Soooooooooo I decided to just go ahead and start the new story. The prologue came to me one night while i was sleeping and I ended up typing it out. I'm sticking to the idea introduced in Chapter 15 but I'm expanding on it so it's not so random (I'm completely aware that there are plot holes .-.)

Everything will pretty much stay the same, save for a few changes here and there. There was some gripe about Shikamaru but he already kind of key to the story so he stays. Besides, I like Shika. His interactions with Naruto are mirrored by my own with my cousin so it's a little nostalgic. I can say he won't get any powers or anything crazy like that (Yet...?).

And I never got to the explanation for behind what happens with Minato so I'll just save that for the new story. And idea came to me that I want to expand on. I has to do some more research (and go back to read the manga more than likely) on Sekirei since I don't know nearly as much about their world as I do Naruto.

And one last time here since not many people knew. The plot in story as it is now is random because I had no plot when I started. The first six chapters were written in the last week before I shipped off to Basic. I had just watch both seasons of Sekirei when it occured to me there weren't any fanfics (at the time) featuring Hibiki and Hikari. They're my favorites (solely because their powers are lightning) and I began to wonder what if I put them with my Naruto from "Divine"

Long story short, it was absolutely spur of the moment and I made sure to reiterate many times but all the A/Ns from the first chapters got erased strangely. That being said, I'm totally open to any ideas people may have and constructive (big emphasis on CONSTRUCTIVE) criticism. Gripes like "This isn't a crossover" or "This is just a OC with Naruto's name" aren't much to go off of. I'll just get annoyed, what you want fixed doesn't get fixed, then everyone is unhappy. This story is more for me than anyone else, but I'd like for other people to enjoy it as well. Not trying to author the next greatest fantasy series or anything. I'd go on but I feel like it'll be over most people's head and nothing will change.

New story, same basis, more understandable. Published under "Thunder Maidens Redux" currently (Better title to come :P)

And I think that's it...

Oh yeah! My "Responsibilities" and "Untitled" stories are up for adoption if anyone is interested. Just PM me.

Now that's it...