Chapter 1 – He Sold Me

Summary: Her friends –Andre, Beck, Jade, Tori, and Robbie- know of Mr. Valentine's home business of selling his 16 year old daughter every night…but what happens when her old man takes things too far when he's in need of money and suddenly Cat's at an auction to be sold? She has a week to say goodbye to her friends before leaving forever, never to be found again…but the gang isn't letting her go without a fight. Neither is the man who paid 500,000 for her.



Time isn't moving fast enough for the gang…minus one.

Tori Vega was hosting a small gathering at her house for her 5 friends…one would join soon though. They tried to play cards, but it just wasn't working. Soon they all folded and were sitting back in their seats.

Beck Oliver, 17, and he's the "individual" one of the group. He's the oldest and if it came down to it, he'd be the leader.

Robbie Shapiro, 16, and he's the "comedy nerd" of the bunch. His signature is his fro, large glasses, and his puppet that he, for some strange reason, did not bring tonight.

Jade West, 17, and she's the "tough Goth", and someone not to be messed with. She defends her friends if she really felt nice enough.

Tori Vega, 16, and she is the "princess/prep" of the gang. She is popular, gets the leads in the plays, and a nice person in general.

And lastly of the present ones would be Andre Harris. He's 17 and the "musical artist" genius one. And he was in love with his little redhead friend and childhood crush…who wasn't there.

"It's been too long." Andre whispered, staring at the pile of candy in the middle of the playing table. "She said 8pm…something's wrong."

"I know. We know." Beck mumbled. "What can we do? We have no idea where the fucking hell her dad dragged her. We already called the house phone and no one answered. And her dad broke her cell phone."

"Yeah, we know all that shit already." Jade growled at her ex-boyfriend.

"Can we please try her house again?" Robbie asked timidly. "It's been a few hours since we went over there…maybe…please?"

Before anyone could say anything, their phones went off. Text message. From Cat.

-He SOLD me! He SOLD me! This time next week, my dad's getting paid 500,000 and I'm going somewhere in Paris to be a sex slave to some rich man! I don't want to go! HELP ME!-

Andre was already up with his keys.

"No, let me drive." Jade said in a deep voice as everyone else stood up, getting their jackets on. Jade had a truck that fit 6 people, so it'd be reasonable. As they all got into her truck, she speeded over to Cat's. "She's home, right?"

"Yeah, I just texted her back asking her and she said she was." Tori answered, sounding despaired. "I don't understand."

"I don't know, but we're going to get to the fucking bottom of this." Jade growled out, pressing on the gas a little more. No one objected to her speed. They needed to talk to Cat as much as she wanted to. "If what she said in that message meant what I think it did, her dad is fucking dead. I'm going to go to jail for murder, because he's going to die if he thinks for a second he can sell her…sell. Holy fuck, who would give up their daughter?"

"Jack Valentine." Andre whispered, but everyone heard.

Cat's mother died the year before, which is when her dad started drinking. He lost his job and he refused to lose his nice home and all his possessions, so he began selling Cat every night to sleaze-balls, who couldn't get girls of their owns. Cat was taken by surprise, given only a 24 hour notice that she was going to lose her virginity to some stranger. So she went to Andre, told him, and somehow they ended up having sex…Andre didn't regret it though.

But it was so hard for him to know that the woman he loved was being forced upon every night.

And now she was going to be sold?

Fuck that.

"If this is all real and she's going to be forced to leave forever…I'm running with her." Andre told them straight on, shocking them. "I can't let that happen. If that message meant what we think it did, I'm going to make her pack her bags tonight, go to my house, pack my bags, we both get all the money we have, and then get the fuck out of town."

"I'm going too." Jade said automatically. "Cat's practically my little sister, believe it or not. It's not like I really have anything here I'm living for. My parents probably won't realize I'm gone for a week."

"I'm going." Beck answered next, staring out the window. "I can't let this happen to her…we can come back when we're 18."

"Promise?" Tori asked in a whisper. "We would come back when we're 18?"

The gang got what she was indicating, as in, she was going too, but she wanted to make sure she'd see her family once again. They nodded and she sighed. "I'm in."

"Same." Robbie spoke up. "Cat's my best friend and she's always been there for me." His fists clenched. "There's no life without Cat Valentine."

"Amen." Andre whispered.

They reached Cat's house, seeing her dad's car in the driveway. Tori told Beck and Andre to cool down first, but they were already out of the truck, on a rampage. Jade was pretty much behind them on that. Tori and Robbie were freaking out a bit, following them. Instead of knocking, Beck reached for the doorknob, finding it unlocked, and then slammed the door open. Her dad looked to be getting his jacket on, raising an eyebrow and then he smirked.


"I told you never to smirk at me like that again!" Beck snarled at the man now leaning against the nearest wall. "What's going on?"

"Money was running low again." Mr. Valentine kept grinning, but rubbing the left side of his face that Beck just punched. "And my daughter is just a useless toy, so what's the point of keeping her around? Sold her to some rich freak in Paris at a secret auction tonight. 500 grand." He chuckled. "I'm set for life."

"No, you're not." Andre came up from behind Beck. "You're about to die."

"You wouldn't!" Her dad now looked panicked.

"She's not going anywhere." Robbie stepped up.

"Even if you kill me, they'll still come for her!" Her dad yelled, trying to save himself. "He's already paid me! No refunds! So no matter where she goes, or who she stays with, they'll find her and drag her out! They'll kill whoever stands in their way! So just let her go and do her new job to that man, while I can go on with my life!"

Suddenly Jade slammed the front door shut and then took sharp scissors out of her boots. "You guys go upstairs and get Cat packed." She said in a dangerously deep voice.

"I'm staying down here and helping." Beck said, his eyes darker than normal, which scared them a little.

"Jade, give me your truck keys." Tori demanded, finding courage. Hearing Cat's dad's story sent her over the edge and now she had no doubts in running. "Robbie and I can go get gas in there and we'll get our money out of the bank first. If you're not done by then, we'll get our stuff together. Call us." After Jade agreed, she threw Tori her keys and then the two were out.

"Andre, go get Cat packed." Beck demanded, but then he looked to Andre, who was already climbing the stairs. "That works too."

Andre knocked on Cat's bedroom door as he heard Mr. Valentine begging for his life. He didn't want Cat to hear this, but when he didn't hear anything, he went in. Her room was pitch dark and he heard little sobs. He turned on the bedroom light, which was dim so it didn't hurt his eyes too bad, and closed the door, locking it. He saw her bed empty, but he decided to look under the bed. He rose up the blankets that hung low and he looked under. The light from above helped him see a sad little teenage girl, who was scared and alone…not for long though.

"Andre?" She croaked out.

Andre carefully dragged her out and picked her up carefully, setting her on her bed. "Come on, sweetheart. We're getting out of town…or state."

She laid down as he packed her clothes for her. He didn't like that she was in a tiny gold cocktail dress that didn't cover her at all and still had her stiletto high heels on her tiny feet. "That man will find me." She simply said.

Andre paused, leaned down, and kissed her forehead. "No…he's not."

"He'll stop at nothing to get me, Andre." She whispered to him. "He paid 500,000 dollars for me. He won't let me get away that easy."

Andre stared at her with an unreadable expression. "He's going to have to kill me to get to you."

Author's Note: The next chapter is going to have to do with how the gang found out about Cat's "job" and then of course, packing their bags and getting ready to go. And then the notes of them running away. It's going to be quite emotional. My girlfriend is going to help me with this story…so we're co-writing again in a way, only she's just editing my mistakes. Review and let us know how you like this so far. OH and for the French guy who "bought" Cat…what should his name be? Remember, he's the villain in the story. Just tell us in the review and we'll let you know next chapter.

Btw, this is going to have major violence in this.