Will you heal me?

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Akaito gripped the bed sheets in front of him as he stared at the unconscious form of his brother who was lying on the bed. Flashes of the past suddenly appeared in his mind as he stared at his brother's face before the full story of being separated played in his mind...


"Akaito! Akaito! Where are you?!" a worried Kaito exclaimed as he checked each door in the house with an alarmed look on his face as Akaito looked at him at the front door.

"Akaito? Where are you going?" Kaito asked as he stared at his younger brother who was fully dressed in a green fur coat and a pair of black pants and brown boots as it was snowing. "Kaito-nii... You didn't know? We're leaving," Akaito murmured as he stared at his older brother, confused.

"You're leaving? Without me?" Kaito asked, flabbergasted. "I thought we were going together, with mom and dad. Why aren't you dressed yet?" the red-head asked back, blinking.

"Mom and dad didn't tell me..." Kaito started but was cut off by his mother who screamed at him. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU BRAT!" their mother shouted in anger, picking up Akaito and walking out the door.

"Mom, where-,"Kaito started but was immediately answered by a crying father, "She's leaving us... She's taking Akaito with her." Akaito stared back at his crying brother and father with teary eyes as he was forced into the car and was driven off to the airport.

*End of flashback*

Kaito hesitantly opened his eyes to find a shocking sight. There, beside him, gripping the bed sheets and sitting on a chair, was his brother, crying. His figure was shaking uncontrollably. Kaito reached his hands out and cupped his brother's face, making Akaito look at the blue-haired male, taken aback that he was caught crying by his brother.

"Kaito-nii... Now I remember that we did meet each other," the red-head muttered, eyes half-lidded as he held both his brother's hands tight on his face as if he did not want his brother to let him go.

Kaito's eyes widened a bit before they softened once again upon hearing the news. He sat up slowly, feeling a small sting from the wounds he got from Miku from when they were fighting.

"That's nice... How long was I out?" Kaito asked, curious. Akaito stared at Kaito with a blank look on his face before showing three fingers to his brother. "I've been here, waiting for you to wake up for three days. The scratches weren't deep but you looked really tired so I sat here while waiting for you," Akaito smiled softly at his brother who was rubbing his thumbs on the red-head's cheeks. The red-head's cheeks were so soft to Kaito's fingers that he so wanted to feel them more.

Kaito pulled the red-head's face closer and brought his own closer so that their noses touched, causing Akaito to blush deeply from the invasion of personal space. "Kaito... You have to stop doing th-," the red-head's sentence was cut off by a kiss from his brother, catching him off guard.

Akaito instantly pushed his brother back, causing Kaito to hit his back at the top of the bed. "K-Kaito... S-sorry... I didn't mean to do that," Akaito stuttered feeling regret rise up in his chest. "It's okay. I need you to do something to make up for it," Kaito muttered as he pulled the red-head on top of him.

(Warning: Hard yaoi ahead! This is your last chance to turn back! I'm warning you! No more warnings after this! For others who are brave enough or want some action, please continue! owo)

"Allow me to take you," Kaito whispered against the red-head's skin which was between his teeth as he nibbled on Akaito's neck. Akaito flushed red upon the request but hesitantly surrendered himself to his older brother and gripped the older male's shirt, causing his brother to flip their positions so that Akaito was the bottom and Kaito was the top.

"Are you sure this is fine?" Akaito muttered, feeling pleasure rise up in his body as Kaito bit down the red-head's neck to his collarbone. Once he reached it, the blue-haired male bit hard on it, enough to leave a bruise that would last for a week or so and causing the red-head to mewl softly. "It is fine. And I'm marking you as mine so no one else will take you," Kaito whispered near Akaito's ear, his breath sending shivers down the red-head's spine.

Kaito ripped off the red-head's clothing, causing Akaito to cross his legs once the blue-haired male was done to hide his erection. "Don't hide it. I want to see it," Kaito chuckled, spreading Akaito's legs a little to reveal what the red-head was hiding. "You're beautiful, you know that?" Kaito chuckled again, causing Akaito to blush deeply.

"Stop joking!" Akaito exclaimed as he slapped his brother jokingly on the cheek, causing Kaito to laugh. "You're cute when you're like this," Kaito winked and continued pleasuring the younger male. He teased Akaito's nipples as he licked down the red-head's body to his belly button. He shoved his tongue in and his brother began wriggling under Kaito, trying to get the blue-haired male's tongue out of his belly button.

Kaito finally removed his tongue from it, licking his lips in anticipation before he licked down to the red-head's erection and held it in one hand, his other going to Akaito's bottom which he gave a rough squeeze, receiving a gasp from Akaito.

"You're such a tease," Akaito frowned at his brother with a slight smirk on his face. "I know, I've learned a lot," Kaito grinned as one of his fingers circled around Akaito's entrance, making Akaito blush deeply. "You're going to enjoy this... treatment I'm going to give you," Kaito muttered as he stared into a pair of red eyes filled with need.

Akaito wrapped his arms loosely around his brother's neck and chuckled, "Amuse me." Kaito did just that by inserting a finger into Akaito's ass and jerking the red-head off. Kaito inserted another two and thrusted the fingers in and out while he removed his other hand and replaced it with his mouth as he sucked the red-head off.

"Ahh... Nn... Ahn... So good..." Akaito moaned out in ecstasy as he sucked on two of his fingers in his lustful state. Kaito stared up at the red-head in amazement from the face Akaito was making. Akaito was blushing deeply and his eyes were half-lidded with lust and the sight was extremely cute.

Kaito quickened his pace, thrusting the fingers in and out faster and sucking on the red-head's cock faster, making Akaito a moaning mess. "K-Kaito... No more... I'm... c-cumming..." Akaito moaned in pleasure, his body shaking uncontrollably from it.

Kaito, instead of stopping his assault, continued on without mercy until the red-head came into his mouth. He swallowed it all before pulling back and removing his fingers from Akaito's ass to stare at his work.

It was such a sight. To make someone want you so bad and that person to be extremely hot and you making that person hotter? That's probably one of the most desired things you'd want in your life.

"Ne, Kaito... Are you going to continue or are you backing off now?" Akaito asked, one of his fingers tapping his temple lightly as he stared back at the older male, his head tilted slightly in amusement.

"Are you sure you want to carry on?" Kaito asked, spreading Akaito's legs and positioning himself at the red-head's entrance. "Well... you have to end it like some people say... 'Finish what you started'," Akaito chuckled. Kaito sighed as slowly pushed himself into the red-head's entrance.

"Oh god, y-you're big... oh g-god," Akaito muttered, eyes widening and tears threatening to fall from the overwhelming pain in his ass from the intrusion. "Sorry but I just want to thrust into you," Kaito breathed out once he was fully inside his younger brother. "T-then, don't hold y-yourself back," Akaito stuttered, trying to catch his breath from the pain. "If that's okay then I'm doing it," Kaito smirked as he licked his dry lips.

The blue-haired male pulled himself out before slamming back into Akaito, causing Akaito to let out a sexy, low moan. He continued doing so before one of his thrusts made the red-head cry out in pleasure. Kaito glanced up to find Akaito in extreme bliss. "Guess I found it," he thought to himself before he continued pounding into his younger brother, both of them gasping and moaning each other's name.

Akaito touched himself as his climax neared as Kaito spread the red-head's legs further for more excess as he kept thrusting deeply into his brother, each time he did, he hit the red-head's prostate.

"I c-cant..." Akaito forced out in between breaths. "M-me neither... Let's do... together..." Kaito breathed out as he felt his climax get nearer and nearer with each thrust.

Akaito screamed his brother's name as he climaxed. As his walls tightened around Kaito's erection, the blue-haired male buried himself deep in the red-head before he climaxed in the red-head, his cum filling Akaito's ass.

Kaito pulled out after a moment and collapsed on top of his brother as the two breathed heavily from sheer exhaustion. "That was one of the best things I've ever had, I have to admit it," Akaito forced out in between breaths, a small smile played on his lips.

"Same goes for me, little bro," Kaito smirked as he rolled over and laid beside the red-head and pulled Akaito close to his chest as both of them fell into a deep slumber after the exhausting activity.


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