold's head as the young boy sped into streets of the downtown area of New Bark Town. At the question Joltaro released a slight yawn, right ear giving a small twitch as she slowly turned to look at the Aipom.

"Yes, why?" the young Eevee asked, blinking owlishly at the other, only diverting her attention from him when Gold accidently hit a small bump in the road in an uncharacteristic bout of carelessness.

"Oops, sorry about that you two!" Gold apologized, though he didn't slow down at all, only doing so slightly when he finally reached the normal crowd of people that cluttered the streets around this time of day.

"Well, do you know where exactly Cherrygrove is?" the purple monkey asked, looking at her with pure curiosity filling his eyes. Pausing slightly, Joltaro ran through her old memories of her life before she had met Gold and the others, having to strain slightly to see the very old memories of traveling in the Johto region.

"It should be at the end of Route 29. But we won't have to worry about that until later… Right now we need to get to Prof. Elm's lab." She replied finally, ear twitching yet again before she turned her attention back onto their short travels. She blinked slightly when she noticed something going on ahead of them, their trainer noticing it as well and quickly coming to a stop near the wooden bridge they needed to cross to get to their destination. Joltaro quickly found her eyes narrowing at the sight that met the semi small group.

A man, definitely not one that she felt she could trust, stood next to a small table with a horde of Wooper standing on top, a Hoothoot sitting perched on a bird stand just behind the man as well. The man suddenly ordered all the Wooper to run, the whole group taking off to scatter across the bridge as another human, much younger then the man, ran to try and catch them, having no luck at all when the Hoothoot suddenly cawed out.

"Welcome welcome! This is the Pokémon Capture Duel! All you have to do is catch all the Wooper within the time limit of one minute and you get a nice prize in return! Hoothoot here will tell you when times up!" he called out, quickly explaining the game before giving his audience the cost to play, "It's 100 poké a turn!"

From her perch on Gold's shoulder, Joltaro heard several people whine about how they wanted the prize as yet another game started, Gorou commenting from the younger boy's side as he watched the mini-contest with a calm smile,

"Wow that sounds interesting!" he began, voice slightly excited but otherwise normal, "Especially since Hoothoot's internal clock keeps the most accurate time in the world!" Gold frowned at the other's declaration, his own experience in things like this immediately informing him that something wasn't right about this little contest,

"No, he's using the Hoothoot to cheat!" Gold said, voice serious for once as he glared at the man, who seemed to be having a ball with all the money he was making off of the poor people who fell victim to his scam, "Can't you see how nobody can manage to do it?" he asked, before putting his backpack down and recalling all of the other pokémon except for Joltaro herself and Ataro. Quickly, Gold ran up with only the two of them in tow, approaching the man and immediately putting on his innocent little kid act, "Hey Old Guy, I want to try!"

"Ah, sure thing. It's 100 poké to play kid." The man said, taking the necessary amount from Gold.

"I hope I stand a chance, after all, I'm not that strong!" the boy said, Joltaro barely containing her own laughter at her trainer's sudden switch in personality, finding the behavior and his expression funny. Looking back at Ataro, Gold gave the pokémon a look that he quickly recognized, wasting no time in sneaking off of the boy's shoulder to get near the conman's Hoothoot, staring it in the eye for a moment before retreating back to Gold's side. Just in time as the man called out for the little contest to begin.

"Joltaro, Ataro go!" Gold called out, both normal-types jumping into action to chase after the rogue group of Wooper. Making quick work of the group of water-types, Joltaro grinned in satisfaction internally when she finally heard the man call out in shock as his Hoothoot began attacking him suddenly. Gold smirked as he jabbed an accusatory finger in the man's direction, eyes sharp as ever as he blew the man's cover, "You see! Hoothoot's calling out the time limit, it's just the cheating time limit you taught it!" he declared, both Joltaro and Ataro quickly returning to Gold's side, the Eevee taking up her favorite perch on Gold's shoulder while Ataro went back to clinging to their trainer's head.

The whole crowd was furious, seething in rage as they glared at the man for tricking them out of their money. Seeing how much trouble he was suddenly in, and how his cover had been blown, the man quickly made to pack up, leaving behind several pokéballs and other asserted items as he made a hasty exit with a very sorry excuse. When the man had disappeared, the audience now turned back to Gold, cheering and congratulating him for his success in revealing the scam that had taken a good portion of most of their money, the whole thing only serving to boost Gold's ego to both Joltaro and Gorou's exasperation.

"You know, despite all of that… my opinion of you just changed." Gorou said as he followed Gold back to where they had placed down their belongings. "Especially with the way you had Ataro use Swagger. You two make great pranksters!" he finished, watching with a slightly stunned expression as Gold face faulted, sending both Joltaro and Ataro flying slightly.

Shaking her head, Joltaro stood up with a slight groan, huffing as she shook some of the dust out of her fur before she turned to face Gold, slightly displeased with him. She blinked however when she realized something off, turning her attention immediately onto Gold's skateboard at the same time both her trainer and the other normal-type did. Everyone gasped in shock at what they saw.

"Ack! Joltaro! The others are missing!" Ataro cried out in shock, eyes brimming with worry as he turned to face his fellow pokémon.

"I see that Ataro! Gold!" Joltaro cried out in slight distress, taking her attention from the other to turn and face Gold, an insistent look on her face.

"No… No way! Gold! I think somebody confused your bag with mine!"

"What do you mean?"

"Yours was filled with pokémon like mine right? Well mine is also carrying some of Prof. Oak's research! They may have been trying to steal that and got yours mixed up with mine!"

"That means that all my pokémon were stolen so easily?" Gold asked himself in disbelief, whispering the small declaration under his breath as he bent down to pick up Joltaro, "Everyone…" Gold suddenly turned away, gritting his teeth in frustration as he planted a foot on his skateboard, eyes narrowed in grim determination,

"Gold!" Gorou called out, slightly surprised by the sudden change in behavior.

"Hey, if they realize they have to the wrong bag, where would they go?"

"Huh? To Prof. Elm's lab most likely." Gorou replied, blinking at the question as Gold kicked off of the ground, Joltaro and Ataro now sitting on his shoulder and head respectively, eyes narrowed in newfound determination as well,

"I've been together with those guys since I was born. I don't give a crap about who did it! 'Cause I'll find them no matter what and make them pay!" Gold said slowly, pulling his goggles on over his eyes, "So wait for me everybody!"

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