AUTHOR'S NOTES: As I promised, I have a new story now that I finished "Straight Or Not"… Hope u will like this story as much as you love my first 3 stories. I borrowed the idea for this story on one of my favorite Asian dramas I watched entitled "FATED TO LOVE YOU"… I am overwhelmed with the response that I took from my third story "The Flower Four" so I decided to write another Brittana story with a little touch of asian dramas I loved. So there, hope you like it. And this is my first g!p story so I hope I did justice to it. And yeah, I won't abandon "The Flower Four" so nxt update will be a new chapter of that story once I got my day off. So here it is. The first chapter.



"Excuse me. Excuse me." I said in a rush tone while holding 2 paper bags from Starbucks. It was already 9:05 A.M. and I am sure that they were all looking for me. Who are they? Hmmm.. You'll know.

I arrived at the office at 09:10 A.M. As soon as I arrived, they were all glaring at me. I just smiled at them. Well, I was used to it already.

"Here is your Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino, Mercedes." I said as I approached Mercedes first.

"God! Finally Brittany! You are so goddamned slow!" Mercedes said as she shot me a glare and then she took the drink I offered.

I gave her a weak smile, "I am so sorry. Next time, I promise I won't be late."

"You better be!" she said as she turned her back away from me.

I took a deep breath and I felt bad already about myself. I should adjust my alarm clock again so I can't be late next time.

I saw Unique stood up from her chair so I ran to catch him. "Unique! Here is your Caramel Frappuccino."

"Thanks Brittany. Wait, you ordered light blended right?" he asked.

I mentally cursed myself. "I'm sorry. I forgot that you liked light blended." I said, apologizing again.

Unique raised his eyebrow and then took a deep breath. "How many times do I have to remind you?"

"I am so sorry." I lowered my head.

"Hey Pierce! Where is mine?" Puck yelled.

I left Unique and went straight to Puck. "Here."

Puck smiled, "Thanks." then he went back to work.

I approached Rory and gave him his coffee. Then to Joe, Tina and Mike. After I finished giving all their drinks, I went straight to my desk. Time to start working on my real job.

You see, buying drinks for my officemates is not really part of my job. I was just doing favors for them.

I run errands even though I am not their servant. Even if I am busy, I just can't turn them down.

Let me tell you something first. My name is Brittany S. Pierce. Not Britney Spears. It is BRITTANY S. PIERCE. You heard that right. I have the same name as the famous pop icon which makes the people around me instantly remembers my name.

But I am no Britney Spears. I am just an ordinary girl. My existence is like a sticky note.

Yeah. Sticky note. Let me define it.

It is very convenient. You can toss it after you were done with it. It comes in handy when you needed it but you can just ignore it when you don't.

So therefore, I am the convenient sticky note girl Brittany S. Pierce. To say it more nicely, My personality like to help others and I just can't refuse when others ask for my help. Even if I'm taking advantage of, I won't mind a bit.

But the truth is… I am just scared!

I am afraid of turning people down.

I am afraid of making others mad.

Even if I'm being advantage of, I won't dare to say it.

I am a person who is completely without self esteem!

Having no personality is my personality.

Why have I become like this?

I am going to tell you a short story of mine.

My mom doesn't want me. She doesn't want to get pregnant again so to speak. I already have two sisters namely Serena and Hanna and she didn't expect that she would be pregnant again with me. But fate brought me in this world. So here I am.

Don't get me wrong, my mom loves me coz she doesn't have a choice, I am hers. But still, I can say I am her least favorite. I was always ignored. She didn't buy me new clothes when I was little. I didn't even have new toys to play with. But I am not complaining. You want to know why? Because even though I am not my mom's favorite. Atleast I have my dad.

He used to read books before I sleep. He used to sing lullabies for me just to get me to sleep. He always reminds me that one day, I will meet my prince charming and we will live happily ever after.

Oh, erase that. Did I mention I am gay? I didn't, right? So let me tell you now. I am gay.

My father used to read me fairy tale books but the funny thing is, I am interested with the princesses not with the princes. And when I was young, I saw my sister Serena kissing her bestfriend who is a girl. I got intrigued by it so being my innocent self, I asked my dad questions that made him hugged me.

"Dad. I was wondering, is it possible for Cinderella to fall in love with Snow White?"

My dad closed the book and gave me a curious look, "Why are you asking that question, sweetie?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I think I like them to be in love with each other so that no more evil stepsisters or evil witch will intrude in their relationship unlike with their prince charming."

My dad gave me a hug. "Do you want them to be together? Do you like girls, Brittany?"

I gave her a shy smile. "I think so. I saw Serena kissing Blair last Saturday."

"Hmmm… you saw your sister? Listen, Brittany. Your sister Serena is gay."

"What is gay?" I asked.

"If a girl likes a girl or a boy likes a boy." he answered.

"Then I might be gay?" I asked, my eyes twinkling. I don't know. I don't like boys. They usually bully me, tease me, and don't want to play with me because I am not pretty.

My father hugged me. "As long as you are happy, Brittany. I am too."

But sadly, my father died when I turned seventeen. But his words will forever be inside me.

"Happiness will come knocking at your door, Brittany. I believe that one day you will become the most beautiful princess of our family. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, being ordinary will be your greatest power. So don't ever give up! You will definitely meet a princess or a prince who will love you and you both will live happily ever after."

I've always wanted to meet the princess who will take notice of me and love me. And then I met her two months earlier.

I was working late again, when someone spoke at the side of my chair.

"Wow! So cute!"

I looked up to see who it is, and I smiled shyly as I saw the most pretty girl in our office. Katerina Petrova.

She removed something in my hair, a sticky note. I didn't know that I had sticky note attached to my hair. It's embarrassing.

"If you want me to do something for you, just write it in a sticky note. And I'll take care of it." I said softly.

She was still looking at the sticky note on her hand. "It completely illustrates all your distance qualities. The sticky note girl is so cute." she said.

I can feel myself blushing at what she just said. I adjusted my thick eyeglasses and I focused my eyes on the computer in front of me. I can't believe she said that I'm cute.

Katerina Petrova, the prettiest girl in our office took notice of me. She never looked at me straight in the eye before. Yet, she is talking to me right now and even called me cute. My cheeks are burning.

"Although I have resigned from the company today, I'm giving you my number and when you have some free time, we can meet for coffee?" then she sticked the sticky note on my hand with her number written on it.

I looked at the sticky note and I smiled shyly.

"Bye." she said.

I followed her with my eyes as she walked then she stopped and looked back at me, smiled at me and winked sexily at me. My heart dropped.

With that, I fell in love for the first time.

We dated for two months but I still don't know how to become a princess. I am still the ordinary sticky note girl in our office.

Most of the time, I don't have time for our date. And I always seem to forget our scheduled date. I have so much work to do that I don't even have time for myself.

My cellphone rang and without looking at the caller, I answered it.

"Where are you now Brittany? I've been waiting here for so damn long!" Katerina yelled at me through the phone.

Oh shit! I forgot! We have a scheduled date now. "Oh. I'm still in the office, I'm so sorry. I forgot that we have date today. I'm really sorry."

She cursed that made me flinched. "Goddammit! So, you mean you're not coming?"

"I need to work overtime now. I have so much things to do." I said, sorrowfully.

"Again? How many times you have to turn me down? I'm thinking right now that your work is more important than me. Guess I am right all along!"

"No. That's not it-"

But she interrupted me. "I'm sick and tired of this. Being your second priority and all. It's over!" then she hung up on me.

Katerina just broke up with me. Tears ran down on my cheeks. It's over. My princess charming just left me.

Christmas is coming and as usual, I will be alone once again. I can't even handle a relationship. How pathetic of me.

I walked out of our office with a heavy heart. I need something to distract myself. I went inside my favorite bookstore hoping to find something nice to read.

I passed by the magazine stands and one article caught my attention.


Wow! Just what I need. I scanned the pages and read one tip. "Go on a short vacation with your lover. This is the chance to re-ignite your love once again. A sexy dress. A romantic candle light dinner." I blushed at the thought, if I'm going on a vacation with Katerina, so it means we have to sleep together? Oh god! Am I going to lose my virginity?





Ah! I feel so alive when I'm in the pool swimming my heart out. Wearing my special two-piece bikini, I know that I'm sexy and hot as hell. Oh did I mention "special?" I have explanation for that.

My name is Santana Lopez. The only child of the famous Lopez Family. I am special because I am a sexy girl with an extra accessory downwards. What I mean is, I have a 7-inches long penis. Yeah, you heard that right.

I am the last descendant of the Lopez and I happened to be the only girl and luckily, I was blessed to have a male sex organ or I could never carry our famous last name. My parents died in a plane crash and I am currently living with my abuela. My abuela is always forcing me to marry and have children before I turned 30 coz our family have this superstitious beliefs that once I become 30 years of age, I cannot produce a baby anymore. Even if it is true or just a mere coincidence, nevertheless my abuela believes in it. Because you see, I am the only Lopez in our family living aside from my abuela of course.

I took my time in getting out of the pool, you know the one in the movies. Sugar, one of my assistant and best friend, gave me my robe and a towel.

"My god! That was super brilliant Ms. President! 52 point 18 seconds! From America's biggest chemical engineering organization, the President of Lopez Group of Companies, Miss Santana Lopez. After all the exhaustion you experienced in a day being the boss and all, I didn't think that you would will still be able to have such great results in the pool. I should recommend you to join the Athletic Committee-"

I interrupted her blabbering as I called her name in a firm tone, "Sugar!"

She stopped.

"Did you finished all the things I told you to?" Then I walked away from her.

"Santana, relax! Everything that you prepared from your meticulous plan of proposing in a two days one night cruise trip to Ms. Quinn Fabray have all been prepared. The flowers and the boarding ticket have been sent to Quinn." she said, smiling.

"Good!" I smirked.

"And the car is also ready at the lobby. I'll take you directly to the dock and we will just wait for Ms. Fabray to come aboard and meet you there." Then she handed me the small box.

I smiled as I take it from her hand.

"Santana, you are so thoughtful to prepare your marriage proposal in a romantic cruise ship. There's probably no woman in the world as romantic and passionate like you." she said dramatically. "I believe Ms. Quinn will definitely be in your control now."

I smiled as I took the engagement ring in the box, and said, "Quinn, tonight on the cruise, I will definitely make you mine."

Then I walked away from Sugar, smirking. Yeah, definitely, Quinn Fabray will be my wife soon.


"Wow! It's so huge!" I exclaimed excitedly as my hands were hooked on Katerina's right arm. "It's so pretty and spectacular!" I turned to face Katerina, she had this bothered face in her. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Are you not happy?"

"I am absolutely not that kind of woman that spends her girlfriend's money, you know." she said, "but you insisted on using your credit card."

"Yeah yeah. I insisted. You don't have to worry about that. Anyway, this is my way of making it up to you because I sucked on our relationship." I told her. "Just please don't think about unhappy thoughts. Can we please enjoy the moment that we will be together for two days and one night?" I said, and I already felt flustered, just thinking about her in bed with me.

She smiled at me, "You know I respected you like a lot, right?"

I nodded.

"So, we won't do anything if you don't want to." she said, then I noticed her eyes flew at my back.

But I ignored it, I am more focused on what she just said to me. "I can give you everything if you want me to." I said shyly, bowing my head.

"Great!" she said. Then she whispered at me, "I brought a dildo with me."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Dildo?" I repeated.

The smile disappeared as I noticed her impatience. "Sex toy. 7-inches long penis."

"Oh." I blushed.

"So, are you really want to do this tonight?" she asked.

"O-of ccouurrss ACHOOO!" I sneezed in front of her and by the look of her face, she was annoyed.

"Are you sick or something?" she asked.

"I guess. Look, don't worry, I brought my medicine kit. I'll be well in no time." I said cheerfully.

"You better be, Brittany. This is your last chance to prove your love to me. Don't screw it up." she said, her eyes locked with mine.

"I won't. I promise." I said.

"Good, now take a rest in our room while I explore this place." she said that made me nod. "I want you to have a good rest so you can prepare for tonight." she said then winked at me.

Oh my god. I need to prepare for tonight.


"Sorry to bother you, captain. But as you know, President Lopez here wants everything to be perfect for her romantic proposal to Ms. Fabray." Sugar said as she walked in front of me, on her side is the captain of the ship. "So we absolutely cannot allow mistakes."

"Everything is set, Ms. Motta. Even the fireworks." the captain said.

"Excellent." Sugar said.

I don't need to talk as long as Sugar is with me. So I remained silent at their whole conversation.

But then someone bumped me at my sides, and in an instinct I caught her waist, preventing the stranger from falling down.

Our eyes met instantly and her piercing blue eyes bore into mine. We were just staring at each other for about 5 seconds. The blonde girl is smiling at me dreamily.

Then I heard a loud crack. I just stepped on her eyeglasses.

"Watch where you're going. And don't leave your glasses on the floor next time." I said sarcastically. I didn't mean to become a bitch to the girl but I can't help it, I am a busy woman. I don't need any distractions right now.

So I steadied her for her to stand up properly. Then I left.


I narrowed my eyes just to focused at the back of the woman whom I accidentally bumped.

"Oh. Sorry." I murmured.

Then I looked down just to see my eyeglasses cracked. Oh boy. I bent down to picked them up. I tried them once again, guess I need to buy another glasses again. But for now, I have to used this even if it was cracked.


I was indeed satisfied by the honeymoon suite that the captain of the ship offered me. It was well-decorated with too much love. Guess this day will be the day that my girlfriend and soon to be fiancee will be mine. I am dreading for this day to come. I smiled at the thoughts that clouded inside my mind.

Then I reached out for my phone inside my pocket and dialed Quinn's number.

After one ring, she immediately answered it.

"Hey hun." I greeted.

"Hey." she said, her voice cheerful.

"Quinn Fabray, you stood up on me for five times at the airport in Paris. Twice at New York Grand Central Terminal. This isn't going to be the first time in a cruise ship right?" I asked, my voice serious.

"The weather is so nice at the dock today." Quinn said that made my heart melt. She is here!

"You're already here? You're not flying to London?" I asked, eagerly.

"Hmmm. The star decided to stay." she said that made me grinned widely.

"Then please hurry up and be at my side." I said.

"But you should know that… there are things that you need to understand if you want me to stay with you." she said teasingly.

"I know. I know. I won't stop you from acting. I won't force you to have children. And I won't let grandma butt in on your affairs." I said truthfully. If she doesn't want to have children right now, that's fine with me. As long as she's with me. That's all that matters. "Is that enough?" I asked smiling.

"Okay. Wait for me at room 1009. Can't wait to be with you Santana."

"Me too. I love you."

"I love you too." she said then she ended the call.

I grinned from ear to ear.

"Enjoying the luxurious cruise ship, Santana?"

I smirked. I knew that voice. Faye Chamberlain.

I turned to face her. "Faye." I said calmly.

She looked at me with lust filled eyes as she walked towards me. She is accompanied by a brunette girl which looked at me like I am a piece of meat.

"Mind if we join you?" she asked.

I maintain my coolness. Faye is not even one of my exes. But she was very obsessed with me. I can tell that. We hooked up once because she caught me drunk when I was so depressed that Quinn stood up on me on one of our dates because of her career.

"I missed you." she whispered against my ear. "You broke my heart." She sat at my right side while the other brunette sat on my opposite side.

"We hooked up once, Faye. But that was it." I said firmly. "And I was drunk at that time."

"You don't need to say that to me over and over again, Santana." Faye said, she pressed her fist on her chest. "Coz it hurts."

I exhaled a deep breath. "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm in love with someone else?" I asked, frustrated that she won't leave me alone. She can't ruin my marriage proposal to Quinn now. She just can't!

"Do you really love her?" she asked, cupping my chin. "Tell me. Look at me."

I looked at her. "I love Quinn. And I can't imagine myself being with someone else. So please, Faye. Please." I begged.

"Okay." she smiled and kissed me on my cheeks. Then she left with her friend.

Well, that was weird. Anyway, at least she left. I sipped my wine once again.


Where is Katerina? I wonder where she is. I looked around but I haven't seen her. Oh well, I think I need to go back to our room coz I really feel dizzy right now. Maybe it was because of the medicine I took for my colds.

Oh boy, my mind is spinning right now.

I leaned on the wall as I took my steps slowly. My cracked eyeglasses aren't really helping either. So I just traced the number by my fingertips. Right here it is. Room 1006.

I was surprised that the door was open without my key pass, oh well, maybe I forgot to locked it properly.

The lights are off and I didn't bother to turn it on because my head spins right now. Immediately, I lay down against the soft mattress of the bed. I need time to sleep before Katerina comes in.


Oh Fuck! I'm so hot right now! My whole body is burning!

I can't even breathe properly now that my member is throbbing. Why do I feel like this?

Where is my goddamned room? Right here it is. Room 1009.

I opened the door with my key pass and I didn't bother to turn the lights on.

"Quinn?" I mumbled.

"Hmmmm…" she answered. "You're back?" she whispered.

I unbuttoned my blouse and jumped at her side. God, she smells so good. "I'm glad you're here."

"I promised that I won't neglect you because of work again." she whispered softly.

I kissed her ear wetly.

"I can't." she mumbled again. "I'm not wearing my sexy lingerie. And my head felt dizzy."

I smiled at her cuteness. "But I can't wait anymore. My whole body is burning. I want to be with you forever." I said then I turned her to face me and captured her lips with mine.

She didn't respond at first but in my hottest state, I managed to open her mouth and I slid my tongue inside hers.

I felt her losing control as she cupped my neck and pressed my whole body against hers.

God, I can't wait. I want to be inside her. But I don't want to be aggressive with her. This is our first time and I want it to be special.

Slowly while kissing her lips, I removed her clothes and tossed it at the side of the bed. I captured one nipple and I sucked it deliciously. She moaned and that made my throbbing member harder if that's even possible.

"Ohhh…" she moaned and I unzipped her pants. I removed her pants off hers together with her panties. I touched her wet center and she whimpered.

I came back to kissing her again on her lips. She tastes so good.

Our tongues clashing against each other as we fight for dominance.

I left her lips and slowly trailed my tongue at the sides of her neck. I sucked on her pulse point making sure to leave a mark there. She moaned and it was music in my ears.

I can't wait anymore now that she is bucking her hips against my member. I removed my pants and underwear and in a matter of seconds, I am completely naked too.

"This will going to hurt a bit." I huskily said.

"Mmmm…" she mumbled.

I guided my throbbing member at her center and I heard her gasped as I began to enter her.

"Oh…" she moaned, in pain or pleasure, I don't know coz I was blinded with her sexy moans.

She grabbed my shoulder and tried to push me but I held still. "Baby, please don't stop me. I can't stop right now even if you wanted me to." I said.

"I'm not. Just slow down please." she said, her voice deep.

"I will. I promise." I said and then inch by inch I entered her.

I moved slow at first but her movements making me lose control.

Apparently, the initial pain was gone so with her bucking her hips against mine, I assumed she want more. "Does it still hurt?" I asked.

"No. Just. Just. Faster." she breathed. "Please."

"Oh god. You're so tight." I moaned as her walls clenched against mine.

I started to moved faster against her as I pumped my body in and out of her.

She moaned in ecstasy as I continued my fast pace.

Damn! I feel good inside her.

"Ahhhh… ahhh… oh…" she breathed and moaned.

Her moaned are so sexy, just by listening to it, I can already feel my orgasm washing over me. But I need to wait for her. I need to control myself. I want her to come too.

"Oh god… I'm gonna… Oh… Ahhh… I'm gonna…" she moaned.

"Come for me baby. Coz I can't take it anymore," I breathed into her ears.

I felt my seed come out straight inside her center.

"Oh god…" I moaned. I put my whole weight on top of her. "Oh god…" I breathed.

"That was hot!" I managed to blurt out.

"Yeah." she said, breathing heavily.

Then after a while, we slept together, our bodies tangled with each other.

I woke up when I felt her move. "Don't move. I will never let you leave me again." I said as I encircled her with my arms.

"I never knew that I was that important in your heart." she whispered.

I cuddled her inside my arms. I reached out for something in the bedside counter.

I smiled as I put the ring on her finger. "I can finally put it on you. This ring symbolizes my unending love for you. I will take care of you and will love you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"

She wrapped her arms around me. "Yes. I will marry you. I love you…. Katerina."

"I love you too, Quinn."

Then something struck me!

"Who is Katerina?" I hissed.

"Who is Quinn?"

Panic struck all over my body as I reached out for the bedside lamp.

Then as soon as the light is on. My eyes went wide as I saw a woman with blonde hair but is definitely not Quinn!

"Who are you?"

"Who are you?"

We both said in unison as I pulled away from her, tugging the sheets which covered both of our naked bodies.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

What did I do?

Similar to "The Flower Four" story, I'm going to put most of the characters here as gay. So it's only a product of my imagination where girls rule the world. ryt? And the characters which I will use in the future chapters will also be characters from our favorite tv shows. And Katerina Petrova is the evil doppelgänger of Elena Gilbert in The vampire Diaries. I chose her coz I need a pretty brunette too that will soon be a bad guy in the next chapter.

And Serena (gossip girl) and Hanna (PLL) being Brittany's sister were awesome too ryt? They are blondes. haha

And yeah. you can tell ur favorite scenes? favorite lines too?

So I hope u love the first chapter! Enjoy! Till next time!