Chapter One

I know I said I wouldn't do this but I did because I was watching 'On Stranger Tides' and reading the old Princess Pirate series and I had to! So here it is: the sequel I said I would not to do and caved because the fourth film grew on me. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean, I only own Leticia – hands off!

Captain Jack Sparrow, having successfully saved Joshamee Gibbs from hanging by the neck until dead, sat in the back of a carriage on the way out of London – to freedom.

"Now we're both heading for prison," Gibbs complained with a grimace. Jack waved his hands about dismissively, wondering why his first mate was such a pessimist.

"Not to worry – I paid off the driver. Ten minutes, we'll be outside London Town, horses waiting. Tonight, we'll make the coast. Then it's just a matter of finding a ship." He took a swig from the small flask of rum in his hand, wondering sadly what had become of his own beautiful ship and, by extension, his own beautiful lass.

"All part of the plan, yes?" Gibbs asked hopefully as he took the flask. Jack rolled his eyes at Gibbs.

"Exactly. I arrived in London Town just this morning to rescue one Joshamee Gibbs from one appointment with the gallows. Seeing as how you're still alive, I'd say it's all been very successful thus far." Gibbs took a swig from his flask in answer as Jack gazed at him in slight confusion. "What happened to you, Gibbs? I thought you were employed elsewhere or otherwise engaged." The pair hadn't seen each other since Jack had begun his search for the Fountain of Youth after being abandoned in Tortuga. Hector Barbossa, slippery little bugger that he was, had stolen the Black Pearl once again and sailed it away from Jack, taking someone very important with him. Gibbs then went on to inform Jack of the lack of news regarding the Pearl, bringing forth a concern that most believed he didn't possess.

"Then I hear a rumour: Jack Sparrow's in London with a ship and looking for a crew," Gibbs told Jack who frowned. That wasn't true. His ship had been nicked, along with his girl.

"Am not," he protested.

"But that's what I heard. Fact is, you're signing up men tonight – pub called the Captain's Daughter." When Gibbs went to take a swig of rum, Jack snatched it back.

"Am not!"

"Well, I thought it a bit odd. Then again, you've never been the most predictable of sorts." Jack was contemplating the thought of another Captain Jack Sparrow as the metal carriage trundled along loudly.

"Tell me something. There is another Jack Sparrow out there sullying my good name?" It didn't sound very probable. Not many could imitate him convincingly. In fact, he could only really think of one that stood a chance and her dark haired self was elsewhere with Hector Barbossa. He thought of it as kidnapping, thievery, taking that which was his.

"An imposter," Gibbs suggested, breaking Jack away from his thoughts.

"Indeed. But an imposter with a ship," Jack answered slowly and Gibbs' eyes widened as realisation dawned.

"And in need of a crew."

"Which, as fate would have it, so am I."

"What about you, Jack? Last I heard you were Hell bent on finding the Fountain of Youth. Any luck?" Gibbs asked as he drew the map Jack had stolen from Barbossa away from Jack himself. Jack grabbed it back possessively.

"Circumstances arose and forced a compelling insight regarding discretion and valour." Jack's long winded explanation did nothing to throw Gibbs off.

"Meaning: ye gave up."

"I did not!" Jack outlined that he would one day taste the youthful waters. Gibbs just gave him a look that said he didn't believe him.

"Ye seem to be missing someone, Jack." Oh dear, Gibbs had entered the dangerous waters.

"Mister Gibbs, perhaps you don't remember being left in Tortuga with no ship. I myself do recall it and also seem to remember that the person to whom you are referring was on my stolen ship. Therefore, she is not here," Jack said defensively. Gibbs raised a thick eyebrow.

"Ye miss her." His statement made Jack take another swig of rum.

"So what if I do? But she's gone and I am going to continue living wiv or wivout her."

"Jack, yer a bad liar. I remember when ye thought she was dead and you yersel didn't want to go on livin'. That's stronger than anything ye've felt before." Jack chewed his lip nervously.

"And how do you propose I find her? She's not the most conspicuous of the ladies." Gibbs shook his head.

"Ye never were one to acknowledge yer feelings . . . except te her. Wonder what she'd think, seeing the man that claimed to love her giving up before he started lookin'." Jack was about to put a very good argument forward when the carriage halted abruptly. Unfortunately, the plan did not go how he foresaw and he found himself confronted with armed members of the Royal Navy. Perfect.


It was very hard to believe that the man in front of Jack was related to the one girl he'd ever known he would do anything for. King George was fat, wigged and wearing hideously yellow golden clothes. He was also very, very stupid and Jack wondered how his stolen girl had ever been educated. Jack shrugged airily as his shackles were removed and his proposition was listened to.

"You will be providing, then, a ship and a crew," Jack stated, throwing the clean, white napkin onto the floor. No wonder she had hated it here so much. Jack couldn't understand the lavish palace at all. Why would one prefer this over a ship, freedom and the sea?

"And a Captain." Jack grimaced. A captain meant taking orders, not giving them. This was something he was not used to and didn't want to become used to. The doors opened and Jack made a face of hatred and confusion. Hector Barbossa, the miscreant, hobbled into the room wearing a stupid grey wig, navy blue clothes and too much make-up. For reasons Jack couldn't think up, he also had one leg and was bowing extravagantly to the King. And he still had that scraggly beard!

"Afternoon sire," he greeted in an almost respectful voice. Jack straightened himself up, glaring at Barbossa harshly. If he was here, then where was-? "If I may be so bold – why is that man not in chains? He must be manacled at once." He hadn't changed a bit.

"Centre of my palace? Hardly," King whatsit said cockily. Jack didn't think he had the air for confidence, really.

"Hector," Jack greeted slightly scathingly. "How nice to see a fellow pirate make good of himself."

"Pirate? Nay. Privateer," Barbossa corrected with a violent shake of his head and a smug smile. "On a sanctioned mission under the authority and protection of the Crown." He played with his wig slightly but Jack believed there were more important issues to deal with besides the apparent lack of sense Barbossa had.

"As may be . . . but first, what has become of my beloved Pearl?" Jack asked, silently pleading for two answers as he laid his hands on the table and leant forward slightly, dreadlocks falling over his shoulders. Barbossa, judging by the look on his face, knew exactly what Jack was asking.

"I lost the Pearl as I lost ma leg," Barbossa answered, slamming the wooden contraption onto the table and causing the King to jump. Jack felt rage pulse through him violently.

"Lost the Pearl?" Jack asked with barely contained anger.

"Aye. I defended her mightily enough but she be sunk nonetheless. No survivors." That's when Jack cracked and launched himself at his ex-first mate. Were it not for the meddlesome guards, he would have made sure Barbossa was lacking all his limbs, just as Jack now felt he had lost all his. She was gone for real this time. She would not be returned like she was when she was stabbed.

"Except for someone I believe you know," King George said in his proper English voice, gesturing to two guards near the doors. Jack was too busy glaring daggers at Barbossa and wishing to run him through to pay attention to the chained and protesting prisoner brought into the room.

"Let go of me, you bastards!" It wasn't possible. That voice. Jack looked away from a smirking Barbossa to the manacled woman now struggling beside a relatively angry looking King George.

"She survived," Jack breathed.

"Aye, Jack, I wouldn't be letting something that important escape so easily. Not when she wanted to see ye so much again," Barbossa said but Jack wasn't paying attention to him. He was watching the woman carefully. Her long, dark hair had grown so it reached past her elbows, almost to the delicate hips he loved to rest his hands on. Her skin was tanned, like it should have been after many hours on a ship in the sun. She'd grown ever-so-slightly and Jack was very displeased to note that she was, once again, skin and bones (although slightly less than previous times they'd been reunited). She was dressed in a white, off the shoulder top that was tighter than normal and secured with a thick, red leather strap detailed with silver. He smirked. She always had preferred silver. Her legs were covered in tight black breeches and she wore heeled leather boots with silver buckles up the side. All in all, she looked like the pirate he'd remembered her to be, one that her father loathed. His staring was halted when she flipped her wavy hair over her shoulder and her Caribbean Sea coloured eyes looked directly into his.

"Jack," she whispered, a wide smile spreading across her beautiful face. Jack grinned back roguishly.


The bit that really made me want to do it was the King George bit as I remembered that he's Leticia's father. Unfortunately, I cut that bit out. Things liven up a bit when we see the meeting of Angelica. I'll update in two days. Love Bianca :) x