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Episode 3: VS Sneasel & VS Elekid

"Here… This is Prof. Elm's lab." Gold said, tone serious as he came skidding to a stop, the wheels of his skateboard kicking up dirt and small rocks as it was abruptly turned around. Joltaro immediately launched herself from her trainer's shoulder, landing on the ground with a small thud as she took a few short sniffs of the air. Her hackles immediately raised as a low growl was released, glaring at the darkness that lay beyond the windows of the lab. She hadn't been here in years, since she was found by Gold's mother, and even before that it had been longer still. The place had always been warm and kind when she had visited prior to that, a friendly place open to trainers both old and new, and the scientist who ran the facility, though clumsy in a way that proved more disastrous then good most of the time, but now it was cold and forlorn. The place smelled of intruders and unfriendly people, rather than just the professor and whatever assistants he may have had with him at the time. Someone had broken into the lab and was possibly still in there waiting in ambush for whatever poor and unfortunate soul was foolish enough to waltz right in without a single thought over what might really lay inside. As things stood, it appeared that they had one such person with them, as Gorou almost ran right inside to inform the kind professor of what had transpired to bring them here. Luckily, Gold had no problem relying on his instincts, however dulled they were since he was human, and immediately stopped the slightly older boy from walking straight into a possible trap.

"Wait Gorou, considering how long it's been, there's a possibility that the thief could already be here just waiting for us to walk right in like a bunch of idiots and ambush us!" the usually reckless boy said as he held the other back, stepping out in front immediately as he made his way to one of the balconies extending from the side of the structure. "We should check the second floor windows first before we even think of just waltzing right in there like a bunch of chickens who've lost their heads." Let it never be said that Gold hadn't learned a thing while growing up with pokémon most, if not all of his life, as the eevee clambered back up onto her trainer's shoulder while Ataro stayed clinging to the back of his head, both waiting as their trainer climbed his way up to the balcony with the ease brought with years of practice via playing games of tag and hide-and-go-seek with the aipom growing up.

"Ack! Hey Gold! Be careful!" Gorou called from his place on the ground, forced to stay put since he did not have near the same physical capabilities that Gold had, nor were any of the pokémon he had on him strong enough to be of any real use if a battle were to break out suddenly and without warning. Joltaro didn't want to admit it, she hated saying any pokémon were weak, her past of dealing with unpleasant trainers who were far too unkind to their pokémon having brought up a sort of need to defend them and having more than once reared its head in the form of a very pissed little girl, especially when, back when she was still human and not trapped in the body of a pokémon, she had raised several pokémon that had been abandoned simply because they had been deemed weak. She still had to face the facts, Gorou and his pokémon would be ultimately useless if things came to blows, and Gold had seen it too, and so forced to stay on the ground the older boy was.

"'Kay!" Gold replied, only half paying attention to what the other had said as he hefted his weight over the edge of the balcony, Ataro hopping off and onto the ledge to help in pulling the boy up, before hopping back into place as Gold pushed himself against the wall near the large window as much as physically possible so as to not be seen. Ears immediately twitched as big, brown eyes narrowed, a small, almost silent growl being released as Joltaro immediately stood up, as much as her current footing, that being Gold's shoulder, would allow.

Somebody that definitely did not belong was on the other side of the window, possibly attempting to get out, and whoever it was, was without a doubt, not alone.

And sure enough, just as she was about ready to brace for an impromptu tackle, in case the other, unknown person did indeed prove to be a threat, the window slid open; a boy close to Gold's own age with shoulder length red hair, and clad in all black appeared, the familiar form of a dual type pokémon appearing just over the other boy's shoulder. 'That's a sneasel!' Joltaro recognized the dark/ice-type almost immediately as the other boy, shocked as he was at Gold's sudden and obviously unexpected appearance, beat a hasty retreat back into the remote safety of the lab. Gold was quick to recover though, and the two normal-types barely had any time or warning as their trainer took off in hot pursuit of the other, the two clinging desperately to their trainer's shoulder and head respectively as he chased the other into the lab, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of the very professor that they had been looking for.

"HEY! You stole Totodile's pokéball, didn't you?!" The obviously overworked and completely exasperated man asked as he pointed an accusing finger towards Gold, who just as quickly dismissed all claims of thievery.

"Not us!" Gold called down as he waved a hand in front of his face, quickly distracted from whatever Prof. Elm was going to say or ask in response as he and both of the accompanying pokémon caught sight of the intruder they had been attempting to catch just five seconds ago, landing right behind the professor and the normal-type that he had with him. "LOOK OUT!" Gold called, all too late as the professor turned around just in time to see the red head from earlier order his sneasel to use Icy Wind, freezing the floor beneath the already clumsy professor and causing both him and the normal-type with him to trip and knock themselves out on the floor. Joltaro winced sympathetically at what was definitely going to result in a monster headache for the far older human in the morning, but quickly shook it off in favor of paying more attention to the now obviously hostile intruder, only to have it snatched away once again as Gorou ran in through the door in same half-baked scheme of last minute heroism, only to slip on the same ice that had knocked out Prof. Elm, and meet the same exact, headache inducing fate.

"That had to hurt…" The eevee couldn't help but comment dryly as she stayed put, watching Ataro lunge for the obviously well-trained sneasel as Gold rushed in himself.

"Ataro! SCRATCH!" the normal-type cooed in agreement, expression playful yet determined as he made to perform the ordered attack on the opposing pokémon. It failed however, as the red head ordered the forever pesky but also horribly faulty move Protect, nullifying any damage that could've been done by the monkey pokémon. Both pokémon and trainer jumped back towards the stairs in some form of retreat, the same being done by Gold as the young boy called Ataro back into his pokéball, immediately placing it on the floor as he pulled out his signature billiard cue stick. "Ok then… If I can't attack from the back… Then I'll go from behind!" Gold called as he sent Ataro's pokéball spinning towards the dark/ice-type pokémon, the aipom popping out from behind unexpectedly and knocking out their opponent's sneasel. "Now give me back my backpack!" Gold demanded as the pokémon hit the floor with a heavy thud, brain somewhat scrambled from the unexpected attack and leaving it too stunned and confused to fight back for the moment. Joltaro knew however, that it wouldn't stay that way for long. The sneasel wasn't the only one confused though, and the red haired trainer stared at Gold with his own, very dulled down look of confusion as he questioned Gold's demands.

"Backpack? I don't have a single clue what you're on about!"

"Don't play dumb with me! I won't you go until you give it back!" Gold said, voice threatening as both he and Ataro glared at the other trainer. Joltaro however, wasn't paying attention to the other boy, a rattling from behind them having gotten her attention from the moment as she landed on the pedestal holding the three, now reduced to two, starter pokémon. If she remembered correctly, in all the chaos that had ensued shortly after their arrival, the currently unconscious professor had claimed that somebody had stolen his totodile, an all too familiar water-type that was very rare and could only be found within the Johto Region. It was also the water-type starter of said region, one of three different types given out to just beginning pokémon trainers. That meant that the remaining two were the grass and fire-type starters, Chikorita and Cyndaquil, respectively and it seemed that said fire-type wanted in on the action currently going on. "Joltaro, what is it…?" Gold whispered as he backed up a little in thought. He currently both the opponent and his pokémon backed into a corner, but he obviously wary, knowing that the same strategy he had used to take down the dual-type pokémon before, wouldn't work twice unless he was really lucky, or the pokémon itself did not learn from mistakes made once already. "Oh, I get it… You're worked up because he took one of your friends!" Gold said, voice dripping with realization as he picked the still rattling pokéball up and began walking towards the red head again. "So my backpack wasn't enough for ya, huh? I saw the missing pokéball, you had to go and steal pokémon from the lab too!"

"I said I don't have any clue about your backpack… Don't pin that on me." Gold ignored the intruder's objections however, currently focused on the pokéball in his hand rather than the red head himself.

It could've been taken as a chance to high tail it out of there without getting caught, the boy was far too distracted to stop him from getting away, the only problem that he saw in that potential plan was that boy's eevee. As rare as a pokémon it was, it was currently glaring at him with all the knowledge that it seemed to know how to stop him from getting away. Even if he used his recently acquired totodile, he had a feeling that there was a very low chance of him winning against the normal-type. It felt, almost like it was reading every single move he made, no matter how slight or miniscule it was.

His thoughts were interrupted however when he brought out the Cyndaquil that had been in one of the pokéballs left behind on the pedestal, looking at it with some confusion before it nearly melted his face off as its back suddenly exploded in a fountain of fire. The boy seemed to take this opportunity to figure out some sort of name to use in substitution for the pokémon's actual species, and after bending down to give the fire-type a pat on the head, looked at him with all the confidence in the world that he could indeed win this.

"GIVE ME BACK MY BACKPACK!" Gold ordered as he and the pokémon chased after the intruder, who, in a momentary lapse of judgment for all of them, took the opportunity to escape to the outside. The red head gave no response however, choosing to ignore him in favor of attempting to bail out of the window again. He got away for all of a few minutes, only a small, insignificant reprieve when Gold was truly determined to stop a person from getting away as the intruder grasped hold of a nearby tree branch, preparing to land on the ground when Gold blew it for him by having the newly dubbed Explotaro set fire to the tree branch, causing it to effectively snap in two and force the red head onto the ground sooner than he had wanted to or even expected to. He was about to order Sneasel to attack again, but was stopped as Gold held him at knife point, the tip of his billiard cue held uncomfortably close to the thief's neck.

"Heheh! Now, how about taking a look around!" Gold ordered, allowing the boy some room to move as the red head took a glance at his surroundings, eyes widening in shock as he realized he was basically trapped within the heated confines of a wall of fire. "You can't move freely when stuck in the middle of a virtual oven, Acrobat-Boy, you're trapped in my fire!" The now caught thief seemed to think he was being very sneaky as he reached behind him slowly, pulling out what Joltaro immediately recognized as one of the pokédex designed by a certain famous pokémon researcher that the young eevee knew from the Kanto Region. Growling she immediately jumped from her place on her trainer's shoulder, darting behind the red head and effectively surprising him as she snatched the red electronic device from right under his own fingers. Immediately placing the virtual encyclopedia at her trainers feet, she placed a sort of protective paw on it, knowing full and well he had probably stolen the device as well. "Whatcha got there Joltaro?" Gold asked, gently taking the device from the normal-type's grasp and flipping it over. His observations of the useful device were cut short however as he found himself releasing pain-filled gasp, body locking up in an unfamiliar way as he suddenly collapsed on the ground without warning, leaving both pokémon and the red head trainer stunned as they noticed the small wisps of smoke rising from his back.

"GOLD!" Joltaro yipped in worry and shock, immediately running to her trainer's side in hopes of getting him back on his feet. She quickly realized however that it was useless, his body sparking with the clear signs of one of the most pesky illnesses a pokémon could receive in battle; paralysis. Growling in silent anger she quickly cast her gaze on the group of people standing behind her now unconscious trainer, an electric-type standing in front of the group, hands sparking as the commanding trainer, clad in an all too familiar black uniform laughed obnoxiously as he apologized for interrupting their battle. "Team Rocket grunts…" She growled under her breath, almost jumping in surprise when she heard the red head's sneasel speak up.

"Wait a minute… You know who they are?" the sneasel asked, looking at her with obvious shock as the eevee slowly and carefully backed up, hackles raised as she continued to growl at the small group of Team Rocket minions looking down on her like some sort of piece of meat, or even a bag of money.

"Well lookie what we have here, a little eevee huh? Stupid thing actually thinks it can take us on!" The leader mocked, leering down at the rare normal-type pokémon and for now, completely ignoring both her trainer and the red head and his pokémon.

"Nah, see it's backing up, it's afraid of us!" Another interjected, laughing just as obnoxiously as the leader of the group as he walked up, quickly attempting to pick up the small pokémon. He was met with a surprise however as instead of taking hold of the eevee, he grabbed nothing but thin air, yowling in agony as Joltaro took no time at all in introducing the top of her head to the human's chin and effectively knocking him onto his butt. "What the heck?!" he asked, shock that the attack had hurt so much when the attacker was just a small, seemingly weak normal-type. He was further shocked when she bit down on his leg, tearing into it almost viciously and causing him to scream out in even more pain. "GAH! GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!"

"Elekid! Quick, use Thunder Shock on that thing!" The leader commanded, the electric-type barking in response as it prepared the ordered attack, it immediately back down however when the eevee was suddenly standing oh-so confidently in front of it, growling with her hackles raised and slowly approaching closer in what had to be the most intimidating stance the electric-type had ever seen.

"Not feeling so confident now are ya?" Joltaro commented snidely, not any mood now to tolerate foolishness from complete idiots with her trainer, Gold, now injured and unconscious. She now understood why the pokémon she had raised were always so jumpy whenever anyone had tried to harm her, there was just no excuse to be made when it was done in malice.

"E-Eep!" the elekid squeaked in fear as it backed up quickly, suddenly not feeling as confident as it had been in defeating the normal-type. Now that he got a good feel of it, she was obviously a lot stronger than most, if not all of the pokémon present, or even in any of the nearby routes.

"That eevee… It's… Different than all the others I've seen before…" Sneasel started a bit, turning in shock to see her own trainer staring contemplatively at the currently preoccupied evolution pokémon, who was still in the process of completely scarring the crap out of her opponent's pokémon. "It hasn't even attacked the pokémon yet, and it's already got it completely scared and running away."

"Snea…" the dual-type replied, watching as the eevee continued to back the elekid up until it was almost hiding behind its trainer's leg.

"What the hell are you doing! Elekid! Attack it already!" The leader called out, jabbing a finger down at the normal-type, only to almost lost it when the pokémon snapped its teeth shut just centimeters away from it with the dark-type attack Bite. It was obviously high in level than most if it knew that move already. "Gah!"

"I'm not in a pleasant mood right now…" Joltaro growled as she gathered the energy for her next attack right in the air in front of her. A large, glowing orb of dark energy lay suspended there, before she finally fired the attack, sending it flying into the admittedly closely spaced group and sending a good majority sprawling to the ground. The red head, seeing a sufficient opening, lunged forward and through the still recovering group, swiping several pokéballs before stopping on the other side.

"Sneasel! Use Icy Wind!" The dual-type nodded her head silently and immediately the attack out, sending the group of thugs running away before being recalled back to her own pokéball. The red head almost left, but paused mid step as he looked down toward the other trainer's hand, remembering that the eevee had taken the pokédex he had stolen earlier when he was still confronting its trainer. He would've taken back, but the boy still had a good hold on it without him even trying, and the eevee, with its unusual strength, was sitting far too close for him to even think of attempting to take it back. He'd leave it there for now, and hopefully get it back later. As much as he hated to admit it, even to himself, he had a feeling that he'd unfortunately, be meeting with the currently unconscious boy again.

"Eevee…" he looked down blinking in shock when he realized that eevee was currently sitting down in front of him, eying the pokéball containing the starter he had stolen.

"I didn't take your trainer's backpack just so you know. And I'm not giving the totodile back even if I have to fight you for it." He couldn't help but say, feeling as if it actually understood what he was telling it. The eevee quirked its head at him before cooing once again. The red head flinched slightly as a voice echoed within the depths of his mind, making him dizzy and more than a little nauseous as the normal-type continued to stare at him.

"Just take care of it since you seem so adamant in dragging it with you." The voice seemed to order in what had to be the most sarcastic tone he had ever heard in his life. "And don't go getting hurt out there, Gold's not gonna give up until he can get a rematch with you and he can't get it if you're dead. He's not good at losing." And just as quickly as the voice had come, it had died down, disappearing like an echo into the darkness of his own mind. The red head quickly shook it off, passing it off as him hearing things due to fatigue and quickly turned around and left, disappearing into the darkness of the nearby forest. The whole time however, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was still being watched by that eevee.

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