He leans in towards me but I push him away, the pain in my chest still brilliant and bright, sharp like a knife.

"No Chad." I whispers softly, shaking my head. "We can't keep doing this. Making up and then breaking up. It's a continuous cycle."

"I don't care." He replies quietly, his eyes dark and stormy. "I need you Sonny."

"You need me? Or want me? I need to know that you'll fight for me." I look away

He places a hand beneath my chin and tilts my face towards him. He strokes her cheek with the pad of the thumb and for once he's entirely serious, his eyes warm and familiar.

"I will always fight for you Sonny. You are more important to me than anything."

"Even the show?" I whisper weakly.

He hesitates, his eyes searching mine. I hold my breath. "Of course. I..."

He trails off and I raise an eyebrow. "You what?"

"I love you Sonny." He says finally, a look in his eyes saying that he doesn't expect a similar response.

I laugh softly, slightly high on his beautiful words. "I love you too."

His lips touch mine, soft and warm, incredibly familiar. I couldn't imagine not not having him here with me, constantly by my side. He's everything I need. Everything I've ever wanted. He's mine and I love him.

He wraps his arms around me, holds me impossibly close and I love the warmth that radiates from him, enveloping me.

I know now, he loves me. Just as much as I love him. His kiss tells me all I need to know.