Andie loved Sundays, it was the day her and Pacey spent together and relaxed. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and frying bacon wafted from the kitchen. A smile crept across her face; she hated to cook and how fortunate she was to be with a guy who loved to cook. While Pacey cooked Andie was curled up in a large over stuffed easy chair. Pacey cooked she read the Sunday paper, a great arrangement in her mind.

With a sigh Andie reached down and picked up another section of the Sunday paper and started quickly scanning the pages till she saw something of interest. Andies eyes rested on a photo of a familiar face. "Holy crap." She said to herself. "Pacey, come here."

"Can it wait for a few minutes Andie? I'm kind of in the middle of making some omelets." Pacey thought about the girl sitting in his favourite chair. Unexpectedly she had come back into his life. He had fought his growing attraction for her, but he soon realized that his feelings for her were suppressed, but had never really left him.

"Pacey you have to see this."

"Andie, will whatever you're going to show me still be there in five minutes?" Pacey paused and then continued with his omelet making.

"Honey, you have no sense of curiosity."

"I know dear, the coffee is ready."

Andie folded the paper to the picture and article she wanted Pacey to see. Gracefully she exited the chair and purposely strode into the kitchen. Pacey was adding ingredients to one of his outrageous omelets. Andie did not care she thrust the folded paper under his nose. "Look at it Pacey."

"Andie you have the paper an inch from my nose. I can't make anything out."

"You're exasperating Pacey, you can't recognize the picture." Andie pulled the paper back a foot. "Now look."

Now that things were in focus Pacey recognized the picture. It was of his ex-girlfriend Joey Potter and it was in the announcements section of the paper. Pacey set the spoon he was holding and took the paper from his girlfriend.

For years he had thought that Joey Potter was the love of his life. They had finally gotten together and it wasn't too long after that Pacey had misgivings. Nothing she did, but something was not right. He and Joey were back in Capeside for a weekend visit when they ran into Andie who was visiting her brother Jack. There were hugs all around and a meeting for drinks was set for that night.

Andie showed up at the Ice House with her brother Jack. Pacey could not help himself, he found himself staring at Andie. Some long dormant feelings were being aroused.

As events came to pass they kept running into Andie. Pacey started meeting Andie without Joey. No one physically cheated, but he knew he was cheating in his heart. The situation had come to a point where he knew he had to do something. The breakup with Joey went surprisingly smooth. They were sitting down at dinner when he told Joey; that they needed to talk.

Joey had smiled at him and just said one word. "Andie." That was the extent of the talk. He moved out the next morning.

Pacey sat at the kitchen table with Andie hovering over his shoulder. As Pacey read the article he was surprised, not that Joey was getting married, but to whom she was marrying. Andie had pulled up a chair and sat next to him. "Do you know who he is Pacey?

"I sure do dear. David Wilder was one of Joey's professors at Worthington."

Andie took Pacey's hand and looked intently at him. "Any regrets?"

Pacey leaned over and kissed the love of his life. "No regrets at all dear."

"Well I am pissed Pacey."

Surprised Pacey looked up at her and gestured with his hands. "Why?"

"The date Pacey; did you look at the date."

Pacey was puzzled. "What about the date."

Men Andie thought to herself. They never get it. "Honey that is the same date we are getting married."