1963: November 21st

"Today president John F. Kennedy announced he was postponing a trip to dalls texas to quote, "extend the reach of all mankind toward our visitors from the heavens.' The president is of course referring to the cylons. Mechanical men from space, better acquainted in the works of fiction then in our twentieth century world.

In other news Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev welcomed the cylon's origins as vindication that the proletariat is destined to rise against the bourgeois oppressors no matter what planet they call home. He is also quoted in Pravda, the official news organ of the communist party as having said,

"What the cylons have on their computers is terrifying."

Yes the cylons offer the people of earth many things, To astronautics and cosmonauts alike their arrival brings vindication of the search for life out there beyond the stars. Capitals east and west have announced plans to send delegations to the cylons, who's space ship known as 'base-star', currently holds orbit above our planet.

Many observers beyond the egghead and awe struck star gazer wonder just what the cylons want.

Yes its safe to say no one will forget the Eighth of November, yes remember remember the eighth of november when the cylons made the world go stop.

BBC, London.

16 DAYS EARLIER, NOV 5, 6am, Perkins ObservatoryatOhioWesleyanUniversity

Johnathan Collins rubbed his temple's as he fiddled with various dials on telescopes input. To be fair it was more an antenna then traditional telescope, the goal being much the same however.

To scan the solar system and beyond. The crucial exception here being that Collins had been mesmerized by the promise, much hyped, that the station he worked at as an assistant would discover aliens. The upcoming project to observe the Andromeda galaxy, two-point-five times that of the milky way was proof enough of that.

The Roswell incident back in Forty-Seven had piqued interest, hell it had created a mom and pop industry out of the idea of aliens. Creatures with bulbous heads and small bodies, something his premed friends assured him was little more then an elaborate hoax.

"I wish the doc would just let me off the hook, the old man spends more time writing books about this damn thing or giving interviews to the gazette then he does in here with us." Collins remarked sarcastically.

"Cheer up Johny, you've just got to tough it out this semester in the trenches like I did. Ain't no two ways about it, doc Ulsten.

Dietmar Ulsten was prominent german astronomer brought over after the war to help with some government research job or the other. Some how the kraut had ended up on Wesleyan's campus.

Max Stein didn't care for the German. Collins would never hear the end of it should he bring up the rational behind this dislike of the thickly accented professor. While Max had been but a baby, his father Richard Stein had fought on the western front. During the battle of the bulge, he'd been shot and left for dead along with the men of his platoon. He'd survived and gone on to liberate Flossenburg concentration camp.

The horror the Germans unleashed on the people of Europe was being talked about by historians and probably would be for some time. It was gut wrenching to the pictures, John wondered at times about the civil rights movement and weather it would really change anything. He'd come from a well to do family who owned a department store in south Milwaukee Wisconsin. His grades hadn't been up to UWM standards so his old man had called the dean, who he'd just happen to meet while the guy was in town on holiday.

"I dont give a damn about the trenches if the doc would just let me out this one night. But some how if I said yes to Jessica Deblacks invitation I'd be wavering in intellectual responsibilities."

"He really said that?"

"Or some bullshit. Listen the point is I could be out there right now on a double date with Jessica Deblack, Francis and Malory."

"Why's he with Beth again?"

" Her dad works at IBM. Say's he'll have an in if he ties the knot."

"Its all about who you know not what."

"Maybe for some on the state team. Once they play four years and dont go play in the big league's, they'll be nobody's. Us" Max said pointing to himself.

"Are destined for flying saucers and rockets to the moon."

"The reds already have a flying saucer up there." John said pointing at the ceiling.

"They have a ball with..."

"Or those Luna things on the moon. I mean real pictures of another planet Max!" John said in an excitedly animated tone.

"yeah yeah. Well I'm off for the night, try not to break anything while I'm out on the town."

"SpaceWar again? You know I dont think shooting in space is going to resemble those dots on the PDP-one."

"Are you kidding? The thing moves at two-hundred kilohertz and has nine-thousand bytes of memory! What more could you need?" Max said just as excitedly as John had rattled off the accomplishments of the soviet space program. Max loved computers while John dreamed of space.

Neither thought they had much of a shot at getting into NASA.

As the door closed behind Max as he departed, John pulled from his pile of school work and radio-wave observations, a comic book, November's issue of superman. Nothing interesting ever happened to John Collins and nothing ever would...and if it did, it sure as hell wouldn't be here.

Suddenly the readings began to change. The radio-waves actually began to form up into a recognizable language!


And that is the first little snippet of 1963. A story about the Cylons coming to Earth in the early 60s and all the blowback that event is going to have. I welcome feedback, idea's and constructive criticism. Should this be the cylon ship we saw in razor or a different first generation base-ship? What do you think America or Russia should do?