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Chapter 1: Memories...

One thought ran through the mind of Dante, the infamous demon slayer, the son of the demon knight, Sparda. The one who had sealed off the demon world from the human world and now for the life of him, his twenty one year old son stood utterly and completely baffled. One moment he was fighting in an arena with demon's cackling at him and him facing the boss of them or so he might would want to believe, but when he had beaten the demon, next thing he knew?

"Where the hell am I?!" shouted Dante as he looked around.

Farmland all around him, with thick green grass surrounded the demon slayer. He looked around to see lush filled pastures of grass and a forest of trees infront of him. He looked on in confusion and then spinning his beloved twin guns, ebony and ivory placed them into the back of his red cloak. Much change had gone through in him, it had been two years since he had lost his brother Vergil. But he had not in the sense lost him. He could not save his brother from falling into the depths of the demon realm for his lust of power.

"Might controls everything and without it, you can't protect anything..."

Those were the words he had told him. Dante couldn't understand what he said- No...rather he could not understand why he said that. What did Vergil have to protect? He shrugged it off. This wan't the time to think about such thing's. What he needed to do now was to find out where the hell he was for that matter. He let out an audible sigh as he began walking. He looked around moving his head from left to right. He narrowed his eyes, north of him but in a great distance he could see the outer shaping of a city.

"No use standing around here, might as well get moving..." murmured Dante as he began to walk forward. Nonchalantly he began to walk but his keen demon senses picked up footsteps and of course some a sound of heavy footing and a roar.

"You! watch out!" came a voice. Dante just drew out rebellion and in one swift motion cut the beast behind him in half. Blood splattered around him as he looked to the fallen beat. He blinked in surprise.

"Never seen a demon like this before..." thought Dante as he placed Rebellion behind him once more.

"Woah...that was slick man!" came a voice.

Dante blinked as he looked to the left of him. To see a group of people infront of him. He looked in surprise as a gargatuan of a man nearly seven to eight inches in height came up to him. He had light blond hair, blue eyes, and a stubble beard and was wearing a black bandanna, black gloves, large gray boots, a light blue vest over a black shirt, and a striped blue scarf hanging from a belt under a long beige trench coat with frayed hems. He stretched out his hand as he grinned at the demon slayer.

"Name's Snow! Snow Villers! what's yours? that was pretty awesome how you took out that behemoth in one blow."

Dante walked up to him. Snow thought that he was going to shake hands with him and introduce himself to him. Frankly speaking, Snow was impressed by the way, this unknown person had dealt with the behemoth in one slash. Time slowed down as Dante came up to Snow. He didn't show any emotion rather he just walked past Snow and onto someone behind him. It took a moment for Snow to realise that the stranger had walked past him. He blinked as he turned around to see the stranger flirting with the female member of his group.

"Hey babe, what's your name?" smiled Dante.

"Oi, stay away from her!" shouted another boy. Dante just glanced at him. he was wearing what appeared to be snow glasses and the definition of a snowboarding "expert". Dante silently decided in his mind to call him "eskimo". He too had blond hair, blue eyes, but a rounded face. Wearing silver goggles with orange glasses on his head. His sweater was black on torso but has pink sleeves, and high collar, and a large symbol on the right side of the sweater. He also wore grey pants, with khaki top, and brown pouches on each side of his hips.

"I'll tell you what it's not, it's not babe" said the woman as she tried to hit Dante, only for the son of Sparda to dodge the little slap and walk away from them. Snow blinked as he watched him walk away from them

"Hey! wait up!" shouted Snow. Dante just showed his back to them and raised his hand up signalling he was leaving. He glanced at them one last time as he made his way to the place that remotely resembled a city. And nonchalantly he began his treak.

Snow let out an audible sigh as he watched the man walk away from them. "Hey Snow?" Snow turned around to see one of his team members looking at him.


"That guy kinda looks like you doesn't he?"

"Your out of your mind, who can copy these good looks, Lebreau?" grinned Snow. Lebreau let out an audible sigh as she looked to him.

"Who was that guy anyway?" came Gaddot's voice as he looked to Snow "Abosolutely no idea..." replied Snow as he shook his head and looked to his group. "We better get going..."

Lebreau grinned at him "Oh? so soon? is it because...of *ahem* Serah?"

Snow paled "It has nothing to do with her! let's just go already!" fumed Snow as he started marching. The group behind him let out a laugh as they began to tread forward teasing Snow of the one called Serah.

Dante had begun his treak a long while and was halfway to the city. He stopped as he looked to a signboard. He narrowed his eyes as he read the contents on the board.

"Bodhum...two kilometres" read aloud Dante as his face adopted a confused expression

"Bodhum?!...more like boredom! heh! who names a place like that!?" Dante said, obviously conversing with an imaginary friend. But as he read the contents again. Voices played out in his head as he looked to the sign.

"Dante,Vergil, this place is called Bodhum..."

"Bodhum?...sounds more like boredom, mom!"

"Be quiet, Dante! your annoying!" came another voice. The young Dante just looked to his twin and stuck out his tongue at him. The sound of a woman chuckling caught them off guard.

"Boys, no fighting, this is temporary alright?"

"Yes mom..."

He shook it off as he hit himself on the head "Get it together Dante, got to get back home before that pizza gets cold!" reminded the demon slayer as he began his trek once more to the city, observing the sights and the sounds of the serene environment. All he wanted to do was get back and laze around like he usually did without Lady trying to cut him in half for not paying her back. And as he walked step by step observing the wilderness around. He had a strange if not eerie feeling that someone was watching him. Just to make sure, he glanced behind him. And then just shook his head, signalling his silliness with the matter.

And then from a crystal orb. An old man watched as the son of Sparda walked through the wilderness outside of the area confines of Bodhum. He silently smirked as he watched Dante move along the wilderness.

"So it paid off, the son of Eva has returned...this will go more smoother than I expected" smiled the man as the vision of Dante shut out from the orb. The door to his chamber opened as he shut down the orb.

"Primarch Sanctus?"


"There are some matters that need your attention.."

"I will be there, shortly" smiled Sanctus as he watched the guard leave him. He got up slowly and made his way out of the room all the while smirking to himself.

Dante made his way to the city of Bodhum slowly, he wasn't in any hurry anyway. As he walked through the wilderness. He stopped as he suddenly turned to his right to see a broken old home. He didn't know why but he was suddenly drawn to it. Deciding to follow his instincts, he came infront of the house and stood in contemplation. Narrowing his eyes, he made up his mind, he decided to explore the run down home. He knocked down the creeking door as dust flew up from the place. Holding a look of confusion, he continued on. He stopped as he felt that he had stepped on something. He removed his foot as he knelt down and picked up what he had stepped on. His eyes widened in surprise. There in the frame that he stepped on stood his mother with him and his twin, one grinning and the other scowling. A small piece of silverware fell to the ground behind him.

He jumped up as he avoided a fatal slash. Hanging on the chandelier, he looked to down to his would be opponent.

"Hey now! sneaking up isn't very nice ya know?"

"Son of Sparda! why have you returned to this place?!" shouted the demon, his red eyes glowing in the dark background.

"Who knows? they say home is where the heart is!" grinned Dante as he swung form the old chandelier and sumersaulted to the ground landing perfectly.

"I'll rip out your heart!" shouted the demon. Dante bought up his right hand as he wagged his index finger. "Uh..uh uh, what's up?"

And against the demon's better judgement, it did which resulted in it being crushed by the old chandelier. Dante looked on umimpressed as he took out ivory and in one single shot to the head, it was dead. Dante let out a long supressed sigh as he watched the demon's body and the splattered blood dissapear. He looked up as the rays of sunlight fell on his face. The roof was open. He stiffened as he heard the sound of a gun clicking behind his head.

"Well hello to you too missy!" came his voice as he glanced to the woman now threathening his life. She had long pink hair, a heart shaped face and pale aqua coloured eyes.

"Who are you? why are you here?" came her cold voice as her weapon clicked against Dante's head.

"Hey hey! I can ask you the same question ya know lady?" came his chuckling voice as he turned around. He looked in surprise to the woman infront of him as he grinned as she answered him.

"This is my friend's home, I don't take lightly to intruders" came her voice.

"Whew, your friend really has a lousy sense of decoration, doesn't he?" chuckled Dante. She pushed her wepaon up to his neck as Dante grinned at her. The weapon she held seemed like something of a mix between a gun and a blade.

"Why don't you put the pointy object away and you and me can-"

"Give me the frame" camer her voice as Dante was cut off.

"The what?...oh?" mused Dante as he looked to the broken frame in his hand. "I think I'll keep this, has some good ol' memories in it" grinned Dante as he walked past her. She didn't let up as she blocked his path and edged the blade closer to his neck.

"Give me the frame" came her cold voice once more, albeit more edgier than before. Dante grinned again as he threw the frame up "Catch"

The woman moved away from him as she jumped up to catch the frame. But was too slow in doing so, Dante caught the frame and jumped to the open roof, the lady looked on in surprise as he did that, she drew out the blade as she shifted it in her arms and then shot at him. He escaped out of the roof as the lady grunted.

"Oi! look what you did! you messed up my coat! that's coming out of your paycheck pinky!" said a now angered Dante as he looked down from her from the roof.

"Pinky?" whispered the surprised woman.

"Next time we meet! your going to have to pay for this! until then adios pinky!" shouted Dante as he gave her a one handed salute and dissapeared from the roof. The woman stood in silent contemplation of what had just happened.

"No...he couldn't be..." whispered the woman. The sound of a motor reving up caught her attention as she ran out of the broken home.

"Thanks for the ride! I'll be sure to take good care of it pinky! adios!" shouted Dante as he got on what appeared to be a motorcycle. And then in one burst of speed he was gone, leaving the woman gaping at the sight. She berated herself for acting like such an amateur. But then her mind went back to what he had said.

"Give me the frame" came her voice as Dante was cut off.

"The what?...oh?" mused Dante as he looked to the broken frame in his hand. "I think I'll keep this, has some good ol' memories in it" grinned Dante as he walked past her

"Memories?..." whispered the woman as she looked on at the outer figure of Bodhum. She let out an audible sigh, she would have to walk back there now.

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