"And a tea-"

"No-"Sherlock cut her off, grabbing Darcy's arm and literally dragged out of the museum. She, Sherlock and John needed to find Soo Lin, before the killer did.

"I was only reading the freaking menu-"the red head huffed and hurriedly buttoned up her coat. Night had now set in, meaning it was colder. They rushed down steps, the tall detective kept a firm grip on her arm when she stumbled.

"We have to find Soo Lin" Sherlock said hurriedly, John was on her other side and the trio reached the bottom of the stone staircase.

"If she's still alive-whoa steady on their Darcy." The former army doctor exclaimed when the nurse slipped. Sherlock grunted and hauled on to her feet.

The raven head man glared at her. "Could you not be so clumsy for two minutes-"he snapped.

Darcy scowled at him, and shoved Sherlock. "I wouldn't be so clumsy if you quit dragging me around." She huffed. John groaned when Sherlock shoved her back, he rubbed his temple, god he thought that moving in with two single adults there would be no chance of him babysitting, but he was completely wrong. The way Darcy and Sherlock were acting they were like five year olds.

"If I wasn't dragging you around, you'd never catch up." Sherlock said haughtily tightening his dark blue scarf around his neck.

Darcy scoffed "I'd be able to keep up, thank you very much." She said stiffly.

"No you wouldn't, you're petite stature is appealing but when it comes to running it doesn't do you any favour-"Sherlock scoffed and much to the red head's annoyance he flicked the tip of her nose.

Darcy was one again in two minds, sure one half of her was flattered by the comment about her being appealing the other part of her was appalled that he insulted her short height.

"It so does-"she flicked his nose even harder causing Sherlock to grunt and bat her hands away from him. "And I still can keep up-"

"You can't-"Sherlock smirked.

"I can-"

"You can't-"

"I can-"

"SHUT UP" John shouted causing the pair to jump, both Sherlock and Darcy looked at him incredulously. "You two are impossible-and acting like children."

"Says the man who is doing the shouting." Darcy muttered under her breath causing John's eye to twitch in annoyance.

"That was a bit rash John-"Sherlock nodded.

John gaped at the pair wide eye, were they bloody serious? He thought. "I-god's sake just get married already. You two are perfect for each other-"he grumbled.

Sherlock found himself to be mildly offended when he saw the expression of distaste on the female's face.

"Us married? Ha-"Darcy snorted ad shook her head. She squealed when Sherlock pinched her. "Ow what the hell?" she scowled at him.

"You would lucky to be married to me-"Sherlock sniffed. "I am quite a catch."

Darcy gaped at him and shook her head "You? A catch? I reckon if you do end up tied down with someone, that'd lucky lady would be deranged." She countered.

Sherlock's jaw clench only the red head could get under his skin like this. "Just so you know Darcy our sex would be more than satisfactory-"he exclaimed with a smirk on his lips, it widened when he saw her blushing.

"I don't know what's happening" she mumbled and shoved John who squeaked.

"What?" the tawny haired man asked.

"This is your fault-"Darcy muttered, "Anyway we should be focusing on Soo Lin-"

"That-"before Sherlock could even finish his sentence, there was a shout. The group turned around and saw a familiar teen running towards them. It was Raz.

John frowned seeing the troublemaker. "Sherlock-"he shouted coming to a halt in front of them.

"Oh look who it is." The doctor muttered, the teen ignored him and grinned at the other two.

"Miss Darcy-"Raz smirked "I got something you like down here-"he yelped when Sherlock slapped him upside the head. John didn't miss the flash of jealousy appearing on Sherlock's face as he glared at the teenager.

"Why are you here?" Raz frowned wondering why was the consulting detective was so curt? but then he hid his smile noticing the way Sherlock unconsciously shifted in front of the red head.

"Right well I got something that you might want to see." Raz answered. Without further ado he led them off. Darcy groaned when they set off on a light jog.

Sherlock glanced over his shoulder and smirked "Can't keep-"he grunted when the red head sprinted passed him nearly knocking him over.

"Look Sherlock I'm keeping up-"Darcy hollered. Sherlock growled and sprinted pass Raz and John. The teenager turned to the exasperated looking doctor.

"Is Sherlock and her together?" Raz asked picking up his own pace.

"No, but surprisingly enough you're not the only person who thinks so-"John and Raz winced when they witnessed Darcy hitting the ground. "Oh that's got to hurt-"

"John-she's bleeding." Sherlock shouted.

"God's sake." John muttered and stalked off towards the troublesome adults.

Not too long after the quartet was walking at a brisk pace down the bridge, Darcy was now sporting a band-aid on the side of her head. "All you have to do is turn up at the station tomorrow and tell them that the bag was yours." John said.

Darcy rolled her eyes, and snorted "John look at him-"she gestured to Raz. "He looks like he gets into worst things then spray painting-"

Raz gawped at her and blinked "Erm…thank you I think-"they were nearing the end of the bridge.

"No worries-"Darcy grinned.

"But just turn up and-"

Sherlock huffed; they had more pressing matters to attend to. "Would you forget about your court case?" he snapped. Raz was leading them further into the city.

Soon enough they arrived at what Darcy could see was a skater park; her jade green orbs took in the brick walls that were lathered in paints.

"Hey it's Raz-"a random girl cried out,

"Come on-"Raz led them further into the skater park till they came to a stop. The red head looked up at the painted walls, there were tags, images…and in some cases actual decent artwork.

"So we're here because of a wall?" Darcy asked the question that John was thinking. "I fell over because of Sherlock and this?"

Raz rolled his eyes "No-"

"No is right." The consulting detective as usual picks things up quicker than his two companions. "If you want to hide a tree what better place than a forest?" he said gleefully.

Darcy's brows furrowed in confusion, she shoved her hands into her pocket "Why would you want to hide a tree-"

"Please-"Sherlock said gruffly "no stupid questions-"she made a face behind his back, causing both Raz and John to snigger. "And don't do that." Darcy resisted the urge to stick her tongue out, "as I was saying, people would walk past not bothering to decipher the message."

"So what are we meant to be looking at?" John asked bringing the conversation back on hand.

"There-"Raz pointed at the wall, the red head narrowed her eyes and spotted the familiar looking yellow paint. "I spotted it earlier."

Darcy realised it was remarkably like the paint that was used for the threatening message. "Of course, is that exact the same paint?" Sherlock asked the teen.

"Yes." Raz replied, they now another part of their case.

Sherlock paced up and down in front of them, Darcy pressed her fingers against the paint and managed to scrape some off, like she had done at the museum before they left. Seems like the same paint.

"Darcy, John-"Sherlock uttered his long coat swishing as he waltzed up and down. "If we're going to decipher this message we need to look for more evidence."

They had decided to split up, Darcy went one way and Sherlock and John also went the other. The red head held up her mobile using the flash light as a torch. They agreed to meet up in twenty minutes if they didn't find anything.

"Nothing-nothing, nothing-"she muttered under her breath. Darcy's eyes were focused on the train tracks and sighed. She already been at this for ten minutes and wasn't getting anywhere. She hoped the other two were having better luck.

Darcy sighed and held up her phone higher "Shoo-"the red head hissed seeing some rats lingering around, and shuddered she hated those nasty little rodents. "Get going…douches-"she kicked her leg out getting her message across. And swore she could hear them squeaking. "Going mad-rats don't talk…"Darcy shook her head. Bloody hell she sounded like a right nutter she mused.

The petite woman walked passed abandon trains and stumbled over a loose rock, causing her to fall to her knees and drop her phone. "Ow-"she grunted in pain, she probably skinned her knees. Better to have landed on some small stones than that huge muddy pond she thought.

"Wonderful-"she huffed. She jumped out of her skin when there was a loud howl…this was definitely creepy. Darcy patted her hands across the dirty ground trying to find her phone. Darcy cursed under her breath, she couldn't leave without that phone, she needed it. She bit her bottom lip and saw a glow coming from underneath the train she walked passed.

"Ok found it-"She sang and yelped when there was a shrill noise; she automatically grabbed a rock to defend herself. It took her a moment to realise that the shrilling noise was the sound of her phone ringing.

"Oh right-"Darcy licked her lips and was forced to lay down on her belly and reach out with her arm, as she reached for her mobile. "Come on-"she grunted and scuttled even closer. She clenched her eyes shut forcing herself not to imagine what disgusting things were under the train.

Darcy couldn't help but feel slightly frightened hearing another howl…the red head waved her hand and cursed…she was no doubt getting closer. The tips of her dingers brushed against the slim device. "Almost there-"she froze feeling something furry. "Come on Darcy…you saw a swollen penis once you can do this-"the red head coached herself.

She took a deep breath and plunged her hand even further and gripped tightly onto it. And yelled in triumph as she plucked her mobile from beneath the train. Darcy jumped up onto her feet, and grinned. "Thank you for that-"she congratulated herself.

The smile that was on her face, slowly slid off when she heard a small squeak right beside her ear. Darcy swallowed and slowly looked over to her left, and met the beady eyes of a rat that was perched on her shoulder.

Her calm façade completely came undone and she shrieked. "GET THE HELL OFF-"Darcy screamed and wildly swung her hands out, all she could hear was squeaking and felt the rat running across her body. "SHIT-"she smacked the rat off and gasped when she fell.

Landing right in the middle of the muddy pond. "Son of bitch." Darcy swore she was drenched and caked in mud. "Ewww-"she groaned feeling the slimy substance seeping into her clothes. She gagged, gosh it smelt terrible.

She quickly quietened down when she heard footsteps rushing towards her. It was definitely more than one person-Darcy pulled herself out of the muddy pond.

She scrambled onto her feet, and bolted, she was somewhat waddling awkwardly down the tracks. Darcy felt like she was in some sort of horror cliché movie, she was so focused on who maybe behind her that she was paying no attention to who was approaching her at the front. She crashed into something hard…and grunted. The nurse realised it was a person, someone she knew very well.

"John I'm getting attacked by homeless person-"the person beneath her yelled.

"What- I'm not homeless-"Darcy shouted, "you freaking arse-"

"Darcy?" John blinked and watched on as Sherlock and a fuming red head untangled themselves from one another.

"Yes me-"Darcy snapped and attempted to look graceful, but it failed completely.

"Sorry for not realising dear-"Sherlock smirked "you can't really blame me for believing you were a homeless person. You're filthy-"

"You don't think I know that." Darcy huffed. Sherlock and John both took in the sight of the nurse; it looked as if she went through a sewage pipe. She was covered in mud, dirt and was very wet.

"What happened?"

"I fell…don't laugh." She pouted seeing the grin that appeared on the consulting detective's face. "Why was you running anyway?" she asked.

"Oh right-"John blinked, with the arrival of Darcy it had almost slipped from his mind what he had found. "I found it-"with that he took off, Sherlock ran after him. The red head sighed and opted to waddle/run very awkwardly after them. They came to a stop in front of a blank wall.

"Seriously? You made me run covered in this for some random wall?" Darcy clutched her side and moaned "Oh stich-"

"You are so unfit-"Sherlock whispered

"Bite me-"

"No thank you. You're very dirty." He drawled.

"Of course-"Darcy smiled sweetly and lightly slapped him on the back; he was completely oblivious to the mud covered hand-print he was now sporting. Meanwhile John was too focused on the blank wall, a couple of minutes it was covered in ciphers.

"John? Are we in the right place?" Sherlock asked peering at the wall,

"What?" John frowned "yes it's been painted over-"Darcy frowned and brushed her fingers against the brick.

"With the quick drying stuff as well." She muttered and sighed, they finally found something but it was wiped away.

"It was here, ten minutes ago." John muttered, Sherlock used his flash light held it up, seeing if he could spot anything out of the ordinary. "There was a whole load of graffiti-"

"It's alright John-"Darcy gently patted him on the shoulder trying to sooth him.

Sherlock scowled "Somebody doesn't want me to see it." He exclaimed, John wasn't the only one who was surprised when the consulting detective held the army doctor by the head.


"Shut up dear." The tall man said loudly "John concentrate-"

"Sherlock! Sherlock!-what are you doing-"John squawked, the red head stifled the urge to laugh when the detective started to spin him around. She pulled out her phone and knew she should film this. It was as if Sherlock and John were doing a weird dance. "I need you to concentrate close your eyes-"he ordered the shorter man.

"What? Why?" John cried out in alarm, Darcy shook her head; this night was getting weirder and weirder.

"I need you to maximise your visual memory-"Sherlock began, Darcy sighed and wondered if they could possibly scrape the fresh pain off of the wall to uncover what was underneath. "Try to picture what you saw. Can you picture it?"

"Yeah-"John stated,

"Can you remember it?-"


"Can you remember the pattern?"


"Sherlock I think he does remember-"


"Oh my god." Darcy muttered it was quiet funny though she couldn't deny that.

"How much can you remember it? All of it?" Sherlock questioned, they were still moving in a spin, and Darcy grimaced feeling the mud beginning to dry on her skin. "Because the average human memory on visual matters is only 62% accurate-"her eyes widened at that, huh she never knew. Darcy's lips twitched seeing the expression planted on the disgruntled doctor's face.

"Well don't worry I remember all of it." John snapped

"Really?" Sherlock questioned there was an undertone of disbelief.

"I would if I could get to my pocket-"John called out, causing Darcy to snort with laughter.

"Oh that's hilarious-"the red head chuckled and avoided the swat that John threw her way. The army doctor rummaged through his pocket and pulled out his phone.

The nurse shoved her own phone into her pocket and peered over John's shoulder, he pulled up a picture of the wall of when it was painted beforehand. Darcy's eyes scanned the image in front of her; there were ciphers and ciphers displayed on the screen.

"There-"John was slightly breathless, "Sherlock pass us your phone-"the detective was too focused on the image before him, so didn't blink as he handed his mobile over.

"Darcy did you take a video?"

"Yep-"the red head grinned, her gaze was on the painted wall. "I am so posting that online 'what? What are you doing?' that was funny-"she mimicked his tone, causing Sherlock to snort but he hastily covered it with a laugh.

"Right-"John nodded and without another word raised Sherlock's phone and took a picture of the mud covered nurse.


"This is so going to posted online-"he mimicked her. Causing Darcy to give him the stink-eye. "Oh and Darcy?"

"You smell-hey-"he yelled when she pushed him over.

They had finally arrived at Bakers Street, and Mrs Hudson was there to greet them. "Oh it's so chilly out come in, come in-"John and Sherlock rushed into the warm building.

The petite red head nurse followed suit and was about to step over the threshold but the landlady had other ideas. "Oh no dear you're covered in mud-"

"I know-"Darcy said dryly…"I kind of want to get out of these clothes-"she added.

"Right-stay there-"the nurse was dumbfounded when Mrs Hudson slammed the door in her face.

"Oh come on-"the red head muttered, she knew she was probably getting odd looks and wasn't too surprised. She was covered in mud and dirt.

"So sorry for that. I just had this carpet clean and –well come in-"the older lady ushered.

"Mrs Hudson there was no need for this-"Darcy gestured to the newspapers that the landlady had placed on the clean carpet.

"There is now come in dear." The red head felt more liked a muddied dog than anything, as she walked on the newspapers. Darcy rushed up the stairs and didn't miss the grimace on both of the men faces.

"Darcy shower before you stink up the place-and don't sit in my chair." Sherlock uttered turning on his laptop, he was going to be print the images off of John's face.

Darcy didn't argue and scurried off to the bedroom, and entered the bathroom. Where she stripped out of dirty clothes, she dumped them in the hamper and twisted the shower faucet. As she waited for the water to warm up, she stood in front of the mirror that was located above the sink.

Darcy scrunched up her nose in disgust, was she walking around the whole of London with mud all over her face? damn it looked more like dog crap. Her eyes was drawn up to her temple, where the hastily covered gash was locates, the band-aid was dirtied and beginning to come off.

The nurse hissed when she pulled it off. "Oww-"she muttered and saw that it wasn't deep as she thought, but it was stinging like hell. First things first though was to clean up, she stepped into the shower, and sighed feeling the hot water wash over her skin, Darcy just stood there for a moment.

This was nice…a moment to herself…no worries or anything. The red head looked down and saw the discoloured water swirling down the drain.

"DARCY STOP STANDING THERE AND SHOWER WOMAN-"Sherlock shouted causing her to be jolt back to reality.

Darcy wouldn't put it pass Sherlock to stalk into the bathroom any minute. So without further ado, she started to scrub the dirt off of her skin. When she was done, she reached out and grabbed a white fluffy towel and dried herself before wrapping it around her.

Darcy moved back into her back over to the bathroom cabinet, since that's where the first-aid box was. She fumbled with the latches and jumped when the door was slammed open.

"Come on we're going to need Soo Lin's help-"

"SHERLOCK GET THE HELL OUT-"she shrieked, causing the tall man to cringe at her volume.

"Relax-"he drawled "I can't see anything-nice legs-"she lobbed the toothbrush holder at him. He easily avoided it. "Rubbish aim-"

"I swear to-what-what are you doing?" Darcy asked her eyes widened when he took three large steps towards her.

"You're going to be slow-and I need you to move fast. So I am doing the decent thing-"he stated, and reached around her grabbing the first aid kit.

"You being decent?" Darcy said incredulously "You're standing there and oomph-what the hell-"she squeaked, when he grabbed her by her hips and placed her on the bathroom counter.

"Stop asking ridiculous questions. And I am being helpful, I could have let you do this all by yourself…and listen to you cursing as you did so…but I didn't. Now shut up." Sherlock was an incredibly hard man to argue against. Sometimes it was just better to let things go as they were. so she decided to do just that.

"Finally-"she rolled her eyes. Sherlock pulled out the swab and dipped it in some rubbing alcohol. "You are aware this is going to sting?"

"You don't say-"she said sarcastically. Darcy whimpered feeling the liquid in her wound, shit it was bloody stinging. Sherlock didn't mind that she fisted her hands into his shirt. "Ow-"

"I did say it would hurt" he smirked attempting to cheer her up rather poorly though.

"Shut up it freaking hurts-"her eye watered and was relieved when he was done with the rubbing alcohol.

"It's not so bad." His minty breath fanned across her face. Darcy's eyes snapped opened when she felt his long fingers against her chin. The nurse felt her skin being bathed in tingles as he touched her.

Sherlock gently blew against the cut drying it. Her deep jade green eyes met his grey/blue eyes. Unknowingly her eyes fell to his lips, she swallowed nervously. Sherlock gazed down at the pale red head…in one moment she could infuriate him and the next well the next second she could render him speechless.

Darcy licked her plump lips, and revelled in his touch as he plucked a wet strand of hair off of her face. She willed him to lean down and kiss her. "And this is the last part." He murmured and placed a bandage over the cut. His fingers lingered against her soft skin,

"Hey I thought-oh-"John blinked and his ears burned bright red seeing the scene before him. "I didn't know I was interrupting anything-"

"You're not-"Darcy burst out. "Erm….I should get dress right? We've got to meet Soo Lin-"John nodded and left. She slid from the counter and hurriedly brushed pass Sherlock. What the hell had gotten into her? Before she could leave the bathroom though, a large warm hand clamped down on her wrist and she was pulled back.


"You missed a spot" he said simply, and her breath hitched when his long nimble fingers touched her jaw. Truth was Sherlock wanted another reason to touch her, he couldn't help himself. He pulled his hand back showing her a flake of mud. "Oh and by the way Darcy…you still smell iffy." He teased her.

Darcy couldn't help but grin at him. "Such an arse."

"Whatever you say dear." He called out to her retreating figure.

They were back at the museum, Darcy had changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a green top. She forgo her long coat, opting to wear a jacket since it was easier to move about in, as well as putting her hair in a high pony-tail.

They had called Andy the museum worker again and were currently trying to find out where Soo Lin was. She pressed her hand against her mouth as she yawned. Unlike Sherlock, both the nurse and the doctor were dead on their feet. It was passed midnight.

"Two men have travelled back from China." Sherlock explained rapidly "The killer left them

messages - written in the Hang Zhou numerals."

Darcy shifted on the balls of her feet, she shoved her hands into her pocket, "The girl you fancy? Soo Lin she is in danger Andy." She said softly. Andy swallowed nervously.

"That cipher... it was just the same pattern as the others. He means to kill her as well." John stated, wanting to get across the seriousness of the current situation.

Andy blinked; Darcy could see that the poor man was worried stiff "I've tried everywhere. Her friends; her colleagues. I don't know where she's gone. She could be a thousand miles away." He informed them.

Darcy sighed and ran her hand down her tired face. "Well that's not good." She muttered. "Sherlock what-"she frowned seeing that the raven head man's attention was focused elsewhere.

"What are you looking at?" John asked, they both followed the consulting detective's gaze and saw that he was looking at some tea-pots.

"Tell me about those tea-pots" Sherlock walked towards the cabinet, the others followed on his heels. Darcy saw nothing special really concerning the pots, they were pretty though.

Andy nodded "Those pots were her obsession. They need urgent work. If they dry out the clay can start to crumble. Apparently you have to keep making tea in them."

Darcy was in awe at that. "Damn hopefully she can make good tea then" John nodded folding his arms across his chest. Sherlock crouched down in front of the pots, so he could examine them closer.

"Yesterday there was only one pot shining-"the detective murmured. Darcy also bent down so that she was beside him.

"Now there are two. She's here." Darcy uttered.

Sherlock grinned; they were another step closer to cracking the case. Once they got Soo Lin she would hopefully tell them what the cipher mean, ergo they would be able to solve the case. "She's getting in another way." He announced.

Darcy and John were waiting around the corner for Sherlock's signal, the consulting detective wanted to go in first, she couldn't help but feel he just wanted to make a dramatic entrance. When she said this, he didn't even deny it, for some reason she always managed to catch him out on some aspects.

"So-"John grinned at her, Darcy cocked an eyebrow. "I didn't mean to interrupt a moment back then, with you and Sherlock."

She rolled her eyes, the museum was dark and eerie. Darcy made a point to say that perhaps the best thing was not split up. She hit Sherlock on the back of the head when he mumbled something about her go rolling back into the mud. "There was no moment." She snorted.

John scoffed "Erm…yeah there was-"he uttered. "I was there for about thirty seconds before you two noticed me. It looked like you were going to kiss-"

"We weren't…gosh John you're such a girl." Darcy huffed.

John shook his head, "You two are impossible-"they were. One second they could bring the worst out in each other, but then Darcy could bring the best out of Sherlock. The doctor didn't miss the tender way he treated her at times. Thinking about their relationship was already giving him a migraine.

"Anyway how are you and that Sarah getting along?" Darcy asked and smiled when John blushed.

"Fine…I start work tomorrow-"he nodded.

Darcy hummed "But she was the one who conducted your interview and-you fancy her right-?"she asked the question abruptly.



"No, wait she's-"

"John and Sarah sitting in the tree K-I-"

"Stop-"John snapped, gosh she was like the little sister he never wanted. "Sto-"their bantering was cut short when Darcy's mobile beeped loudly; alerting her that she had a text. She pulled out her phone and quickly read it. "That would be our cue to join Sherlock." She turned on her heel and headed towards the room where Sherlock was. John trailed after her and they entered the room.

They introduced themselves and explained to Soo Lin what was going on, Darcy leant against the table besides John who was sitting down on a high-stool and Sherlock stood on her other side.

The red head could see that the woman was agitated and nervous; she didn't completely blame her for being this way. "You saw the cipher? You know that he is coming for me."

Darcy licked her lips anxiously and idly played with a strand of hair that had come loose. "You've been clever. So far you've managed to avoid him." Sherlock praised her.

Soo Lin nodded "Why would you risk staying? If you know he is coming for you?" Darcy asked curiously, she wouldn't deny it if someone was after her she would flee.

"I had to finish. To finish this work. But it is only a matter of time. I know he will find me." Soo Lin replied, "These are my life's work, I can't leave them in complete." She explained.

Darcy frowned the way Soo Lin was talking it was as if she personally knew the man. "Who is he?" Sherlock's deep voice murmured "Have you met him before?" neither of the trio missed the way she nervously glanced down.

"When I was a girl, living back in China. I recognise his... 'signature'.-"Soo Lin revealed.

"The cipher." Sherlock stated following her story.

Darcy and John listened intensely "Only he would do this. Zhi Zhu."

"What?" the red head questioned.

"It means spider." Sherlock swiftly replied, of course Darcy thought he would know what it meant. She leant forward as her elbows were resting on the tall glass table, and watched as

Soo Lin started to unlace her shoes, she slipped off her sock revealing her barefoot, there located on her heel was a tattoo. "Whoa." The nurse breathed seeing that it was small circular black lotus flower.

"You know this mark?" Soo Lin asked, Darcy and John remained blank, never in their life had they come across a mark like this.

"Yes." Sherlock replied instantly, brushing his arm against the red head's one. "It means Tong." He saw the questioning look on Darcy's and John's face. So further clarified "An ancient crime syndicate. Based in China."

"Oh-"she nodded, so that explained a few things already.

"Every foot soldier bears the mark - everyone who hauls for them" she went on further. John frowned connecting the dots.

"Hauls? You mean... you were a smuggler?" The army doctor asked, his brown eyes met Soo Lin's dark ones.

The woman could see that this odd group was interested in her tale, and they wouldn't be leaving till she told them. "I was fifteen, living back in China, in the Yellow Dragon City. My parents were dead. I had no livelihood. No way to survive day to day, except to work for the bosses."

"They who are they?" Sherlock asked, Darcy felt a wave of empathy for the woman; she had been in a similar situation to her. Being left parentless with no one to take care of you, was one of the hardest thing someone who was unfortunate to go through.

"They are called the 'Black Lotus'. They smuggle alcohol - cheap cigarettes. None thinks of searching the pockets of a school girl." Soo Lin took a brief pause before continuing her audience was enraptured by her tale.

"By the time I was sixteen I was taking thousands of pounds worth of drugs across the border into Hong Kong. I'm not proud. I'm ashamed of how I lived. But I managed to get out. I managed to leave that life behind me. I came to England - studied; night school. They gave me a job here. Everything was good. A new life."

Darcy tucked in her loose curl; she really needed to tighten her braid. From the corner of his eye, Sherlock noticed this and resisted the urge to brush the annoying strands of hair off of her face. "And then he caught up with you?" the consulting detective question.

Soo Lin nodded, there was only one light switched on above them, casting the rest of the room in shadows. "Yes. I hoped after five years... maybe they would have forgotten me. But they never really let you leave. A small community like ours - they are never very far away. He came to my flat three days ago. He asked me to help him - to track down something that was stolen." She told them. John frowned

"And you have no idea what it was?" he asked.

Soo Lin shook her head "I refused to help." She admitted.

Darcy bit her bottom lip, "And I bet he didn't like that." she murmured.

"You'd be right. That's why he sent you the cipher as a punishment." Sherlock said looking over to Soo Lin.

The Asian woman nodded gravely "He is ruthless. A fanatic. He would strike down anyone. Even family - if they betrayed him."

Darcy swallowed feeling worry ebb in her, this man sounded very, very dangerous. "You know him?" she asked softly.

Soo Lin's brown orbs met her green ones, "He is my brother." She answered. Darcy, John and Sherlock were stunned at the revelation, the nurse was…surprised her brother was hunting her down? He must be some really messed up guy.

"Was not expecting that was you?" Sherlock asked Darcy quietly, the red head shook her head. "It would explain why your mouth is wide open." With that he used his index finger and gently closed her mouth.

Darcy could feel the warmth that was coming off of Sherlock in waves, it was comforting. "Our parents died in the demonstrations. 1989. I was four years old. Liang a little older. Two orphans. We had no choice. We could work for the Black Lotus or starve on the streets like beggars. My brother has become their puppet - in the power of the one they call Shan - Black Lotus General. I turned him away. He said I had betrayed him. Next day I came to work and the cipher was waiting." They knew that Soo Lin was referring to the cipher that was pained on the marble statue in the basement.

Sherlock stood up and pulled out the printed copy of what John had taken a picture of earlier that night. He placed it on the table and unfolded it. Darcy and John remained seated as Soo Lin stood up so she could get a better view.

"Can you decipher these?" Sherlock asked bluntly.

Soo Lin nodded; it didn't escape Darcy's notice that her eyes were full of tears. "These are numbers." she trailed her fingers down the image.

"Yes." Sherlock uttered slightly impatient, he wanted answers preferably now.

"Here. The line. Drawn across the man's eyes. This is a Chinese number '1'." Soo Lin explained.

"And this is the number 15-"Sherlock cut her off, Darcy blinked and frowned and glanced upwards, she swore she spotted something moving in the shadows, before she could contemplate it further Sherlock spoke, "What's the code?" he asked.

Soo Lin glanced over to them and swallowed "All the smugglers know it. It's based upon a book..." just as they were finally getting something the lights went out. Causing Darcy to jump.

"He's here-"Soo Lin said gravely, Darcy automatically grabbed Sherlock's hand without thinking, the detective didn't blink and instinctively gripped onto hers tightly. "Zhi Zhu. He has found me."

Without further ado Sherlock sprinted out of the room, John's eyes widened seeing Darcy about to run after him.

"No Darcy-"John shouted and cursed when the red head ignored him and ran off. Darcy was hot on Sherlock's heels as they ran across the atrium.

"You followed?" Sherlock seethed. "What hell?" he reached backwards and grabbed her hand, their fingers laced together.

"Really?" she shouted and skidded to a halt, both of them looked around trying to find the guy. "Starting an argument now of all places?" Sherlock scowled and grabbed her when he saw a man clad in black on top of the stone staircase. Darcy jumped when there was a gun shot.

"Come on-"Sherlock dragged her as there was continuous gunshots being fired. He grabbed her around the waist and dove them behind a large statue. Darcy was encased in Sherlock's arms, her chest heaved and she could feel Sherlock's pants on her temple.

Darcy peered out from behind the statue after a moment of silence. "He's running-"she was already on her feet before Sherlock could and sprinted off up the staircase.

Sherlock scowled, she was more impulsive than him, and that certainly wasn't a good thing. Darcy sprinted up the stairs not stumbling for once, Sherlock's longer legs easily caught up with hers.

They rounded a corner, Darcy slowed down when there was no one there, but all of a sudden there were more bangs. She gasped feeling a fire of pain coursing through her as something clipped her. She stumbled to the side and fell away from Sherlock.

"Darcy get down-"Sherlock shouted. Darcy shook and held her arm, "Careful-"the detective yelled at the man "That skull is two hundred thousand years old. Have a bit of respect for archaeology!" there was a sudden bout of silence. "Thank you." He peered around the corner and saw there was no one there. "Darcy?" he called out and grew concerned when there was no reply. "Darcy?" Sherlock rushed towards where he saw her fall

"Darcy?" he saw her leaning against one of the cabinets. She was still on the floor.

"I'm fine-fine-"she breathed. Sherlock scowled.

"You are such an idiot-"he growled. She returned his glare.

"Me? You're the one who went after an unarmed man." She snapped back. Sherlock shook his head.

"Why the hell did you do that?"

"Because you're gigantic prat I care for you…I know shocking-"she said sarcastically, "and I didn't want you to end up dead."

Sherlock breathed out through his nose and helped her onto her feet. "I care for you as well." He muttered. "That's why never do something that stupid again." He added.

There was a sudden 'bang' of a gun going on, Sherlock and Darcy frowned at each other. The sound was much further away.

"Soo Lin-"Darcy breathed, Sherlock once again took her hand and they sprinted down the stairs, she felt a throbbing pain in her arm all of a sudden and suppressed a groan.

Darcy saw John who was running he was a few feet ahead of them; they were going in the same direction. They burst through the doors and Darcy gasped at the sight of Soo Lin, there in her hand was the black paper lotus flower.

"He killed her." She breathed.

Sherlock scowled, now they had to find the book. "I'll call the police." John said feeling guilty about leaving the woman behind.

Sherlock let go of her hand and she took a step, what was that incessant throbbing in her side? It was just above her hip where the burning pain was coming from. She pressed her hand against her side. Sherlock groaned and went closer to Soo Lin, just John rushed back over.

"They should be here soon-"

"What?" Sherlock grunted when John grabbed his wrist, he flipped his hand over.

"You're bleeding" John frowned seeing the scarlet liquid on his palm.

Sherlock blinked, he wasn't injured. "No I'm not I-"his eyes widened and he spun around and looked at the very pale looking nurse. "Darcy?" for the first time in a long time Sherlock Holmes felt fear course through as she withdrew her hand from her side.

Darcy swallowed her hand was coated in blood. "It's my blood." Her eyes were wide and she just managed to make out Sherlock rushing towards her, she wobbled on her feet before falling to the ground.

"John call an ambulance." He shouted he fell to his knees and clamped his hand down where he could see the blood staining the material of her clothes.

"Sherlock?" he cradled her against his chest. "You're going to be ok. You're going to be ok." He said into her mass of her red head. "You'll be fine. You have to be ok."

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So a lot went down in this chap-At the beginning we see Sherlock and Darcy arguing back and forth, John tells them to shut up. Raz arrives ad Sherlock gets jealous. She falls. They arrive at the skater park where they find the paint. The group split up, and not surprisingly Darcy gets into trouble, she drops her phone and kicks a rat before falling into a muddy pond/puddle. Sherlock thinks a homeless man is attacking him. Darcy finds it funny when Sherlock and John spin, she takes a video. Mrs Hudsons lays down newspapers for her. Darcy has to shower and Sherlock arrives. There is a moment but John walks in. They are back at the museum where Soo Lin tells them her story. Sherlock goes after the killer, Darcy follows...she's hurt.