Will you heal me?

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The tired red-head staggered along the sidewalk, dodging the people who walked past him. His clothes were dirty and his hair was messy. He lost his job and his family threw him out just because they found him making out with Mikuo. It was the green-haired male's fault. The red-head walked to a nearby wall and slumped on it before collapsing to the ground, his vision begun getting blurry as his consciousness began to fade.

Akaito heard a male voice above him and found out that the male was talking to him. His eyes strained to hear him and his eyes were trying to keep open but to no avail. All Akaito heard was, "...you okay? Might need to take you back..."

As his vision began to fade further, he felt hands gripping his arms tightly and shaking him hard, jolting him out of his state. His eyes darted everywhere before they settled on a pair of blue eyes. Something seemed off, the eyes were bigger than he expected. As he looked down for the person's mouth it was also big, also did the face. Only then did he realise that the person was too close to him. He blushed hard from the invasion of his personal space.

"Are you okay? Hey, answer me. I might need to take you back," the male spoke more clearly this time. Akaito stared at the male for a moment before pulling the blue-haired male in for a hug. He needed the warmth of that other person. It was dark and it was cold.

The blue-haired male sighed heavily before putting his arms around the red-head and pulling him in closer, giving the red-head warmth which he needed so much. Akaito felt himself blush harder when he felt the blue-haired male nuzzling his head in his hair.

"Hey, can I at least know your name?" the blue-haired male asked, voice soft. "Akaito..." the red-head whispered back. The blue-haired male replied with a soft smile on his features, "Nice to meet you Akaito. I'm Kaito. And in case you don't know, I recognize your name. You're my long lost younger brother," Kaito muttered softly as he ran his fingers through the red-head's hair.

Akaito's eyes widened in surprise. This was his older brother? "You might be surprised but I'm very happy to see you again. I thought you died when mom took you and you two went off to America without me or dad 11 years ago," the blue-haired male went on as he hugged his younger brother tighter, warming his younger brother up much more to prevent him from getting too cold.

"Let's get you to my place and get you cleaned up and warmed up, okay?" Kaito asked as he pulled away slightly to look at Akaito's flushed face. "O-okay," the red-head stammered.

Kaito helped the red-head up and began leading the way before he heard a dull thud behind him. "I'm too tired..." Akaito groaned. Kaito chuckled and obediently carried his younger brother on his back and went on his way back to his house.


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