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It had been months after our grandiose wedding. I must admit I am the luckiest person in the world. I love her, and she is a wonderful person. We had our honeymoon in different parts of the world. And I'm so happy… Well, almost happy...


I look at the pictures of Santana's ancestors. Then my eyes lingers on the picture of the ultrasound picture of my unborn baby, Nigel Vincent. I remembered Grandma telling me that there is only one Lopez in every generation. I lost my chance of having Santana's baby. I can't bear a child anymore.

Before Santana and I get married, my sister force me to do a check up with her. And the doctor told me honestly that because of the accident I had, I may or may not be conceiving a child in the future. I was devastated.

There might be a chance that I can't get pregnant anymore? I can't do that with Santana. So, I broke off the engagement with her, telling her the truth.

"What are you talking about? You're breaking up with me because of that reason?" Santana angrily said.

I love Santana but I can't do this to her. I'm not selfish. I'm doing this for her. "San, please try to understand. There's a chance I might not get pregnant anymore. I know you want a child of your own and-"

She cuts me off by grabbing my wrist, pulling me against her. "I don't care if you can't get pregnant anymore. I don't care if we can't have a child anymore. I don't care! I love you and that is all that matters." She kiss me but I pull away.

"Santana, I can't-"

"Oh shut up Britt. You do know that you're still married to me right? And this wedding is just going to be our second right? So technically you are still my wife even if you fail to fulfill your duties for the past 2 years, I don't mind. As long as you are mine, and I am yours."

Tears welled in my eyes as she kissed me passionately, not letting me go.

"What are you doing here baby?" I turn around to come face to face with my gorgeous wife.

It was almost midnight when I left her alone in our room.

Santana wrap me around her arms. Her hands settle on my stomach. She kisses the back of my head.

"We tried several times already…" I murmured. "The doctor said I may or may not get pregnant so there's still a chance right?"

"We just have to wait. There's no need to rush things." she said.

I pout and look away, "What if the accident really caused me to be infertile?"

Santana lifts my chin, "If we can't have another baby, it's okay. I already told you that."

I furrow my eyebrows at her. She told me multiple times but I know she's still hoping for it, just like me.

"All I'm saying is, I don't want you to be sad and lonely. If it's God's will that we can't have one anymore, I'm going to accept it and you should accept it too."

"Grandma is really looking forward for a great grandchild. I know she has hopes too. I don't want to disappoint her." I said softly.

"Babe, Grandma loves you and she accepted you no matter what. She absolutely adores you. Frankly, for me, it's ok that we don't have a baby."

I glare at her. "Liar."

She chuckles, "No, think about it. Before, it was clear that we were forcefully married because of the baby inside you. But right now? We marry because we love each other. I love you Brittany. I can't imagine myself without you. Baby or no baby."

"But what about when we are 40 years old, we will be alone. How about when we get 50 or 60? We will be lonely, Santana." I said.

Santana cup my cheeks, "We can travel the world together. We can be joyful and happy together. No matter what age. We will be together. I will be content with you at my side. I love you so much."

I pull away and kiss her lips. I sighed. "I love you, San."

"I love you too babe."

Santana pulls me against her and our tongues clashes with each other.

I pull away when I felt 'it'.

I look down and there it is.

I look again at Santana. She smile sheepishly.

I raise my eyebrows at her.

"Yeah I know. Every time you kiss me, I can't control myself even if I want to so-" She rubs the back of her neck.

"I know." I grin at her. "So what do we do about that?"

"You're the boss." Santana smiles, her dimples showing. She is absolutely gorgeous. I am so lucky.

I give her 'the look.'

She swallows hard.

I grab her wrist and we ran towards our room.

Santana locks the room while I remove my robe, making me naked on top of the bed.

She removes her robe too, her extra appendage standing straight for me.

I bit my bottom lip as she settled on top of me.

She licks my lips and I open my mouth to capture her tongue.

She moans.

She cups my other breast and capture the other with her mouth. I moan in ecstasy.

"San… Oh baby…"

I can feel myself soaking wet. I want her inside me now.

"Make love to me San…" I plead.

But she has other plans as she lowers herself.

My eyes rolled as she spread my legs wider and then she kiss my center.

I grab the back of her head, urging her to continue what she is doing down there.

She licks and suck my clit that I can't help myself to scream. I hope Grandma won't hear me. Please don't let her hear me.

I feel myself getting near the edge when she climbs on top of me. She guides 'it' up and down my clit before she enters inside me.

"Oh San!" I moan as she fills me up.

She starts to move fast against me as she capture my lips with her own.

Her tongue inside my mouth mimicking what she's doing at my lower half. I moan in severe pleasure.

She thrust inside me and I can't help it anymore.

With one sudden move, I roll on top of her.

Santana looks at me with her lust-filled eyes.

"I want to be in control." I breathe as I move on top of her.

"Oh god Britt. You're so hot." she moans as I bounce up and down on top of her. "That feels good. Oh shit!"

Her hands settled on my waist as she guides my movement.

"Oh San…" I moan.

"Faster baby. I'm close." she breathes as she buck her hips.

I bite my lip. I'm also close.

"Oh Britt! Oh Britt! I love you…"

"I love you too!" With one last thrust, I climaxed.

My juices mix with her seed as she reaches the edge too.

"Oh god!" I collapse on top of her.

She holds me close, then kiss my head. "Who would have thought that my sticky note girl is hot and wild in bed?"

I chuckle then I give her a peck on her lips. "They're never gonna find that out." I smirked at her and she rolls on top of me.

"Good morning Mrs. Lopez."

I smile at my employees. I have my own gallery here in Los Angeles. I really love painting and Santana supports me with my passion. She helped me organized an exhibit and I was glad that it was a success.

"Good morning." I greet back.

Then I went straight to my office but before I could reach the door, I cried in pain.

"Ouch! My stomach hurts!" I screamed.

Then I black out.


Grandma's voice filled my senses. "Santana! What happened to Brittany?"

I am so worried, I can't help but to panic. "I don't know, Grandma. Her employee told me that she fainted awhile ago. I am so worried. I don't know what to do!"

I paced back and forth at the lobby of the hospital. Brittany is inside the emergency room right now. I was forced to leave because I was panicking.

Dr. Sue approached me, with that angry face of hers.

"Doctor! What happened to my wife?" I ask immediately.

"Lopez! You are one bastard! You really don't know how to be considerate of your wife. You never cared about her in the beginning! You don't accompany her in her body checks, and you don't care about her mood!" she said that made me furrow my eyebrows.

Grandma slap me on my arm, "What exactly have you done to Brittany!?" she continue slapping me.

"Grandma! I didn't do anything" I reasoned out. I have no idea what this doctor was talking about.

"What do you mean you didn't do anything? If you didn't exhaust her, why would she faint?!" Dr. Sue angrily said.

"How is that possible? I've been so good to her. I even tell her not to do anything!" I explained.

"If she hasn't been doing anything, would she have fainted?" Dr. Sue asks again. "She is in a very special condition right now! Do you know that?"

"What is really wrong with her doctor?"

"She is fine." she gives me a smug look.

I furrow my eyebrows. "Is she ill?"

"No she is not ill." she said.

"Then what?"

"She is pregnant." she said, smiling at us.

My smile widens. "Really?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" she asks, glaring at me.

I hug her tightly. "Oh god! Thank you Dr. Sue! Thank you!"

"Get off me, Lopez!" she orders.

I pull away and I hug Grandma tightly. Grandma is jumping with joy.

"Britt…" I open the door. Brittany is looking outside the window. She looks sad. Dr. Sue hasn't tell her the news yet, so I insist that I would tell her. I want to see my wife's reaction upon hearing it for the first time.

"Hi." she greets me, giving me a simple smile.

"How are you feeling?" I ask as I take her hand and interlace it with mine.

"I'm fine now. What's wrong with me?" she asks.

"Brittany…" I smile at her and kiss the top of her head. "You're going to be a mother." I whispered at her.

"What?" she asks.

Then I cup her cheeks. "We're going to be a mother. You're pregnant babe! You're pregnant!" I press my lips against hers.

She pulls away, "Really?"

"Yeah." I smile at her.

Then she caress her abdomen. "I am pregnant. I am pregnant! Oh god! Thank you!" she squeals.

Then she pulls me and kiss me deeply.

"I thought that the Lopez generation thingy was true!" she said between kisses.

"Well," I answer between kisses too, "it wasn't."

"I am so glad…uhmmm… it wasn't." she murmurs then pull away, "Thank God you love me and you didn't gave up on me."

"I love you so much Brittany. You're my soulmate."

She smiles cutely at me. "Soulmates." she whispers then kiss me hard.

We kiss for a couple of minutes.

"Britt…" I pull away, breathing raggedly. She pouts. I pointed down. "You know what your kisses can do to me right? We're in the hospital."

She chuckles and then smile sheepishly.

Then she looks up and down on me with that seductive blue eyes of hers.

"Brittany!" I whine.

"Sorry. I can't help it. Maybe because of the hormones?" she explains, as she bites her lip.

I let out a deep breath. "Grandma is coming. She can't see me like this." I said.

She let out a loud laugh.

Oh I love to hear her laugh. Music into my ears.

Well, aside from her hot moans of course.

What can I say, my wife is pretty hot especially in bed.

Several months later...

I'm very much concentrated on reading my book when my wife goes out of the bathroom in all her naked glory. My eyes blink a couple of times as she parades herself in front of me. She is still sexy even with the huge bump on her stomach. She looks at me with lustful eyes as she crawls on top of me, removing the book I'm currently reading.

"San…" she hovers against my lips. "I want you…"

I hesitated. "But the baby?"

"Dr. Sue said that we can't do it rough but we can do it nevertheless." she whispers as she press her lips against mine.

"Oh god. You are so hot." I said between kissing her and groping her breasts.

"Hormones." she murmurs.

I chuckle. "I love your hormones." I said as I roll on top of her.

I kiss her lips and cup her breast. She moans.


I pull away and stand at the foot of the bed, removing my bra and boxer shorts. She kneels in front of me and capture my nipples with her mouth. I moan.

"I love your boobs." she murmurs as she suck continuously at them. She licks, suck and play with them using her tongue.

I am so arouse that maybe I can't take it much longer.

"Babe. Lie down." I ordered as I guide her.

I settled myself on her side.

This is the first time we're going to do this position because the baby bump is already visible and I don't want to compromise the baby.

"San…" she gasp as I enter her.

Her breathing become ragged as I continue moving behind her.

I grope her breast as I kiss her neck. She moans.

She reaches out for my hips, ordering me to go deeper.

I am so close but I want to give her pleasure first.

She whimpers in ecstasy as she reaches her climax then I shudder as I reach my own orgasm too.

"Oh Britt…" I breathe.

"You are amazing babe." she whispers.

I hug her tightly and we get our cuddle on.

"I love you so much…" I murmur against her ear.

"And I love you too…"

Years later...

"Santana!" Brittany screams are loud enough that I panicked.

I am changing the diaper of one of the twins when Brittany screamed.

"Santana!" Brittany screams again.

"I'm coming babe!" I yelled. "Oh god!" I use my super speed as I fix the diaper of my baby.

"Santana! Brittany's stomach hurts! She's having labor!" Grandma yells as she takes the baby out of my arms.

I panic. Oh god!

I run as fast as I can towards Brittany.


"Santana! Take me to the hospital right now!" she orders.

"Yes! Yes!" I replied. I don't know what to do first.


"Yes baby." I carry her in my arms. "Grandma! Just stay here and call Sugar. We're going straight to the hospital."

"Mama! Mama!" Vince poke my legs. "What is happening with mommy?"

"Baby, just stay here with Grandma 'kay? You're going to meet your baby sister soon."

"Really!" Vince claps his hands. "I'm going to see my baby sister soon?"

"Yup. So, be good okay? Mommy and mama loves you. Help Grandma to take care of your brothers okay?" Brittany breathes, but give our son a warm smile.

"Yes mommy!" Vince says as he runs towards Grandma.

Brittany and I smile at each other.

We are one big happy family.

"I'm excited to see Baby Raven Nicolai. Our only daughter."

"Me too. Now drive faster babe! She wants to come out now!" Brittany glares at me.

I drive as fast as I can.


"Here's your daughter, Mrs. Lopez." the nurse smiles at me when she handed me my daughter. "Congratulations."

Santana sits beside me as we both take a look at our daughter.

"She's amazing." Santana whispers then she caresses our baby's cheeks.

"She is beautiful. She looks like you." I said, looking at the beautiful baby inside my arms.

"She looks like you too." Santana murmurs.

I look at Santana, her dimples showing as she wipes her tears away.

I kiss her cheeks. "I love you."

Her lips are quivering, "I love you too…"

"Where's my granddaughter?" Grandma squeals as she enters the room, with Sugar and Hanna behind her.

Sugar carries one of the twins, Brent. While Hanna carries the other, Brett. They are both 1 and a half year old.

Oh did I mention that Sugar and my sister Hanna are dating now? So yeah. It was unexpected.

"Brent, Brett. Come here." Grandma motions Sugar and Hanna to come near me. "Your sister is beautiful."

Brent smiles, her blue eyes sparkling as she looks at me. I reach out for his blonde hair.

"Mommy!" Brett whines then Santana takes him on her arms.

"Look at your sister, baby." Santana said.

Brett reach out to touch her sister then he smiles.

Then mom enters the room with Vince.

"Where's my granddaughter?" she asks, excitedly.

Vince let go of my mom's hand and walk towards us. "Can I see her?" he asks.

"Of course baby." I said as I motion him to sit on the bed.

Vince grins widely as he saw his sister for the very first time.

"I'm going to take care of her mommy," she looks at me then to Santana, "mama, I will."

"That's great sweetie. You're going to be a good big brother to all of them." Santana said, as she sits beside me, with Brett in her arms.

Brent sits at my other side, with my mom. "She is gorgeous." mom said.

"She is." I smile.

"Can I carry her?" mom asks.

"Of course."

Santana press her lips softly against me. "You just made me the luckiest woman on earth."

"I love you…" I whisper.

"I love you too, my sticky note girl…"

I chuckle.

Santana made me also the luckiest woman on earth. And I'm also lucky for having such wonderful kids.

Our eldest son, Vince Nigel Pierce-Lopez, looks a lot like Santana. Brown hair, hazel brown eyes. The smirk. He looks a lot like Santana.

Our twins, Brent Santino Pierce-Lopez and Brett Santiago Pierce-Lopez, got my looks. Blonde hair and blue eyes.

But my daughter, Raven Nicolai Lopez, they said she's a mixture of us both, and I think so, too. She has brunette hair and blue eyes.

If God will give us another son or daughter, I will still be up for it.

This is the first time that the Lopez family had more than one descendant and I'm happy that Santana and I have been given the chance to make our family big. Grandma was ecstatic.

"Happiness will come knocking at your door, Brittany. I believe that one day you will become the most beautiful princess of our family. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, being ordinary will be your greatest power. So don't ever give up! You will definitely meet a princess or a prince who will love you and you both will live happily ever after."

My father's words came true. I did find my princess charming… with the name of Santana Lopez…

Even if I was just an ordinary sticky note girl…



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