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Chapter One

Lisa Keller was a simple city girl. Never really lived in the country, never really tried. Black hair, sharp green eyes, whitish skin. She wore a simple powder blue dress and black heels.

Her car stopped. She tried to start it again. Nothing happened. "What? No! Come on!" she banged her head on the wheel and it landed on the horn at one point, making her jump right out of her skin. Getting out of the car, she screamed, and kicked the wheel. Crying out in pain, she started jumping up and down and holding her foot. She stopped, and got into her car, and just sat there. She banged her head again and once again jumped at the horn. There was another horn, but it wasn't from her car. She looked around, and saw an old green truck.

"Hey," said a man. He had blonde hair and there was a dark spot on his face. Lisa looked at him. "Need some help?"

"My car broke down," Lisa explained. "Can you fix it?"

"I don't know that much about cars, but I know that there's a garage nearby. They can fix that car up pretty fast."

"Oh, wonderful." Lisa got out of her car. She walked around to the side the boy was on. "There's something on your face."

"Oh, that's nothing." The boy laughed. "That's been there ever since I was born." He held out his hand. "I'm John Boy Walton."

"Lisa Keller." Lisa took his hand and shook it. "John Boy? That's different."

"Well, I'm a junior. My Dad's name is John and everyone has called me John Boy for so long I've gotten used to it."

Lisa laughed.

"Can I give you a lift?" John Boy asked.

"Yes, please. Are there any good hotels around here?"

"Some, but they're mainly in Charlottesville or in Rockfish."

"Oh," Lisa looked down.

"But you can stay at my house. My Momma's a good cook, and I'm sure we can find you someplace to sleep."

"I don't want to intrude."

"It's alright."


They were able to get the car to the garage, and John Boy pulled up to the house. Lisa looked inside. She saw ten people inside.

"How many of you are there?" she asked. John Boy smiled.

"Seven children, two parents, two grandparents."

Lisa looked at him, amazed. "I only have a brother."


"Momma." John Boy said. "Momma, everybody, this is Lisa."

John Boy's mother looked at Lisa, just as everyone stopped what they were doing. His mother had red hair and a curious look on her face as she observed her. There was one little girl with pretty red hair in braided pigtails and brown wondering eyes. There was a boy a bit older with blonde hair next to her wearing a white shirt and overalls. Next to him was an older woman with silver hair and a very curious look on her face. An older man sat next to her with snow white hair and a mustache. He had the same look on his face. Next to him was a small little girl with freckles and long reddish blondish hair in pigtails. Beside her was another girl with long blonde hair and overalls. Then there was a boy with the same hair color as the girl with the pigtails and freckles. He kept looking down but sneaking glances at Lisa when he thought she wasn't looking. After him was a man that looked about the mother's age with dark hair that was turning grey. He had a friendly look on his face. With that many people in a house I can understand why his hair is turning grey. After that was a boy with shockingly red hair just like the youngest girl.

"Lisa," John Boy said, "This is my family. My mother, Olivia."

"Hello." Olivia said.

"Mrs. Walton." Lisa held out her hand. John Boy's mother looked at it, and then took it.

"My father, John," John Boy said.

"Hello." John Walton smiled at Lisa, and shook her hand.

"Mr. Walton." Lisa was never good around new people.

"My many siblings. The little one is Elizabeth, the one next to her is Jim-Bob, and beside them are my grandparents, Zebulun and Esther Walton,"

Esther nodded her head to the young girl. "Hello."

"Nice to meet you." The grandfather said. He nodded his head. John Boy continued introducing people.

"My little sisters Erin and Mary Ellen,"

"Mary Ellen?" Lisa asked. "Beautiful name." she smiled. Mary Ellen smiled back.

"Thank you." She said. John Boy motioned to the last boy on that side.

"My brother, Jason."

Jason jumped up and stood, making the table move a bit. "Hi." He said, and turned as red as a beet. Everyone laughed as he sat down. John Boy motioned to the little red haired boy.

"And this is—"

"I'm Ben." He smiled. Everyone looked at him as Ben turned about as red as Jason and looked down.

"Nice to meet all of you." Lisa smiled.

"Momma," John Boy said. "I found Lisa on the road. Her car broke down, and now she has no way to get back home. I was wondering if she could stay here until her car is fixed."

"Where are you from, honey?" Olivia asked.

"New York." Lisa answered.

"New York? Shooey!" John Boy exclaimed, curiosity in his eyes. "What are you doing down here?"

"Vacation from the big city." Lisa lied. She had enough trouble getting away she didn't need to get sent back.

"Why would you ever want to leave there?"

"Too much hustle and bustle."

John Boy nodded and then looked at Olivia. "Can she stay here Momma? Just until her car's fixed."

"Please Momma?" Jason pleaded.

"Can she?" Ben asked.

"I guess it won't hurt anything." Olivia gave Lisa a smile. "Get down an extra plate, John Boy. Lisa, you can sit next to Jason."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am." She went sit down but stopped. "Where am I gonna sleep?"

"Oh, you can have my room; I'll sleep in the barn." John Boy said.

"You sure? I don't want to inconvenience you guys." Lisa looked at him.

"Don't worry, it's not an inconvenience." John Boy smiled and shook his head.

"You sure?"


John Boy went over and grabbed a plate and some silverware as Lisa sat down next to Jason.

"Hi." He said quietly. Lisa smiled.



"Just make yourself at home." John Boy smiled. "If you need me, I'll be in the barn."

"Alright." Lisa said.


"Goodnight." Lisa smiled back and John Boy left the room and closed the door. Lisa opened the satchel and pulled out her journal. She sat at John Boy's desk and began to write.


Today my car broke down. I was hoping to at least get to Raleigh tonight, but I guess things took a different turn, huh?

I'm staying at the Walton home. They seem to be nice people. I just hope none of them really pressure me to tell them what I'm doing and why I'm so far from home.

There's just one more thing I'm hoping. I'm hoping my daddy don't come after me here. That housekeeper might have already told him where I was going and where I'm heading. I'm hoping Texas doesn't take that much longer to get to.

Goodnight, diary.

Jusqu'alors, cher journal intime

Lisa Keller xoxoxoxo

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