Invisible Item


"Today's lucky item will be something never choosen before, something... Invisible!"

Midorima paused and let the ball bounce away. He slowly took his ear phones out, and paled.

'Something Invisible?...' He thought, twitching. He reached his hand up and wiped the sweat that formed above his brow.

"..." He was silent, as he looked around, searching for something invisible.

After a minute, he realized after finding nothing, the Ex. Generation of Miracles frowned at his own stupidity.

'Of course I found nothing, she said that my lucky item is Invisible..." He cursed at himself. "I don't think I've evern felt so horribly stupid." He muttered to himself, adjusting his glasses, in minor shock.

"Hey, Shin-chan!" Midorima twitched, and turned to glare at Takao.

He adjusted his glasses again, before frowning at his loud team mate.

"What, Takao, I'm trying to practice." Midorima's glare hardened as he grabbed the stray ball and wipped it at Takao.

Takao snorted and caught the ball, he walked over and casually slung his arm around the green haired teen. That earned him a smack to the face and he dropped the ball, rubbing his nose.

"Well, sorry. You just looked so distracted." Takao muttered, slightly annoyed from being hit.

He paused, and got over his moping, "Oh, I understand. Shin-chan is too busy thinking about a girl." Takao's grin widened when Midorima frowned if more possible. He tossed the ball to him, and watched boredly as Midorima turned to the hoop and shot his three pointer.

Midorima turned to say something to Takao, but froze when he saw Takao's eyes widened, staring behind him.

He heard the ball bounce away, and slowly turned to see that it had bounced off the rim and out of bounds.

Midorima turned and glared at Takao, "You distracted me." He mutteredly lowly, seething.

"You were already distracted!" Takao huffed, crossing his arms, returning Midorima's glare. "Now, just tell me what's wrong." He demanded, twitching.

Midorima went silent, a dark aura surrounding his body. He turned away and mumbled something.

"I can't hear you." Takao said, annoyed.

"I said I don't have my Lucky Item!" Midorima pushed up his glasses.

"Oh! For the love of God!" Takao shouted, slapping his palm to his forehead. "Seriously!?" He demanded. After a long annoyed sigh, he turned back to Midorima, "Well? What is it?" He asked as calmly as he could muster.

"The reader said that my Lucky Item for today was something Invisible." Midorima sighed, rubbing his temples.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" Takao burst out, sighing loudly in fustration.

"I don't know!" Midorima snapped back, "Is it supposed to be some sort of riddle? Or maybe puzzle? Oh, maybe an in-animate object? Maybe a human being? Who knows!?" Midormia ranted, clearly past his breaking point.

Takao paused, hearing Midorima complain and whine. "Wait." He mumbled, grabbing Midorima's attention easily. "Did you just say something about a human?" He wondered, listening carefully.

"Yeah..." Midorima mumbled, looking at Takao weirdly.

"Uhh, Hello. Kuroko?" Takao smirked at his partner.

"... Did you just-" Midorima started, but was inturrupted.

"Yes, yes, I did just suggest Kuroko Tetsuya." Takao chuckled darkly, rubbing his hands together in thought.

Midorima also seemed to go into thought, but then was brought out of his thinking when he felt his hand get tugged. He blinked and stared at Takao, who was pulling him along.

"Come on, let's go find your Lucky Boy."

"Item." Midorima hissed, practically feeling a vein pop.

"Item, what ever, Shin-chan."


The first stop the two basketball players had made was actually the correct one, seeing as they had finally found Kuroko sitting across from someone.

"Isn't that Kagami?" Takao squinted, trying to see past the glare on the window coming from the setting sun.

Midorima and Takao both saw that the two were sitting at a table right beside the window, with Kagami shoved burgers down his throat and with Kuroko silently drinking his Vanilla milkshake.

Midorima twitched and was disgusting by Kagami, but he continued to watch with a frown. Takao had just watched in minor amusement.

"No one messes with my Lucky Boy!" He slammed his fist against a tree.

"Item?" Takao's smirk of amusement turned into a grin as he started to laugh.

"Item!" Midorima quickly yelled, his face flushed from obvious embarrassment. He stood and marched inside, Takao following his every step, still laughing.

"Oi, give me my Lucky Item." Midorima glared down at Kagami, who's cheeks were stuffed full of chewed up burgers.

He looked up, shocked, and started to choke.

"Midorima-kun." Kuroko greeted.

Kagami made a loud noise as he pounded on his chest.

Kuroko stared, and looked down at his favorite milkshake. He gave it a long stare, then slowly handed it to Kagami, almost hesitant.

The red haired Ace took it greatfully and he ripped the lid off and chugged it down quickly, washing down the burger. He slammed the empty cup on the table and glared back at Midorima, who looked at him in disgust again.

"What are you talking about! I didn't steal anything of yours!" He shouted, causing everyone who already wasn't watching, to look over.

"You did! Kuroko is mine for the rest of today!" He shouted back, ignoring the stares. He grabbed Kuroko by the arm and pulled him close to his chest.

Kuroko could only stare up at Midormia in confusion and slight shock. "But, Kagami-kun is my Light, so don't you think that I should be around him, since I'm his Shadow, Midorima-kun?" Kuroko asked innocently, blinking at his former 'team mate'.

Kagami smirked, crossing his arms like he was a King.

Midorima stared at the smaller boy, "I- It's only for the day!" He muttered, and pulled Kuroko away by the hand.

Kagami watched in shock as his Shadow dissapeared into the crowd of customers who waited in line. He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed a number, nearly dropping his phone in the process.

"Hello?" A girls voice answered on the other line.

"Coach! This is Kagami!"
"Oh, Kagami-kun, is everything okay?" Riko asked, wondering why Kagami sounded so distressed.

"No! I have bad news about Kuroko!" He shouted into the phone.

"What! What happened to him?" Riko demanded, sounding like she was going to have a heart attack.

"Kuroko-... He was kidnapped by Midorima!" Kagami slammed his fist on the table, a furious glare on his face.

"WHAT!?" Riko screamed into the phone, and then the line went dead.


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