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Chapter I: Thunder and Lightning

A lone figure stood atop the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in the entire city. His eyes were closed as he fearlessly leaned out over the bustling city whilst still keeping a firm grasp on the antenna to keep from falling. He took a deep breath as calm breeze swept across the peak of the tower. A wide grin spread across his features as the wind overcame him.

On both cheeks he had three scars that strongly resembled whiskers. Atop his head sat a mop of spiky blonde locks that danced in the breeze. His face was rounded slightly, much like his mother's and his eyes opened to reveal the sparkling sapphire orbs which he'd inherited from his father. He wore and orange and black wingsuit with a parachute snugly fastened to his back.

One might think that he was most definitely insane. But Namikaze Naruto liked to think of himself more as a free spririt. The blonde enjoyed the feeling brought on by the wind blowing through his hair. He was going by the old philosophy of living life to the fullest. And that just happened to be the fault of his godfather who used to always tell him, "Naruto my boy, you never know when your time will come so you must live it up while you can!" Of course, this was always after he was caught peeping at the local hot springs back home and beaten within an inch of his life by the female fatales that lie within.

Naruto cast on last look over the city and took a final deep breath. He sighed contently as he brought himself fully back onto the platform. He knew his time was limited, as at any given moment an MBI helicopter could swoop by and rain on his parade. From one of the pockets on his wingsuit he withdrew a pair of sleek black sunglasses and placed them over his eyes. "Well, it's now or never!" he said to himself. With a quick silent prayer, Naruto leapt.

"Get back here!" a girl screamed as a bolt of electricity escaped her hands. She cursed as she missed her target. She was rather tall with a slender build. Her long black hair framed her face, casting a veil over her golden honey eye and fell down her backside where it split into twin ponytails. She wore a provocatively tight, violet leather suit that hugged her curves and accentuated her large assets.

She was chasing down a brunette wearing a white gi, a red thigh-length skirt, ankle-high brown boots, and thigh-high white stockings. She cast another bolt of lightning her way but the girl dodged yet again. "She's getting away Hikari!" a fellow pursuer called out. She was a carbon copy of her companion only her suit was fuchsia and her bust was not quite as large.

"Shut it Hibiki, don't you think I can see that!" Hikari snapped at her twin. They'd been chasing this girl for the past ten minutes in an attempt to take her out but their efforts were in vain. But luck seemed to finally give them a break as the girl turned down an alley only to meet a dead end. She turned around to flee only to come face to face with her assailants.

"Finally, we've got you now!" Hikari said, electricity sparking wildly in her palms.

"Hold still and we promise it won't be as painful," Hibiki said, sparks dancing across her hands. The duo advanced forward at a slow, menacing pace, much like a predator would against its cornered prey.

"What do you want from me?" the girl called out as she prepared to defend herself.

"We're going to take you out of course. Then will be one step closer to winning," Hibiki smirked.

"Well, I can't fight, at least not yet…I haven't found my Ashikabi yet!" the girl desperately exclaimed.

"Who cares, we want to fight now!" Hikari said launching another blast at the girl, this time finding its mark. She smirked as the girl shook violently and doubled over. It disappeared as fast as it came when she saw the girl stand back up shakily and take a defensive stance. "Just stay down and this will go so much easier!," Hikari growled charging up more lightning fist.

"Not until I find my Ashikabi!" the girl yelled defiantly.

"That's it, prepare to die!" the duo yelled at the same time. They rushed forward, lightning cracking wildly from their palms, with the intent to end the brunette's life. The girl staggered back a little as she contemplated hers options of escape. Her chances were thin as she realized there weren't too many. She could only wait for the inevitable.


All three girls turned in confusion at the sudden voice. What they guess to be a person was rapidly falling towards them, a large orange parachute flailing closely behind. "What the-" Hibiki never finished her sentence as said person ungracefully crashed into her and her sibling. The three of them rolled a few feet as they all became entangled in the parachute. The brunette, taking no chances, hurriedly sidestepped the small cluster of bodies and hurriedly fled the alley.

"Ow my head…" Naruto groaned as he lay on the ground. He tried his best to rise up but a new weight fell on his chest, sending him crashing back down. "My other head…" he grumbled. Not only did he hit his head but now something lay on top of him, obstructing his vision. Whatever it was, it was heavy, dark, and soft. It rose and fell slightly and he could've sworn he heard someone breathing. He also felt weight resting on his chest and groin. 'Damn wind! It would happen to pick up like that! And what the hell is going on?! I can't move!' Naruto cursed. One moment he was gliding peacefully over the city and the next a strong gust of wind sent him spiraling to the ground below. He was lucky that he was able to deploy his parachute in time or else he would've been a stain on the concrete by now.

Hikari moaned as she finally regained her bearings. She was still trying to process what just happened. One minute she was about to strike down the big-chested bimbo, the she was attacked by a flying person. She felt herself surrounded by some light orange material and something hot between her bosoms. Confused, she hurriedly pushed herself into a sitting position.

She looked down to find herself sitting on someone's chest. She stared at the dazed and equally confused face of a blonde-haired man with shining blue eyes and strange whiskers, she guessed, on his cheeks. Then he grinned at her.

"Why hello there gorgeous!" he said.

Hikari blushed and she felt a fluttery feeling in her chest. Her body also felt abnormally warm. 'Who is this guy? And what is this feeling?'

"Not that I dislike this position or anything, but could you please get up? It's kind of hard to breath," Naruto said in a raspy voice. Hikari's blush intensified and she leapt backwards only to crash into her sister. Both rolled back unceremoniously and let out pained moans.

Naruto rose to a sitting position and after a short moment of struggling, he discarded the parachute to the side. He was awestruck at the sight before him. There were two girls doubled over. They wore tight violet and pink leather suits which he could've sworn they got from the set of a porno movie. Both had the same long, black hair pulled into ponytails and soft hazel eyes. He could immediately tell that they were twins, identical in every since of the word. The only noticeable differences between them were there bust sizes.

Hibiki and Hikari struggled to catch their breath as an intense heat washed over them. They were panting heavily as this new feeling seemed to intensify with each passing second. Both stared in upmost confusion at the blonde before them. 'What is happening? What is this feeling?' Hikari thought.

'Who is this person? He couldn't possibly be…' Hibiki's thoughts trailed off.

Naruto rose to his feet and stared at them with concern written across his features. They both looked as if they were having a panic attack and he couldn't help but feel he was partly to blame for it. "Hey, are you girls alright?" he asked, taking a small step closer but receiving no reply.

"Hey you two don't look so good. Maybe we should get you to a hosp-"

"Back off before I fry you where you stand!" Hikari roared, lighting bursting to life in her palm. Alarms went off in Naruto's head and he stumbled backwards, landing on his bottom. Hikari took one step towards him and it was enough to overload Naruto's danger senses. He wasted no time stumbling to his feet and taking off toward the street, never looking back.

Hikari collapsed as the electricity she held died out. She looked over to her sister to see her struggling just as much as she was. "H-Hibiki…did you feel it too?"

"Y-yes…I did," her twin replied.

"S-So…does…that mean we…"

"Y-Yeah…I think…we found our Ashikabi…"

Naruto fell over and rested his hands on his knees as he came to a stop. As soon as he left the alley, he'd hurriedly discarded his wingsuit and took off running as fast as he could. He ran for ten minutes straight before finally deciding he was a safe distance away. People stared at him incredulously as he stood hunched over in the middle of the side walk. He wore only a sweaty black T-shirt, a pair of orange shorts, and black socks. He was in too much of a hurry to even bother putting his shoes back on.

He cursed himself as he was now out one pair of sneakers and an ¥80,000 flightsuit! But the image of that girl in the S&M clothes holding electricity in her bare hands was burned into his mind. 'Who the hell were those girls?! And how did they do that?!' He was confused and consumed with the worst fear in his life at that moment. He honestly thought he was going to die. Had it not been for his well-timed, as his godfather put it, "tactical retreat", he surely might've ended up that way.

'Calm down Naruto, you were definitely just hallucinating. You hit your head and the adrenaline made the situation way more intense than it actually was. Now just breathe…' Naruto chanted to himself repeatedly. A few soothing breathes later, Naruto had finally calmed down. 'God, if this is your way of telling me no more stunts, I got the message loud and clear! Ok now let's see…it's only 11:30. I just need to go home, take a quick shower, and go about the rest of my day,' Naruto thought with an excited clap. With newfound vigor, he took off in the direction of his apartment.

Minutes later, Naruto step out the shower. He took a towel off the rack on the wall and dried himself off. When he finished, he took the towel and wrapped it around his waist, shaking his golden locks free of moisture at the same time. Naruto quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth before finally emerging from the bathroom.

He sighed contently as he looked around his bedroom. It was a decent size one-bedroom apartment. In his room there was a king-sized bed with accompanying nightstands and a dresser where three picture frames stood. The first contained a photo of himself playing with his baby sister. Though one mihgt not exactly consider hair pull a form of play. The second was a picture of him pushing his sister on a swing set at a park. She was six at the time and he was twelve. The third, and most recent one, was of his high school graduation from a few months prior. He stood hugging his mother and sister with a toothy grin plastered on his face. His godfather had a hand resting on his shoulder while his godmother stood next to his mother smiling.

This small group made up his small humble family, as well his aunt Shizune but she was busy taking the picture. His father had passed away shortly before his sister was born.

A freak accident caused their house to catch fire and he died getting his very pregnant mother out of the house. It made him sad every time he thought of his father but then he would remember all the times he'd spent with him and the happiness he felt easily outweighed the pain.

Naruto strode over to his dresser and pulled out a fresh pair of boxers. Most would find it childish for someone of someone his age to wear frog print boxers but he loved them. It also helped that they were very comfortable. He then strode over to his closet and flicked on the light. He tapped his chin thoughtfully as he pondered what to wear. He finally decided upon a pair of black jeans and T-shirt. He also decided to wear his black and orange jacket since it the weather was beginning to get a bit nippy lately.

He sat down on his bed and laced up his high-top double upper orange and black Converse All-stars. He had them custom made and ordered them all the way from America.

The last thing he did was open one of the nightstand drawers and pulled out a small black box. He opened it and pulled out a small, green crystalline necklace. It was given to him by his godmother for his thirteenth birthday. He never took it from with him on his escapades.

Naruto slipped the necklace over his head as he stepped out into the living room. He considered it to be a rather typical bachelor pad: A 50 in. flat screen, Xbox 360 system, black leather sofa and matching love seat, and a kitchen fully-stocked with ramen and other snacks and goodies. He strode over to his refrigerator and pulled out a small sports drink. Making sure to grab his wallet, Naruto left his apartment and locked it behind him. He whistled to himself as he began to walk down the street and blend into the crowd, not sure of his next destination.

"Are your sure it's this guy? He looks like a weakling," Hikari asked as she watched Naruto stepped out of his apartment and locked it before walking away whistling. "Yes, I'm positive," Hibiki said watching the blonde. The same fluttery feeling she felt earlier had returned the moment she'd laid eyes on him.

"Fine whatever, let's just get this over with," Hikari said making her way to jump off before her sister stopped her.

"You scared him off last time remember? We can't just waltz up to him. He might get scared and run away again," Hibiki said. "If that's the case, then he's much too weak to be our Ashikabi! Let's just find another one." Hikari said. She was met with a stern gaze from her twin.

"Hikari, our Ashikabi is the one we are destined to be with. We can't just go around trading them on a whim. Takehito-san said that the one person that we react to is our Ashikabi. We've been out for two months now and never have I felt anything like that before when I was around him, and I know you felt the same way," Hibiki said.

Hikari scoffed at her sister's words, knowing them to be true. Never had her body felt like it did earlier when he had touched her. But there didn't seem to be anything impressive about him, well maybe except that he was kinda cute. Hibiki saw the look in her twin's eyes and could tell she wasn't fully convinced yet.

"Hikari, what's the goal of a Sekirei?"

Said girl sighed. "To find a our Ashikabi and defeat all the others."

"And why is that?"

"So that we can live happily ever after with our Ashikabi."

"Isn't that what you want?"

"Of course I do!" Hikari answered with a betrayed look.

"Well why is it that when we finally find our Ashikabi you're rejecting him?" Hibiki asked in all seriousness. Hikari was at a loss for words. There was once again truth to her sister's words. She was trying to drive away their Ashikabi on the assumption that he was weak and a coward, but it had actually been her who'd scared him away. It wasn't like you see people weilding electricity with their bare hands every day.

"Alright fine, I'm sorry," Hikari sighed in defeat. Hibiki smiled and wrapped an arm around her sister. "It's ok, I forgive you. Now what do you say we get to work and we'll go find our Ashikabi later," Hibiki smiled. Hikari gave a curt nod and they both leapt away towards the city.

Naruto was casually walking down the street, headphones in his ears. He was in the middle of Downtown Teito, where the city was most active this time of day. He'd been walking around for the past hour and was still in the midst of figuring out what he should do. But an idea came to him when he felt his stomach growl. 'Maybe I should get some lunch first. But I don't know where to go…I know, I'll ask Siri!'

Naruto quickly whipped his phone out of his pocket. "Siri, where's the closest restaurant?" his phone took a minute before giving a reply.

"I found three restaurants that are fairly close to your location."

"Donnomandas Family Restaurant eh?" Naruto read the name of the closest one. "And they're having a grand reopening! I hope they have ramen! Oh, thanks Siri,"

"You're welcome Naruto-sama."

Naruto put his phone away and continued his stroll down the busy city block. Five minutes later he found himself at his destination. He could tell by the large "GRAND REOPENING!" banner that ran across the front windows. Naruto stepped inside and not much to his surprise, the place was packed.

He noted all sorts of couples and families seated throughout the restaurant as he walked up to the receptionist. "Table for one please," Naruto said politely.

"Yes, of course sir. Right this way," The man said. He led Naruto to a small booth located in the back corner of the restaurant. A busy intersection rested right outside the windows next to his table and people hurriedly passed by, oblivious to the bustling activity within.

"A waitress will be with you any moment now," the man said placing a menu down in front of him. Naruto merely nodded and cast his gaze out the window, staring blankly at the multitude of busy bodies and cars that passed by. 'Summer's almost over which means class will start up soon. I really don't want to go but if mom ever found out I blew off my education and scholarship she'll kill me! If only I could make a clone of myself and send him to school for me and everything he learned would be transferred back to me…yeah right. Like some farfetched like that could ever be possible,'

"Excuse me sir!" came a woman's voice along with a gentle tap on his shoulder. Naruto was so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the waitress approach him. He pulled his headphones out his ears and turned to face her. "Oh sorry about that I was just…" his words trailed off as he recognized the young woman. She was one of the girls he'd run into in the alley earlier. Granted she was wearing what looked like a blue maid outfit instead of that violet leather suit, it was still her none the less. He never forgot a pretty face.

He stared at her in a mix of fear, shock and confusion. 'Fate…we meet again my arch-nemesis…' Naruto mentally cursed. He was convinced that the cosmos had made it a goal to ruin his luck every chance it could.

Hikari stared back at him with a shocked expression rivaling his own. "You!" they finally managed to squeak out at the same time, drawing the attention of a few surrounding tables.

Hikari was confused but happy at the same time to see the man that was her alleged Ashikabi sitting before her. Never did she expect to run into him at her job of all places but this would definitely save them the trouble of having to go look for him later. But before she could even utter a word to him, he shot up and took off towards the exit. "Hey, wait! Come back!" she called out chasing after him.

Hibiki was on the other side of the restaurant when she heard her sister's yell. She turned to see her chasing after a young blonde man dressed in orange and black. The butterflies returned to her stomach after catching a glimpse of him. "It's him!" she gasped. She wasted no time abandoning her post to help give chase alongside her twin.

Naruto cursed his luck as ran, trying his best to avoid knocking people over. In a city as large as Shinto Teito, it was only certain that he would happen to run into the two girls that could shoot lightning from their fingertips twice in the same day. He had just wanted to enjoy a peaceful lunch after the stressful morning he'd had but fate twisted sense of humor seemed to have other plans for him. He glanced over his shoulder to not see one, but both girls chasing after him. "Wait, come back!" they called after him.

He did the exact opposite and ran even faster. He was very grateful at this moment for his insane amount of stamina. It was hard to explain but if he felt himself beginning to tire, it was like a new wave of energy washed over and replinshed him. At this rate, he could run for at least ten more minutes before burning out and he planned to lose them before then.

"Wow he's fast!" Hikari said as they continued to run the blonde down. She'd never she a human with such stamina before.

"You may be right, but we're a lot faster and he'll tire himself out eventually," Hibiki said.

They continued this game of cat and mouse all across Downtown Teito. Eye witnesses could only watch in confusion as the blonde man stalked across the metroplex by the pair of maids. Naruto cursed his luck as he felt himself running out of steam. He was convinced the pair of female fatales were going to kill him and at this rate, they were going to succeed in their mission.

He rounded yet another corner only to collide with someone. There was a surprised yelp as Naruto and the other person crashed to the ground. When Naruto regained his senses, he felt his head resting on something soft and plushy, almost like a stuffed animal or pillow. He would've reveled in the feeling but he soon remembered the assailants chasing after him. He rose to his feet and turned to help the other person up but was frozen in fear.

Well for one, they definitely weren't stuffed animals. No, instead they were a pair of large breasts. They belonged to a woman with bright golden hair and stunning blue eyes that rivaled his own. She had on high leather boots, black leggings that went about halfway up her thigh, a small white dress that barely went below her nether regions and revealed a lot of her ample bosom, and a long black cape that included long sleeves and a collar. She also wore an angry glare that was directed at Naruto.

Before he had to comprehend what was happening, he was thrown roughly against the wall and held up by his throat, making it extremely difficult to breathe. "Wretched monkey! Thou hath no regard for one's surroundings!"

"I-I'm s-sorry, I d-didn't see you! I-I was in a hurry!" Naruto choked out. The women continued to hold him and watched as he struggled to breathe. Just then, the S&M twins came flying around the corner.

"Hey Blondie, put our Ashikabi down!" Hikari roared.

The blonde woman turned to Naruto with newfound hatred in his eyes. "Thou art an Ashikabi?! Then I shall kill thee where thy stand!" She yelled as water began to surge around her hand and take the shape of a blade. But before she could do anything, lightning raced toward her body and she discarded the other blonde before jumping away. Naruto slumped to the ground and began gasping desperately for air. A pair of arms wrapped around him but was too disoriented to noticed.

Hibiki sat on the ground next to Naruto, holding him tightly, trying her best to ignore the intense heat brought on by his touch. Hikari stood in front of the them with lightning encircling her hands as she stared down the blonde woman a few yards away.

"What art thou doing? Standeth aside so that I may strike down that damned monkey!" she yelled. Smalls orbs of water coalesced around her hands.

"Piss off! This is our Ashikabi and I won't let you lay a finger on him!" Hikari retorted. She was doing her best to stand her ground but the warmth that washed over her brought on by Naruto's presence was making it difficult. She was definitely convinced that he was their Ashikabi and would be damned if she let any harm come to him.

"Very well then! Thou shall die with him! Water Celebration!" she cast one of the orbs at Hikari who dodged it before rushing at the blonde. All the while Naruto watched on in confusion. 'First lightning, then water? What hell is going on here? And what the hell did she call me?' he was brought out of his thought by the other girls heavy panting. He looked to see her face was completely flushed of color and she looked as if she was burning up. Suddenly, she collapsed to the ground, panting heavily.

"Hey are you alright?" Naruto said taking her into his arms. His previous fear was quick replaced with concern as he stared down into her pleading honey orbs. He couldn't help the blush that spread across his face when she reached up and caressed his cheek. "It really is you…after all this time, we finally found you…my dearest Ashikabi…"

"What are you talking abou-" his sentenced went unfinished as she suddenly pulled him down and took his lips in her own. Naruto was caught off guard by the sudden contact. There was something magical about the way her lips meshed with his. Her body then began to glow suddenly and wings of light sprouted from her back. Hibiki was in a state of bliss at the moment. She'd had an idea of what it must've felt like to be "winged" but it was way more intense than she ever expected. It felt as if she'd just ascended to the higher sky above. But just as soon as the feeling came to her it left. She opened her eyes with new found determination. This whole ordeal didn't go unwatched by her sister or the water wielding Sekirei. Hikari was staring incredulously at her sister and a greatly confused Naruto who still sat on the ground. 'Hibiki's been winged! It really is him!'

Without word or warning, she took off towards the pair and caught the downed Naruto in a flying tackle, crashing her lips against his in the process. Once again, the area was bathed in light as "wings" emerged from Hikari's back. The same feeling of ecstasy overwhelmed her just as it did her sister moments before. The light soon faded and Hikari stood to her feet and took her place by her sister. The blonde woman stared at them, a look of shock clearly etched onto her face. "What sort of vile trickery does thou commit?"

"Geez are you stupid or what?" Hikari scoffed.

"We have our wings now which means you are no match for us! Come on Hikari, let's finish this!" Hibiki exclaimed.


They interlocked fingers and raised their hands skyward. "By the thunderstorm of our pact, our Ashikabi's perils will be destroyed!" they chanted together. The clouds began to darken and lightning cracked across the sky. "Now take this, God Song!" they cried out in unison as a bright flash enveloped the area.


The sudden yell startled them and their aim was completely thrown off. Instead of the blonde woman before them, the large bolt of lightning struck a building beside her, completely leveling its side. By the time the light diminished, the woman was nowhere in sight.

"Damn it she got away!" Hikari barked. She turned to the source of the voice that caused their failure and lifted him off the ground and held him by his collar. "This is all your fault!" she growled with rage filled eyes.

"Hikari stop!" Hibiki pleaded.

Hikari suddenly realized her actions when she saw the fear-stricken expression on Naruto's face. His whole body was trembling in her grasp. She gently set him back down on his feet. Naruto was at a loss for words. He was confused by the whole light show ordeal with the wings and lightning and then there was the fact that it happened when they kissed them.

It all became too much for him and he passed out. Hibiki and Hikari gasped as seeing his body go slack all of a sudden and were immediately at his side, catching him before he hit the ground.

"Just great!" Hibiki exclaimed. She then shot a stern look in her sister's direction. "You scared him again! You better hope he wakes up!"

Hikari felt like shrinking under her sister's intense gaze. "At least we found our Ashikabi," She smiled sheepishly.