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Chapter 9

St. Mungo's

Harry hadn't heard from Malfoy for about 3 weeks. He had to admit he was acting childish, not finding the courage to go see the blonde.

However, his mind was set at ease as soon as he got back to work. Helping people and being under tons of pressure helped forgetting the blonde and the heated memories that haunted his dreams.

Harry had expected Ron to tell Hermione straight away that he liked Malfoy, but whether he had done it or not, Hermione didn't say a thing about it. The only thing they discussed was work-matters, which was on one hand relieving, since Harry hated to talk to them about the Slythering. On the other hand, it was disturbing, because all she had wanted to do during dinner was talk about the blonde.

Surprisingly, nobody taunted him with the former Death-Eater, except for his own damn mind. He decided to go back to his old life, knowing that was an impossible task. Nevertheless, he didn't undertaking actions of any kind to reunite them.

It had yet been another busy day at work, when Harry could finally take off his white overcoat. He already had an upcoming headache. The reason why it was so busy on this rather sunny Wednesday, was because the Auror Department had experienced a defeat during a mission. There were at least ten Aurors severely injured, that had needed help instantly. Harry had been occupied with the severely injured victims, while Hermione had gotten the task to help the less urgent cases.

Harry had been overflowed by fear when he saw all those wounded people there. Hermione had informed him that Ron hadn't been at the mission, but her lips had been sealed about Malfoy. Harry was too cowardly to ask if she had heard anything about the blonde.

For the rest of the day, he had shut down his thoughts and focused on healing people. Now, his work was finally done and he sank down in a chair in the changing room gratefully, feeling drained. As soon as his mind left work, it travelled back to that certain blonde. Knowing Malfoy hadn't been among the injured set his mind at ease.

How he sometimes wished he could go home and see Malfoy welcoming him, having prepared a lovely dinner and then finish off the night with mind-blowing sex.

But well, that were only vivid fantasies, because in real life, Malfoy would never want him back. Harry had insulted him in a way he had never wanted to, but he couldn't undo what had been done.

All of a sudden, the door swung open, but Harry was so caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice.

"Harry. There's only one patient left, but I've got a call from Molly. Hugo's coming down with something and he really needs me there. Could you please finish up for me?" Hermione pleaded, as she popped her head around the door.

"Yeah, sure," Harry responded, closing his eyes briefly to compose his thoughts, then getting up, grabbing his overcoat again and following his female friend. Of course he would help Hermione out. If he would've had children, she would have done the same for him. He quickly got his mind off of kids, an image of a platinum blond haired girl with grey eyes already burned on his retina. How could he think about having kids with Malfoy? He wasn't even able to become his boyfriend to start with.

"Thanks so much, Harry. I really appreciate it. The file's over there, and see you tomorrow!" Hermione smiled, as she made her way to the entrance of St. Mungo's. Harry knew she would pass through the glass of the old shop, run to the Leaky Coldron, which was only a few blocks away and then use the floo there to arrive at the nest in a hurry.

"You're welcome. Tell the kids I said hi!" Harry replied, walking to the counter to check the form. He didn't even look at it as he made his way to the waiting room. He always pitied the last ones, having to wait hours to get assistance. On a tied up day like this, it could take forever to be helped out.

He knocked on the door lightly and pushed it open. A blonde man rose from his seat, almost making Harry choke in his spit.

"Mr. Malfoy," Harry breathed, motioning to the former Slytherin to follow him. Of all people, Malfoy had to be the one he had to take care of. Hermione had probably set them up again, but his brain was too occupied trying not to think about Malfoy in his naked glory, that it didn't even cross his mind. Malfoy accompanied Harry in silence. He entered an examination room, still feeling out of his element because of the blonde. His heart raced as he turned around to look up at Malfoy's face, eyes meeting.

"You can take a seat, Malfoy," Harry said, motioning to the large examination bed. It was a relief that the blonde's life wasn't threatened. Still, his heart wasn't put at rest by seeing the man.

"You're looking quite good, as I may say so, Malfoy. You only seem to have this large cut above your eye. I'll first clean it and heal it," Harry reported, lifting Malfoy's head to look at the gash. His fingers tingled, as he touched Malfoy's soft skin. Sensation rushed through his body, but he kept his calm. Malfoy seemed unaffected by Harry's presence, and that only made Harry want the man more.

Harry healed the gash cautiously, making sure it wouldn't leave a scar behind. Harry stepped back again, looked at Malfoy and asked: "Are there any other complains, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Except for you being an insufferable git, I don't think so," Malfoy sneered unwavering. Harry felt a wave of nausea flow through his body. Malfoy was right.

"I know. I'm sorry for that. I know my apology doesn't take away my comment nor the fact that I'm a scaredy-cat."

"I saw that one coming, Potter. Every time I start about the subject that you were trying to avoid, you suddenly find the courage to talk about it. We're not children anymore," Malfoy sighed, hopping off the bed. Harry knew it was now or never.

"No, wait. I can explain it. I didn't mean what I said. If I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't have done it. I wasn't ready for Ron to see what happened when he barged in like that. That was all. I don't regret anything I said or did. Honestly," Harry blurted, facing Malfoy. The latter didn't respond. Harry hadn't expected it to be this easy. He would have to do better.

"It would even have been awkward when Ron would've already known about our relationship and caught us. Don't you think? It was just so sudden, and I wish it could have gone otherwise. It isn't because of you I acted that way, I know I love you and, I know I have guy preferences, I just wasn't ready for them to know about my sex-life," Harry confessed, glancing at the ground. He was very aware of the fact he had just told Malfoy he loved him. But still, the blonde was unaffected by his words.

Malfoy didn't turn around, but stepped forward to the door. Harry looked up, alarmed.

"Don't go. I-"

"Honestly Potter, did you actually wait for Granger to set us up again? And don't tell me you didn't know I was the last one for a check-up. I'm too old for this teenage behavior."

"I didn't know about Hermione. At least not until I actually saw you in that waiting room. Honestly. I don't need her to get us together, you stupid prick. Are you going to be a pain in the ass all day or what?" Harry grunted, stepping forward and grabbing Malfoy's wrist.

"I'll be a pain in the ass whenever I want, Healer Potter. But tell me, did you really just say you loved me?" Something in Malfoy's attitude changed, and Harry knew he had said the right thing.

"I- I, … er," Harry stammered. What was happening to him? Why couldn't he talk all of a sudden?

"Your fish imitation is really adoring, Potter, but I liked you better when you just talked straight away," Malfoy grinned. The carefree smile crossing the blonde's pink lips was contagious and Harry smiled back foolishly.

"Unlike what you think, I really suck in this stuff. I never had to convince anyone I loved her. They always loved me first, and then I said it back and it just happened," Harry said sheepishly, feeling all the more idiot as the blonde watched him expectantly.

"I didn't expect you to boast like that, Potter. Does that have to make me feel special?" Malfoy replied smoothly, his voice as cold as ice. This caught Harry off guard, anger rising inside his stomach.

"I don't know! Just – go fuck yourself," Harry grumbled, his voice not louder than a deep, low growl. He walked past Malfoy to exit the room, but was stopped by the latter before he could grab the door handle.

"I don't fancy fucking myself, Potter. But just so you know, I would fancy fucking the living hell out of you." Malfoy's deep voice gave Harry goose bumps all over his body.

"What are you-"

"Come on, I need you on the examination bed right away," Malfoy purred, pushing Harry backwards until he bumped in the white bed. "Let me take a look at you Mr. Potter. Where does it hurt? This here seems to be very swollen. Have you bumped into something?" Malfoy smiled, cupping the bump in Harry's trousers.

"I bumped into you, Doctor Malfoy," Harry hissed, his temperature rising. Malfoy leaned forward, and Harry couldn't hold back any longer. He grabbed his head between his hand and kissed the blonde on his lips as if he had never kissed anyone before.

The kiss heated up, both men unaware of their surroundings. Harry felt like he had been lifeless from the day Malfoy had exited his house until now. All he wanted to do was kiss the man and hold him close.

Harry undid Malfoy's blouse, throwing it on the clean white floor carelessly. He then reunited their lips hurriedly, that being the only thing he wanted to do. He felt Malfoy's soft tongue entering his mouth, a deep moan rising from the back of his throat as he swooned in the taste. Malfoy pushed him back, crawling on top of him.

His white Healer coat flew across the room in no time. Harry's breathing was speeding up, his fingers trembling as he wanted to open Malfoy's trousers. It took him ages, but Malfoy let him do his thing while nibbling Harry's neck. That only made it more difficult for Harry to focus. As Draco's tight-fitting trousers flew across the room, Harry was already naked without knowing.

As Harry pulled back from another mind-blowing kiss, he brought out shakily: "Fuck Malfoy. What if somebody hears us?" Harry whimpered as Malfoy grabbed hold of his hard on, yet again forgetting where he was.

"I already cast the spells Potter. I didn't expect you to be such a rooky at this," Malfoy replied, his voice sounding hoarse.

"I'm not a rooky at this, Malfoy. Ginny just preferred having sex at home in our bed," Harry said with dignity, striping down Malfoy's boxers as he did so. His swollen member was revealed and Harry touched it carefully, following the lines of the veins and rumbling through the blonde curls thoughtfully.

"Stop playing around and grab it already," Malfoy whimpered with closed eyes, his voice unnaturally high.

"I'm a rooky, Malfoy. Let me get used to this first. What would you do on your first time?" Harry replied playfully, continuing his teasing. But when Malfoy started stroking his erection with eagerness, Harry couldn't refrain himself from massaging Malfoy's member as well.

His hands felt so right on his cock, their bodies fitting together perfectly. The temperature rose. Both men were so caught up in each other that even if a bomb would have exploded in St. Mungo's, they wouldn't have noticed it. Harry's breathing became irregular, Malfoys slender fingers doing something he had never felt before.

"Malfoy, please," Harry moaned, his eyes closed in pleasure. When he opened them, he met grey orbs, filled with pleasure and love. Love. Seeing this emotion in those silvery eyes, was unexpected.

"What is it, Potter?" Malfoy questioned, his voice filled with sexiness.

"Stop or I'll be finished right away," Harry whispered in Malfoy's ear. He took his earlobe in his mouth, nibbling it and getting a positive reaction from the man above him.

"I'm not finished with you yet, Potter. I'm going to make you scream my name like a girl," Malfoy groaned, his eyes glimmering with pleasure. All of a sudden Harry felt something cold entering his rectum, and his eyes widened in shock. "What are you doing?"

"Hush, Potter. It's just a lubrication charm. I told you I'd fuck you senseless, didn't I?"

"But I've never. I-" Malfoy seemed so self-assure while he was like a fish out of the water.

"I know you've never done this before. I'll be very careful, Potter. I promise," Malfoy whispered, kissing Harry softly. Harry calmed down again, relaxing under the blonde and closing his eyes. he wanted Malfoy to make love to him.

"I need you to open your legs a bit, Potter. Can you do that?"

As Potter closed his eyes, Draco smiled at the man under him. He had never fucked anyone before, and the fact that Potter surrendered so freely made him feel warm inside. A kind of warmth he had never felt before.

It was just like that moment in the couch. No one had ever gone down on him so willingly, and the fact that Potter didn't even question such things, made Draco feel like a rooky too.

Slowly, Draco entered one digit, observing Potter's bright green eyes attentively.

"Are you okay?" he whispered, as he felt Harry tense around his finger.

"I don't-" Potter squeezed his eyes shut and Draco pulled back immediately.

"It always hurts a bit the first time," Draco said, while stroking Potter's erection. "There is a spell to relax you down a bit. You want me to use it?" Draco asked.

"No. I want to feel everything you do to me," Potter answered, his voice a deep growl. This sent a wave of pleasure through Draco's entire body. He bent down over Potter and sucked his nipple. He could feel how the man became more and more aroused. Draco kissed Potter's chest and made a trail down until he reached Potter's stiff member.

He licked it teasingly, earning a growl from Potter's mouth. This only made Draco want the man under him more and he took in Potter's full length, as he entered his digit once again.

Potter moaned again, his moan filled with pain and pleasure at the same time. Draco pushed forward as he sucked Potter's head. He felt Potter's heart beating against his hands, and the quick pace of it only aroused Draco more.

"How's it feeling?" Draco asked, looking up at the raven-haired man under him.

"Hmm," was all that escaped from Potter's mouth. Draco smiled with victory and moved his finger a bit. He felt Potter relax and knew he was reaching the right spot. Excitement rushed through Draco's veins. He had never done this before, and he was really nervous and thrilled at the same time. The fact that he knew what Potter was feeling right now, almost made him explode.

When he felt Potter move against his finger in pleasure, he entered a second one. At first, he only earned a deep unhappy growl from the muscular man, but after getting used to the feeling, Potter's breathing became irregular yet again.

"I want- I want you, …" Potter brought out, heavily breathing. Draco kissed the man under him desperately, having never felt this close to anyone before.

"Okay," Draco whispered, barely audible. He cast a lubrication charm over his member, his face scrunching up at the cold feeling and then spread Potter's legs a bit wider.

"Please, Draco," Potter whimpered, his eyes looking into Draco's intensely. The use of Draco's first name sent shivers down Draco's spine. It sounded so beautiful, hearing it out of Potters mouth.

Draco entered Potter slowly. The heat unwrapping his penis was overwhelming, making him want to thrust into the other man eagerly, but he withheld himself, seeing the pained expression on Potter's face. He remembered his first time too, how badly it had hurt. His lover hadn't taken his painful expression in account, having made it all the more painful for Draco.

He moved slowly, giving Potter the time to get used to him and searching for the pleasure spot. As soon as he reached it, he could feel Potter curl up in desire under him. Draco couldn't withhold himself any longer, thrusting forward as Potter tightened around him in pleasure. He kissed Potter eagerly, and when Potter's tongue entered his mouth, he felt as complete as he could ever be.

"Look at me," Draco whispered huskily, as he felt how Potter came closer to the edge. As Potter looked up at him, he saw how his Potter's bright green eyes had grown dark with lust and pleasure. His hazy look was fixed on his face until Potter tightened around him and his head fell back, a groan expressing his orgasm. It only took Draco two extra thrusts to lose himself in a white, hot orgasm as well.

"I love you, Harry," Draco whispered, his voice sounding hoarse. The words fell off his lips naturally.

"Don't call me Harry," Potter replied. It was as if a block of ice had landed in Draco's stomach. He frowned confused. An uneasy feeling filled his heart as Potter rejected the use of his first name.

"I love how it sounds. But you're the only one who calls me Potter. I like it that way," Potter added, as Draco wanted to push the man away. Draco relaxed again, smiling at Potters red lips and kissing them.

"For a moment I thought you'd hate me again," Draco smiled, feeling relieved by Potter's answer.

"How could I hate you? I've loved you since Hogwarts," Potter replied. Draco closed his eyes and relaxed against Potter's chest. That were the most beautiful words he had ever heard.

"I've loved you from the day I offered you my friendship," Draco whispered silently.

Strangled around each other, both men looked up at each other, finally being where they wanted to be.

"Meeting you in France was the best thing that happened to me since I left Hogwarts," Draco said, nuzzling in Potter's chest fondly. Potter wrapped his arms tighter around Draco's slim figure and looked him straight in the eye as he spoke: "I'm not letting you go again, Malfoy. I've let you run twice, but I'm not letting that happen three times."

"We'll will have to go home at some point, Potter," Draco teased, a smile crossing his lips

"You're staying with me," Potter replied sitting up. "Tonight will be my time to fuck you senseless, Malfoy. I want you to feel the exact way I did."

"Sounds tempting. But I'm hungry right now. Let's grab something to eat, shall we?"

Potter jumped off the examination bed, grabbing Draco's underwear, handing it to him with a smile. They exited St. Mungo's with goofy smiles on their faces, holding hands as they went.

*The End*

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