So I've been writing a ton of JoshNeku recently, but they're all p short. So I thought I would post them as a drabble series! I hope you can enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. So, without further ado, enjoy and review!

Ever since the Game had ended, Shibuya seemed to carry a different tune to Neku. It was more vibrant, more balanced, more there. Voices were like a DJ's mix, footfalls like a steady bass drop, cars like the deep wub of dubstep beats. Sounds he once found bothersome were something he now thrived on, and he couldn't shake the feeling that it was all somehow thanks to the Composer.

Whenever the unnerving thought appeared Neku was quick to immerse himself in the Music. His favorite song was at the Hachiko statue, and as much as he would have liked for it to be otherwise, this he knew was Joshua's fault.

Months after the Game, Neku waited alongside Hachiko for someone to return to him, and just like the dog, his someone wasn't likely to come back.

Still, even if he couldn't see him in the RG, sometimes, if he listened close enough, Neku thought he could catch traces of Joshua, mingling quietly with the Music. If he hadn't spent so much time with Shibuya's guardian he doubted he would have heard the classical undertones, subtle violins guiding the song.

He wasn't visible, but Joshua must have been there.

He must have.

"Neku, over here!"

"C'mon, Phones, whaddya standin' around for?"

Neku caught sight of his friends, a somber smile forming on his lips.

Yeah, it was Joshua's fault, and yet he couldn't really find himself minding.