(Set during Star Wars Clone Wars, Ahsoka is Obi-wan's Padawan.) Padme never admitted her love to Anakin.

With the loss of his mother and the aftermath of Geonosis, Anakin left the Jedi and disappeared... After his ship crashes on an uninhabited planet, Obi-wan is rescued by a group of 'Resistance Fighters' lead by Anakin; but his former Padawan is changed, angry and bitter - can Obi-wan help him find peace, or will Anakin turn to the darkside?


The ship slammed into the ground, pluming black smoke, coughing, Obi-wan pulled himself to his feet. The force of the crash had thrown him out of his seat, beside him Ahsoka groaned. Crouching in front of her, Obi-wan reached out toward her, "Ahsoka, are you alright?"

"I think so," grasping her Master's hand, she allowed him to pull her to her feet. "How are we going to get out of here?"

Helping Ahsoka out of their smoking ship, Obi-wan shook his head. "I don't know," they had crashed on Granus IV, an uninhabited planet in the Mid Rim. He gasped as searing pain erupted along the left side of his ribs, he staggered sideways and would have fallen if Ahsoka hadn't held him upright.

"Master!" Ahsoka lowered Obi-wan to the rough rocky ground, "you're hurt."

"Broken ribs..." Obi-wan closed his eyes and breathed deeply, "... I think..."

biting her lip, Ahsoka frowned, "we need help." On an uninhabited planet, it was hardly likely.


"A ship's crashed!" Ayleth ran towards their camp, her eyes wide; at fifteen, she was the youngest of the 'Sky Resistance'.

Anakin's head lifted from his meditation, he stood in one fluid motion, "where?"

"You can see the ship from here," Ayleth swallowed, "there might be survivors." if there were, they had to help them.

The other seven in their group stood, Malkyn smiled at her, "don't worry, if there's anyone alive, we'll find them."

Anakin nodded, "alright. Ayleth, Krea, Vezian, Evain, stay here and make some room in case there's anyone injured." He looked at the others, "let's go."


Obi-wan's face was screwed up in pain, his breathing harsh and ragged. "You... should go," he told Ahsoka, "find... help."

"This is an uninhabited planet," Ahsoka shook her head, "I don't think there's anyone_"

She broke off at the sound of speeders approaching, "ok, so maybe there are people here." They still didn't know if the people were coming to save them, or kill them though. Igniting her lightsaber, Ahsoka stood watching the five speeders coming towards them.


Anakin saw the lightsaber and frowned, the Troguta girl wasn't old enough to be a Jedi Knight, 'a Padawan then'. He closed his eyes, the last thing he needed wast to be recognised, sighing he shook his head, he couldn't leave them either.

he brought his speeder to a stop, sensing, more than seeing, Malkyn, Absolon, Fendrel and Thea stop behind him. He saw the sagged figure lying against the side of the smoking remains of the ship, "take him." he told Malkyn, "get him back to camp."

"Hey!" The Troguta girl blocked him, "you're not taking him anywher until I know who you are."

Snorting, Anakin shook his head, "we saw your ship crash and came to help you." He shrugged, turning away from her and her injured master. "If you'd rather stay and watch your Master die, it's fine by me."

Retracting her lightsaber, Ahsoka shook her head, "I'm sorry, I was just being careful." Stepping out of the way, she let Malkyn lift the Jedi up_

'No.' Anakin walked closer, 'it can't be'. Obi-wan's eyes were closed, his brow creased with pain. Scowling, Anakin turned away and walked back to his speeder. "Choose a speeder and get on," he tossed over his shoulder at the padawan. The sooner Obi-wan was gone, the better.


They didn't go far, the camp was only two minutes away from where their ship had gone down. Leaping off, she watched as the leader walked straight passed Obi-wan, she could have sworn he glared at her unconscious master.

"Who are you?" She asked, standing close to Obi-wan as he was lifted off the speeder.

The tall, broad shouldered man shrugged, "I'm Malkyn." he smiled at her, "we're the Sky Resistance."

The Sky Resistance? This was the Resistance Fighter group that was known galaxy wide? She blinked and followed the others inside the 'camp'; it was two ships, landed side by side, a fire burned a meter from the loading ramps casting orange light through the darkness.

Obi-wan was carried into one of the ships, the leader was waiting, he lifted him from Malkyn's shoulders, then dropped him onto one of the beds. "Hey!" Striding forward, Ahsoka glared at him, "what is your problem?"

"He is," scowling down at Obi-wan, he shook his head, "he is the reason my mother is dead."


Striding out of the ship, Anakin growled and clenched his left hand into a fist. Why did it have to be Obi-wan? gritting his teeth, Anakin snarled. his former master would need medical attention, which meant they would have to leave. Closing is eyes, he took a deep breath. "We're leaving," he knew that his team would hear him, "we're leaving right now."

He walked back onto his ship, Ayleth followed him, "you know him, don't you?"

"he used to be my Master," he would never lie to her, to any of them, "but that was before I left."


Obi-wan groaned, blinking he opened his eyes. "Ahsoka?"

"Right here master," She knelt beside him, "we're on a ship, the pilot is taking us to get you some help."

Frowning, Obi-wan slowly sat up, "who?"

"Someone who can't wait to get rid of you."

He stepped out of the cockpit, and Obi-wan gaped in shock as he stared at his former padawn, "Anakin."