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Chapter one

Lost Luggage

Finally the holiday season had started. Things had been so busy at the Ministry that Draco feared he wouldn't be able to go on a trip at all. The head of the Department needed to present every second of every day. Luckily Seamus Finnigan, who was an Auror too, had proposed to take over his job as long as he was gone. So at last, he got off work and had booked a trip to France instantly.

Draco had decided to stay in a Muggle village during the holidays. He had been entirely occupied with his work as an Auror that he feared he wouldn't be left alone if he stayed in the Wizard world. Not that he didn't trust Finnigan in his position, but he would be furious if he received an Owl from the Ministry. Right now, he just needed a break from everything.

He apparated close to his destination, and took the Muggle transportation to reach the final destination. He was staying in a hotel in Paris, France – his favorite country.

Draco was rather satisfied about how the transport turned out. He had no problem with taking the cab at all and managed to pay him the right amount of Muggle money. The cab had been a bit expensive, but Draco knew he had more Muggle money inside his luggage to take cabs during his stay. He arrived on time, entering the most amazing hotel he had ever been to.

The ceiling was at least 10 meters high, and was supported by long, golden pillars. Enormous candles hung from the ceiling. On his right hand side, there were comfortable couches and on the left hand side there was an inviting bar. Draco smiled, he would certainly feel at home here. First, he needed to check into his room.

"Identification, please," the man behind the counter inquired. The assistant looked very chique too. Draco could already see his mother's approving expression, on her normally emotionless face.

"Just a second please," Draco informed, looking for the special card he had purchased himself to be a lawful Muggle and to be able to stay in a Muggle hotel. He looked in his bags and realized a piece of luggage was missing. He hadn't noticed until now. A wave of panic went through the blonde.

His clothes! His wand! All the most important stuff was inside that bag. Draco could kill himself right now. How stupid could he be? He had lost the most important bag! He was defenseless now; anybody would be able to kill him. And more importantly, the person who found the bag would find out about the Wizard World.

Not that Draco was that concerned about the Wizard World, he was more worried about himself, and what would happen when he didn't retrieve his damn luggage. He looked up to the man again, a lump in his throat. "I've lost my luggage," he groaned, hardly being able to keep from screaming.

"I'm sorry sir. You'll have to go to the counter in the corner there. The woman will assist you." Draco followed the pointing finger and nodded. He practically ran over there, dragging the rest of his bags all the way.

"Excuse me Madame, I've lost my luggage. It's a rather large black bag." Draco hoped deep inside his heart that they would have found the bag. No such luck.

"We haven't received any messages of lost objects so far, but I'll keep an eye out if you want. What's your name please?"

"Draco Malfoy," Draco replied quietly. It was really difficult to resist the urge to scream. These losers hadn't found his bag.

"Thank you sir. Would you want us to call you when we find it?"

"Eh, my phone is in there too," Draco lied. He didn't have such a Muggle device of course. And if he would, it would probably be in there. He nodded friendly to the helpful lady, having helped him out immediately, but feeling like she could have done more.

For the love of Salazar. How was he supposed to find his bag? If the people here hadn't seen it, it would most likely be outside the hotel.

Draco left the hotel and found a taxi. He didn't know where to start. He figured the rest of his Muggle money was also in that bag, having spent the rest of the money on the previous cab, so he ignored the waving taxi driver and continued on foot.

Where the hell would it be? Draco kicked an empty can and cursed immediately after, because there had still been soda in it. Luckily, Draco didn't need to drag the rest of his luggage behind him. The lady had offered him to keep an eye on them while he was searching, until he was able to check into his room.

How would he find his luggage? He didn't even know where to start! It would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Harry was in a great mood. He had departed for Paris, France for a holiday in the Muggle world and looked forward to his stay at the wonderful farm. At the time, Ron and Hermione had gone to Egypt, while Hermione wanted to study Pyramids and Ron had wanted to go back there ever since he had been there in third year.

Those farm people had offered him a rather cheap place to stay, but it wasn't for the money that he had chosen this place to stay. It was because of their hospitality that he had chosen it.

The airplane landed just in time and he was walking his way from the airport to the farm, feeling like a real adventurer. It was a rather long walk, since the farm was out of the centre, but H arry didn't mind at all. As he was walking past the train station, he saw a familiar face.


What was he doing in a Muggle place? Harry knew the station was a famous Apparition Point, but still, Malfoy detested Muggle people. Anyway, it wasn't Harry's business and Malfoy could be there for his work at the Ministry of course. Harry decided to just ignore him and not let the man know a wizard was in his presence.

He watched as the former death eater climbed into a taxi, which was rather weird to see from a pureblood. But just as the driver loaded in the luggage, he saw how the driver forgot one bag.

The driver got in the car, while Malfoy hadn't noticed that his bag had been forgotten. Harry lifted his hands, ready to yell that there was still a bag left, but the car drove away. Harry watched as people walked past the luggage. Nobody seemed to see it, or pay attention to it. Then all of a sudden Harry ran towards it to take it.

He had been the only one who had seen what had happened. Nobody else knew whose bag it was. There could be important things inside, so it shouldn't be given to the wrong people. He had to return the bag to Malfoy.

Malfoy. He hadn't seen the man since the War had ended. He hadn't changed a lot, but somehow it felt weird seeing the man like that. He wasn't a kid anymore, which had surprised Harry. He knew it was stupid, but Harry had actually expected to see Draco Malfoy he knew from Hogwarts. Unchanged. Harry kept walking to his farm, wondering how he would get this stuff back to its owner.

The next day, Harry had gone to the centre of town hoping to run into him, but had no such luck. He figured it would be very difficult to find the man. He didn't know where he was staying either, so he couldn't contact the hotel – if he was even staying in a Muggle place.

Malfoy could be anywhere, and would probably be looking for his bag too. Harry sighed. Harry was feeling like a robber for having taken it, but what should he have done? Maybe it would have been better if he had taken it to the Lost Objects in the train station. But then again, Harry didn't know what was in the bag. It could be dangerous for Muggles to find.

And if there was nothing in the bag, Malfoy was terrible with Muggles, and Harry knew they asked for identification first. That would freak him out already. Maybe Malfoy didn't have a Muggle identification at all. Harry had absolutely no idea how to return it himself.

Maybe go back to the station, maybe that was an option.

Draco had come to the conclusion to depart from where he had first started and trace back his own steps. He figured he still had his bag when he apparated, so he started from the station. Walking back to the station on foot had ruined Draco's mood.

He had asked every single person from whatever service to look for his bag. Nobody had seen it. This only made his frustration increase. Draco started to doubt whether he had brought it at all, when he saw a familiar face: Harry Potter. Draco didn't know what Potter could possibly change about his perilous situation, but decided to go talk to the old acquaintance anyway.

"Potter. May I ask what you're doing here?" Draco fumed rudely. He was utterly lost, pissed off and seeing a familiar face only made him feel more idiotic.

"I'm here on a holiday," Potter answered dryly. Draco figured it had been a stupid question. He took in Potter's full appearance and was slightly surprised what the years had done to the Quidditch player. Potter wore slightly different glasses, which underlined his bright green eyes and even though he wore Muggle clothes, Draco had to admit they looked good on him.

"Oh, you haven't seen a large black bag, have you?" Draco tried to ask, being somewhat more polite. It was useless, if nobody had seen it so far, how could Potter have found it? It had already been hours since he lost it and Potter probably just got here.

"Actually I have. I don't know whose it is but-" Draco's heart skipped a beat. Potter had found it?

"If it wasn't mine, why would I ask you about it?" Draco spat. He was just so angry with himself for losing the bag in the first place, and now having to ask Potter if he had seen it that he couldn't keep his calm. This was the most ridiculous situation he had ever been in. He hadn't seen Potter for years when they were living in the same country, and now they met during the holidays.

"I'm sorry, it's yours. I saw how you left it behind. It's still at the farmhouse where I'm staying," Potter confessed. Draco pulled an eyebrow.

What a surprise, the Hero had found his bag! Nobody on this whole planet knew where his bag was except for Saint Potter. Draco knew he couldn't have been more lucky, but couldn't stand the fact that Potter always saved the day.

"A farmhouse? Well, whatever Potter. Would you mind taking me there?" Draco questioned, not wanting to be rude this time, but not quite succeeding. He had saved his life, you could say, because a man without a wand in the Wizard world was no man at all. And if someone else would have found it, Draco would be to blame when the cover of the Wizard World was blown.

"I'll take you now, 'kay?" Potter proposed. No, let's wait until tomorrow! Draco thought, but merely nodded. He expected him to call for a cab, but Potter walked past the cabs, not even noticing them. Feeling his temper rising, Draco was wise enough to remain silent. But not for long.

"We're not walking all the way there are we?" Draco whined, seeing how Harry started to march and looked like he had already walked a long way.

"Yeah, why not?" This was not the answer Draco was longing for. Stupid Potter.

"I'm not walking to your farm, Potter. Not even for my bag. Why don't you take a cab?" He waved his hand to the row of cabs in front of the train station. Potter just shrugged.

"You can take one, I don't pay for that, Malfoy."Draco grumbled. He didn't have any Muggle money, so he didn't have a choice but follow the stupid hobo.

"I don't have any Muggle money," Draco seethed. The raven haired fool was infuriating.

"Then you'll walk," Potter said matter of factly.

To be continued…
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