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Chapter 30: The end? don't bet on it!

Demonic underground tower, Earth..

"You! what are you doing here?! how are you even alive?! I thought Dante killed you! "

"You thought wrong...now why are you here?"

"I'm here for your brother, now where is he? damn it! Vergil! answer me! " called out an irritated Lady. The figure just smirked as he looked to her "Dante?...you want him back so badly?..." she blinked as he slowly unsheathed a katanna from his sheath

"You'll have to defeat me first.."

"Tch...you bastard. What did you do to him?!" shouted an angered Lady.

The form of Vergil just sheathed yamato once more and then looked to the woman in front of him "But I do believe I should explain...I did not do anything, beyond this door is a portal to another world..."

"Portal? then Dante-"

"Yes, he is on one of those worlds, once his job is over; he'll come back" answered Vergil, Lady examined the figure in front of her; he was wearing the same clothes that she had first seen him with, a blue coat with a serpent designs on the front end of white wore an armored vest along with black pants and brown boots. Unlike his younger brother, Vergil knew what was appropriate to wear at times. Lady wearily drew out Kalina Ann and looked to him questioning him some more.

"Now why are you here? asked Lady, a confused expression on her face; it turned into one of seriousness as she began speaking once more "I thought you went off into the demon world..."

"I did..." answered Vergil "Or rather 'he' did"

" 'He'? who are you talking about?" asked a confused Lady.

"Me, of course...foolish girl, the only thing that has grown is your stature; not your knowledge answered an amused Vergil. Lady just gritted her teeth and brought Kalina Ann upwards "Tell me everything, before I send you back to where you came from..."

"Hmph, after I went into the demon world; I moved to battle the prince of darkness" muttered Vergil. Lady just raised an eyebrow at this "The prince of darkness?...don't tell me, you w-"

"No...I did not, as much as I hate to say it I lost and was forced to be one of his generals, it was...horrifying to say the least" explained the elder son of Sparda. Lady blinked in surprise and her gaze softened and slowly she didn't know what she felt, but it felt that she felt pity for him. Not wanting to get wrapped up in her emotion, she spoke to him once more.

"Then how are you here?" asked a confused Lady, her voice was etched in seriousness and it dipped into confusion at the end. His cold eyes looked to her, and a hint of amusement played in it.

"I'm not..."

"What?" blinked a surprised Lady "Quit fooling aro-"

"When I said 'I'm not', I wasn't lying...I'm not Vergil; you could say that I am but I'm just a small part of his power he left behind to guard this seal which he broke when he was under the command of the demon emperor" came his answer. "This seal..." the figure known as Vergil took out his katanna and placed it on the wall behind him which lit up in a greenish glow.

"Was placed by my father, Sparda to prevent the prince of darkness from returning to the other worlds, only someone with the blood of Sparda can break the seal" explained Vergil.

"So he used you" stated Lady.

"Yes, the demon world and this human world; Earth are two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other...once I broke this seal under his orders; I regained some power to fight the influence of the demon king and placed some of my own power in it and then broke free of his control and went to the first and second worlds. Dante, on the other hand found this before I could return...he's back to the place where both of us spent our short lived childhood" explained Vergil.

"So your sayin' that there are other worlds with humans on it?" asked a confused Lady.

Vergil nodded his head and looked to her "Earth is the centre, that is why it is parallel to the demon world, now that I've explained this..."

A cold edge settled over them and Lady quickly brought up Kalinaa Ann and blocked Vergil's katanna. "Let's have some fun, shall we?"

"Tch...like hell!, you bastard!" shouted an angered Lady, she easily pushed him off of Kalina Ann and blinked in surprise, for some reason; she felt that she was stronger than the figure before her was. She heard him chuckle.

"You felt it? didn't you?...this is just a small fraction of the original's power...a highly skilled human can easily beat me to my knees but that won't happen with you" stated a now serious Vergil.

Lady let out a grunt and then brought up her two handguns and prepared to fire at him, he deflected the bullets with ease and then moved to cut her down. She dodged it at the last second by pushing herself back; she flipped back and reloaded her guns and began firing again. Only for the same process to be repeated again. Lady saw Vergil smirk and then she watched as he drew out katanna and place it back with blinding speed. She felt an odd sensation and then jumped forward. The wall behind her collapsed into two clean halves and fell to the ground.

"That was close.." muttered Lady.

Vergil walked forward with his katanna, seeing no other choice, Lady brought up Kalina Ann and placed it in front of her and then fired three consecutive missiles at Vergil, his eyes momentarily widened in surprise; he dodged the first missile and the second he cut down with his katanna; deflecting it...Lady smirked as the third one hit it's mark, Vergil's eyes widened as he was blown back a bit by the explosion. She got up and smirked at him and placed both ehr arms on her hips.

"That won't happen with me huh? sorry pal...but I'm no ordinary human" mocked Lady.

Vergil let out a small cough and then looked to her, she watched as he smirked once more adn got up.. "I see that now...I underestimated you"

A cold wave settled over Lady and then before she could blink, Vergil was behind her "Believe me, it won't happen again"...Lady's eyes widened as she looked back, it was a little too late as the katanna cut open a small wound on her right arm, she skidded back with kalinaa Ann and watched as her blood freely fell onto the dust covered ground beneath her. Anger grew in her gut as she leveled the figure before her with a glare.

"That shirt cost a lot, you asshole!" shouted an angered Lady.

Vergil just raised an amused eyebrow at her "Your clothes matter more to you than your life?"

"I'm not even gettin' paid for gettin' your lazy ass of a brother back! and to top it off you ruin my shirt!" came her shout, Vergil's eyes momentarily grew surprised as Lady drew out both her handguns in blinding speed and began firing at him, Vergil ran parallel to her as she began firing. His eyes however widened as he stepped on a small projectile to his right. Lady smirked exactly at that moment and an explosion covered the elder son of Sparda.

"That's what you get for messing up my clothes!" came her amused shout.

Shifting floor, Eden, Cocoon

"Eh...what was that just now? felt like one of Lady's temper tantrum's"

Dante cringed and then let out a nervous sigh, he examined the room that he was currently in, pink tiles moved around in the room; it reminded him of the cube room that he had found in the temen-ni-gru. But only that this room was just floating around in endless eternity. He looked over the edge to see nothing but a vast empty space underneath him.

"Hmm, don't want to take a fall down there" came his voice.

He walked forward step by step, when he had arrived in the room; it was arranged and lead to a straight path but once he set foot in it. The path had been jumbled and he had to take a long winding way to a portal that stood at the end of the room. It was a good distance away from him and for the life of him, he knew that something or the other would be awaiting him. He walked forward on the pink path and then after a minute fo walking, came to the final white portal at the end of the room. He smirked.

"Huh, guess I was wrong.." muttered Dante, he moved to enter the portal but at that moment; the tiles beneath him shook with ferocity and then the tiles beneath him shattered. He fell and watched as the white portal above him grew farther away from him. He somersaulted in the air and landed on the ground beneath him.

"Oh great..." came his sarcastic remark.

The room was black and blue lights littered the area where he stood. He nonchalantly walked around looking for a way out and then the sound of footsteps drew his attention towards his right. He blinked in surprise as the figure before him emerged from the darkness and stopped in front of him. The figure had a vaguely insectoid demon with clawed hands, a scaly hide, a pair of downward facing ram horns, chiropteran wings with beetle-like wings underneath, hooves for feet, and reptilian spines protruding from his back. Parts of his body appeared to be made of grey scales with accents of red and purple. He also had gold veins on his hands and arms, chest, shoulders and back, a red diamond eye shaped gem in the center of his forehead, and skull-shaped gold knees and elbow guards with small horns. Dante placed his right hand and covered his face in annoyance. And then looked to the figure infront of him once more as it began to speak.

"Son of Sparda, I am Orphan's protector" came the figure's almost robotic voice.

"Not this again..." he brought out ebony and ivory and then rotated slowly in the position he was standing in. Seemingly frustrated, he aimed ebony towards the figure and then looked upwards to where he fell from.

"What is it with power hungry morons and my father huh? Is he some kind of callin' card for you guys?" muttered an irritated Dante.

A voice chuckled and Dante knew that it was the primarch Dysley. "My apologies, but it was a temptation that I could not pass...you see, when your father sealed the prince of darkness during the war of transgressions; he left behind a small amount of his power which I engineered and conjured up into the being before you...so let us see who is stronger; the father? or the son...you can call this version of your father, the guardian.."

"I'm really gettin' sick of hearin' your voice, once I deal with this pasty face poser; I'm comin' up there and kickin' your ass" answered an irritated Dante, he looked to the figure of his father once more and then drew out Rebellion and pointed it at him.

"Come on then, let's get this over with" muttered a frustrated Dante.

"You will not pass" came the Sparda look-alike's voice.

Dante blinked as the guardian removed a blade from his back. He grew surprised as he recognised the sword, it was the force edge, or rather a pale imitation of it. And then the guardian charged forward with his sword. Dante brought up rebellion and blocked it. He blinked as the pressure to hold up rebellion increased. And then with one push. Dante was sent flying into the air with rebellion in tow. He shook his head as he floated through the air, his gaze was that of surprise as the guardian floated above him, Dante quickly bought his legs up and twisted his body upwards in time to avoid a stinger from above. The guardian then landed on the ground and Dante somersaulted on the ground and caught Rebellion. He dusted his pants and then looked to the figure in front of him.

"Hmm, looks like you ain't just a cheap knock off after all." spoke Dante.

The guardian then watched as Dante removed a black scabbard tied to his waist. He unsheathed and then caught it in his right arm and Rebellion was now in his left arm. he then grinned looking to the guardian "If you think you had trouble with me before, how 'bout we double it?" and then with blurring speed, Dante appeared in front of the guardian who staggered back in surprise. He first brought up rebellion and then pushed it forward towards the force edge and then smirking he brought up yamato and slashed the joint of his right arm. And with Rebellion hilt pushed him back a fair distance and into the blackened wall.

The guardian bled a dark black liquid as Dante looked on, he watched as it staggered and then got up once more. He blinked and then the right arm of the guardian regenerated itself along with the sword. Dante resisted the urge to groan out in frustration. He watched as the black figure in front of him smirked.

"You cannot kill me"

His eyes widened as he bent down and dodged a punch form the guardian, he brought up Rebellion and blocked the force edge, that however didn't prepare him as the guardian's right leg connected with his face and sent him flying once more. He snapped out of his daze and threw Rebellion at the guardian, the guardian didn't move rather he caught Rebellion in his left arm and moved to strike a surprised Dante down. Dante held onto yamato and then drew out ivory and proceeded to fire away at his opponent. He watched as the guardian weaved through the bullets and then jumped towards the devil hunter. Dante flipped back but on doing so, his over coat was cut and the strapping fell to the ground. Dante grunted in frustration and then landed on the ground.

"My shirt! dude!" shouted a now angered Dante

He threw his overcoat to the ground in frustration, he was now wearing only his black inner shirt which showed off his toned body and covered up until the lower part of his beck, his red pants with a black belt and his black boots. He didn't have time to lament as the guardian bought forth force edge to cut him down. A flash of light covered the area in a second and Dante blocked the force edge with gilgamesh's armor. With the increased strength he moved his arm and pushed away force edge and fired off a bullet to the head of the guardian. Black liquid sprouted out of the guardian's head as it fell to the ground. Rebellion fell next to Dante, he slowly picked it up and placed it on his back once more.

A sick screeching sound caught his ear and he turned around once more. He watched as the guardian's lifeless body sprouted forth again and floated above the ground and then he looked on as his pale sword transformed before him. It looked bigger now with an extended edge to it's blade, the guardian floated downwards and landed on the ground. It looked more menacing, fire encompassed him and a shield made of fire attached itself onto it's left arm. Before Dante could blink, he was stabbed and blood flowed out from his body. He looked to see the dark force edge's blade extended and torn into his body. It quickly retracted itself with Dante attached itself and then with one kick, Dante was sent flying to the wall opposite to him. He coughed up blood and slowly looked up to the guardian.

"Give up and die peacefully" came the guardian's robotic voice.

Dante coughed up blood once more and grinned as he slowly moved to get up, "S-sorry, can't do that, got a k-kiss waitin' for me up there...and a k-kid waitin' for m-me to get him a strawberry s-sunade..." chuckled Dante. Before he could blink, Dante was thrust down against the wall behind him by the black force edge through the cavity of his chest.

"Stay down" came the voice of the guardian once more.

Dante slowly grumbled under his breath and began to black out and lose consciousness And then his head tilted to his right and then whispered with his dying breath.

"S-sorry Claire, g-guess I couldn't get you o-out o-of this mess...a-after all..."

And then he fell into the arms of unconsciousness Seemingly satisfied, the guardian drew out force edge from Dante's bleeding body and turned around and began to walk away from his bleeding form.

Heart of Eden, Cocoon

"Orphan! alright! I'll do it...I'll destroy you.."

Fang's voice resonated within the final chamber of the sanctum palace as she looked up to the being known as Orphan. The group had come a long way and had defeated the primarch Dysley or rather Barthandelus but he had taken on a more fiercer form. One of three faces. She slowly looked up in remorse at the being. The others were now unconscious from a black shock wave that Orphan had released upon them. Save for Vanille and her, Fang looked to the fallen form of her comrades and then looked back to Orphan.

"Fang!" cried out a hurt Vanille "You can't! we promised to save Cocoon! we promised!"

Fang didn't look back at her as she held onto her staff. "Yeah? well I made a promise too...I promised to protect my family" she looked back to Vanille, determination and the expression of hurt etched onto her face. Snow blinked as he slowly regained consciousness and looked up as the two women conversed.

"Fang?" questioned Snow.

"Sometimes..." she brought up her staff and then moved to strike down Vanille "You've gotta choose..."

And then slashed away at Vanille only for her staff to be intercepted and caught by Snow. Fang seethed in rage as she looked to him "Back off!"

"What are you doing?!" shouted an angered Snow, now latched onto Fang's staff.

"This ain't the time to be losing it lady!" shouted an angered Sazh who now latched onto Fang's waist, "You too huh!? well come on then!" shouted an irritated Fang, Another voice tore through her anger as she looked up to see Lightning followed by Hope blocking her path to Vanille.

"What do you get by hurting Vanille? we're in this together!" shouted a determined Lightning.

Her words hit Fang and the latter woman stopped her struggle, "This is my focus" came her whisper, she then shrugged down both Sno and Sazh "And no one's gonna stop me!"

She then jumped up into the air as Lightning and Hope looked on in concern, an orange glow encompassed her and then she brought down her staff and hit the ground, a small explosion occurred and Lightning's scream of pain was doused down by the blinding flash of light that encompassed the room.

Shifting floor, Eden, Cocoon

Dante could only feel and see darkness voices abounded in him as he walked forward in the darkness; unsure of where he was.

"Get up Dante..."


He answered and blinked as a voice rang out to him, he stopped and looked around for the figure of the voice. he turned back and then looked forward once more.

"Dante! give it back!"

"Huh? no way...I think I'll keep it!"

"Give it back Dante..."

"Hmm.. nope, here I'll make a promise with ya!"

"A promise?"

The voices were familiar to him as he looked to see two children running away from him, one with white hair, the other pink. He looked on as a chorus of voices blasted through his mind.

"Might controls everything! without it you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself!"

"Your not a demon...you have a heart that can love, your human, more human than anyone I've ever met, don't forget that..."

"You musn't come out...! No matter what happens keep hiding... Dante, you musn't!"

"D-Dante...you fool, t-this is an o-opening! kill me now!"

"Take the child and go..."

"I d-don't...please..forget about me; please take care o-of my son...I don't know how l-long-"

"You know right? why he was able to beat back the demon king not once but two times? It wasn't cause he had power...it was because he had a love for humans; somethin' that the Fal'Cie lacked...that's why no one could beat him, cause the source of his power...was love"

"You know? if you wanted me so badly; you could have just ask-"

"Shut up"

"I'm not your fiancee!"

"Man, I take it back...you calling me 'your lover" is creepy; be a nice lady and go back to the way you were before huh? for me?...I kinda liked you better when you were looking down at me all the time..."

"Even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one, don't you think?"

Dante's eyes widened as he staggered back, there before him was a figure clothed in white light, the voice was familiar to him yet he felt it had been an eternity. A choked sob escpaed his lips as he moved forward.



"You'll be okay, you can do it..." whispered the voice, and then it flashed into a blue light and the figure took another form.

Dante staggered back once more as he recognized the figure "Vergil?..."

"Why do you refuse to gain power? the power of our father...Sparda!"

And then in an instant, the amulets on his neck started shinning and Dante regained consciousness with a purple flash of light, his devil trigger was now active and had taken on a mature form. much like his father before; his eyes shone with a blood red light. And his devil trigger now resembled that of his father. The guardian slowly looked back in surprise as a dark aura surrounded him once more.

"Fall and die!" called out the guardian as he thrusted forward once more.

But this time, Dante caught him with just a swipe of his right hand, the guardian watched in surprise as the false force edge shattered into pieces and then with a stinger from Rebellion, the guardian screamed out in agony and then disappeared in a black flame. Dante then knelt out and felt the power leaving him. He panted as he looked upwards and then examined himself. A blue portal appeared before him and Dante slowly got up and looked to the blackened ceiling above him.

"You happy now V-Vergil?" chuckled Dante and then he moved into the blue portal with both rebellion and yamato in his hands.

Demonic underground tower, Earth..

Lady skidded to a halt and knelt down watching the dust settle in front of her. Vergil came forward step by step, now seemingly enraged. Lady panted as she reloaded both her handguns once more. She started firing much to Vergil's dismay. Seemingly now irritated, she shouted at him.

"What the hell is your problem!?" shouted an angered Lady "You want Dante to die then!?"

Vergil stopped and looked to her in frustration "Quite the opposite and I won't let you interfere!" He moved forward to slice lady down only for her to flip back and fir a missile from Kalina Ann at him. he sliced the missile and glanced as it exploded behind him.

"Opposite?! what are you talking about?!" asked a confused Lady.

"Dante is now in the same world that he and I spent our childhood in, it's better if he stays there drunk in happiness ! and never comes back!" shouted an enraged Vergil. Lady blinked at him in confusion.

"What!?" asked an enraged Lady.

"I will not allow him too, if I do not have the power to prevent his demise in this world then I will never allow him to return!" came Vergil's voice once more, he thrusted forward with yamato, Lady rolled to her side and dodged his thrust and then fired off her handguns. He deflected it with ease and Lady jumped aside once more dodging the repelled bullets. She panted hard and looked to the elder son of Sparda.

"Demise? what are you talking about?" asked a confused Lady.

"If I could not defeat the prince of darkness, then what makes you think he can? I would rather kill him myself than have him face the demon emperor, that is why I will shut this seal so that he won't be able to come back!" answered Vergil, seemingly now frustrated with woman in front of her.

At that point, Lady's eyes widened in understanding "Vergil...you; you want to protect hi-"

"Enough!" shouited an enraged Vergil "You will die"

Lady's eyes wdiened as small purple circles appeared all around her, she quickly pulled out Kalina ann and then using it's grappling mechanic latched herself onto the wall above her. Vergil appeared above her and cut the grapple sending her tumbling down to the battered ground. She rolled aside and knelt down panting looking to the elder son of Sparda.

"What the hell is wrong with you!? what are you really worried about?...about him dying? or him surpassing you? face it! your nothing but a small child acting jealous!" shouted a now irritated Lady.

"What do you know?! he has people who care about him there, as opposed to this cold world" answered an irritated Vergil. A flash of hurt shone on Lady's eyes as she looked to him "You...so you don't think there are people here who care about him!? are you out of your mind!?"

"Then tell me then! who can he count on when even his own brother failed to protect him and his mother!?" questioned a now distraught Vergil.


Lady began to speak but was immedeatly cut off as a black demonic portal opened above them, a shockwave shook the ground they were standing on, debris fell onto them and Lady moved to dodge only for one of the debris to hit her on the head. She fell down onto the ground unconscious Vergil spared her an irritated glance and then looked to the portal above him. He gritted his teeth in irritation as a voice rang out to him.

"Ah...he kept a small part of his spirit here, I see..." bellowed the voice.

"Mundus..." muttered an enraged Vergil. Mundus smirked as his arm then reached for the dark slayer. Vergil's eyes widened in surprise as a black electric ball covered him and then he let out a blood curdling scream and then a black flash of light covered him, Mundus let out a small chuckle as the bright flash of light died down.

"Nelo Angelo, it's time we regain our power" came Mundus' voice.

There before Mundus, knelt down Nelo Angelo with a grey shark like sword. He nodded his head as he looked up to the demon emperor, Mundus slowly looked to the seal in surprise "It's still open I see, going back now would be futile...I need time to regain my power and to deal with Etro myself...come, Nelo Angelo" and then with another bright flash of light, they disappeared leaving Lady on the floor unconscious.

Heart of Eden, Cocoon

"Your awakening...demands an offering of pain" stated Orphan.

Fang panted hard, she was currently locked in the air with black rings surrounding her arms. An excruciating amount of pain was dealt to her, the group were turned into Cie'th and scattered across the room, unmoving..only Vanille lay on the floor in sadness. Fang looked down to her from her torture and called out to her in a small way for atoning for herself.


"No!" shouted an enraged Vanille "I swore I wouldn't run away anymore, I'd rather fight and lose than give up without even trying" came her statement. Her shout was backed up as a demonic charged shot made it's way onto the form of Orphan "Arrrgh!" came it's shout of pain causing an explosion to occur before Vanille's eyes. She looked on in horror as Fang was thrown away from a great height to the ground "Fang!" shouted a concerned Vanille, she moved to catch her and before Fang could crash into the ground, a figure with a black shirt and red pants along with black boots caught her and let out a grunt. Vanille let out a gasp as she stopped in surprise.


"Hey there!...looks like this party started without me huh?" stated the amused demon hunter.

He slowly placed an injured Fang down on the ground and walked forward to Orphan who was now seamlessly on fire and in pain from the explosion. Vanille gasped as she looked to the injuries that were visible on his face and on his arms "Your hurt!"

Dante blinked in surprise and then examined himself "Oh this?...someone was just playin' a dirty trick on me..." he then turned his attention to Orphan and pointed rebellion at the being, Orphan whimpered and began to speak as it glared at the devil hunter.

"A-always meddling in our affairs, just like Sparda...you continue to fight? you refuse to die...I never expected that you would bring your battered beaten body before us aga-gaaah..." muttered a now irritated Orphan, it's speech was interrupted as Dante fired another charged shot onto it's face, this time sending it falling into the black pool below it.

"I told you I'd come up here and kick your ass, also I've got a confession to make; I'm really gettin' sick of hearing your voice, it's really beginning to piss me off...do me a favor and go to hell" muttered an irritated Dante.

He blinked as crystallic dust emerged around him and Vanille who knelt down and healed Fang with cura. Fang slowly got up and blinked in surprise to see Dante standing in front of them, she coughed and then smirked at him "T-took your time didn't ya?"

Dante just glanced back at her "Heh, don't blame me...blame ugly here; made a pale imitation of my father...and sent me to hell, " muttered Dante. "Where are the others?"

Fang's gaze softened as she looked away from him "I'm sorry, they're-"

"Right here"

Dante blinked as he heard a feminine voice and then glanced back to see Lightning walking up to him with her gun blade drawn. He smirked as he looked to her.

"What the hell were you doing? no doubt sleeping somewhere" teased Dante. Lightning rolled her eyes as she looked to him.

"Unlike you, I don't rest every time I have something to do" came her irritated answer.

"Oh yeah? ateast I don't act like I have a stick up my ass all the time" answered a now irritated Dante. Lightning blinked in surprise and then glared at him.

"What was that?"

"What? you can't hear now?...hah, I was right, you are old" answered a smirking Dante, he folded his arms over his chest and closed his eyes smirking.

The sound of a slap resonated within the room as Vanille cringed and Fang smirked, Vanille looked to her in concern, Fang just raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders "He had it comin' after that comment..."

"Yeah, I'll say" Fang and Vanille turned around to see Sazh, Hope and Snow now alive and grinning at them

"You guys! your alive!" giggled Vanille.

"Yeah, you can say that again; Miracles from misery...you got to be kidding me" muttered Sazh. "What's the matter old man? if it's too much for ya; you can sit this one out" grinned Snow. Sazh levelled a glare at the younger man and let out an audible sigh as Dante argued with Lightning

"What the hell was that for?! this is the second time you go and do that!" shouted an angered Dante. He slowly rubbed his right cheek to ease the pain from the slap that had connected to his face.

"Hmph, you deserved it..." She folded her arms and looked away from him in let out a small chuckle "You know? they act like an old married couple sometimes..."

"Shut up kid, I can hear you" muttered Dante as he glared at the fourteen year old boy "Who'd want to marry her anyway? she'd be too busy boring people to death"

"Oh boy..." muttered a now weary Sazh "These two won't stop.."

"This isn't the time for your chil-"

Lightning's statement was cut off as a golden light shone forth and from the pool to the north of them, a scream was heard. Dante gazed on in surprise as a golden circular like being arose form the pool laughing and howling at the same time. The group then looked on as the being in front of them began to speak.

"You overreach yoursleves..."

"No, we overreach you..." answered Lightning, she drew out her gunblade and pointed it to Orphan for emphasis.

"Is that so?" asked a confued Orphan.

"You don't believe in anything, you gave up on life before you were even born; you sat poisoning Cocoon from the inside; waiting for someone to come and destroy you...sure, you think the end of the world is salvation; all you want is death's release...so take it! and leave the rest of us alone, we don't think like that...when we think there's no hope lef-"

"Hey Claire" Lightning's speech was cut off as she looked back to see Dante standing near the fourteen year old boy "You blind or somethin'? whaddya mean 'when we think there's no hope'...you got all the Hope you need in this lil guy..." chuckled Dante as he ruffled Hope's hair. Lightning let out an irritated sigh as she looked back to Orphan.

"Right...maybe Cocoon is past saving, but it's our home and we'll protect it or die trying...we live to make the impossible, possible! that is our focus!" shouted a defiant Lightning.

"Do not deny me" came Orphan's voice.

"Find your own road to hell!" shouted a now angered Lightning. Dante just looked to her and grinned "Oooo, looks like I'm rubbing off on ya"

Lightning rolled her eyes as a small smile played out on her face "Maybe..."

Orphan let out a blood curdling scream and then, the group watched as the roof above them opened to reaveal rays of sunlight shinning down upon them. And then they watched as Orphan looked up and fired a beam from it's mouth. Dante's eyes widened momentarily in surprise as his gaze followed the beam of white light. It hit the blue demonic crystal in the air and immedaetly they watched as the sky became darkened and lightning and thunder crashed down from the heavens.

"What's happening!?" questioned a concerned Hope.

"Devil hunter..." came Orphan's voice, Dante blinked as he looked to the being in front of him, his gaze grew confused as it began to speak "You are not welcome here, this battle is none of your concern, it however rests with the demonic portal above us...stay and watch as the l'Cie are defeated and Cocoon falls apart and crashes into Pulse or go and try to save the third world from crashing into Cocoon...the choice is yours...only the sword you carry now can close the portal, you are aware of that aren't you?..you won't come back."

"Tch...you bastard" muttered a now irritated Dante. The floor beneath them shook as the demonic portal above them grew in size. Seeing no other choice, Dante prepared to jump to the roof and prepare to enter the portal above him.

"Where are you going?!" shouted Hope.

"Dante!" called out Snow.

Dante stopped and glanced back to Hope "Sorry kid, looks like that strawberry sundae's gotta wait..."

"B-but!" stuttered Hope.

"You have your hands full with ugly here, do your best hero" smirked Dante as he looked to Snow "If you screw up, I'm just gonna come back and kick your ass"

"Don't bet on it..." smirked Snow. Dante then glanced to Fang, Vanille and Sazh and let out a small amused chuckle "Take care of yourselves..

"You too, son" smiled Sazh. Vanille nodded her head as she looked up and smiled at him "Right..."

"Your dad would be proud of ya" smirked Fang. Dante looked to her in surprise and snorted "Like I care what he thinks..."

Lightning looked on as Fang smirked at Dante. Her resolve wavered as she turned back to Orphan. Dante' voice however cut her concentration and then she looked back to him.

"Why the long face Claire?...your gonna ruin your pretty face if you keep that up, I'll see ya around"

"Don't make it another thirteen years this time...I won't wait." smiled Lightning. Dante blinked as she smiled at him truly and then glanced back to the portal in the sky recalling what Hope's mother had said.

Pulse Vestige...(flashback)

"Yes...I-it's a miracle I s-survived..." answered a smiling Nora. Dante just glanced back to her and then looked ahead to the empty bridge infront of him. "Miracles huh?..."

End flashback...

He closed his eyes and smirked "Wasn't plannin' on makin' you wait that long in the first place...adios" and then with a two finger salute the group watched as he transformed into his devil trigger and flew into the air. Their attention then turned back now in Orphan, a new fire and rage lit up within them.

"Let's end this" stated an angered Snow.

Eden, Cocoon

Dante flew into the air and then watched as debris were sucked into the portal. He dodged a few of the debris and then looked up to the black portal above him once more.

"Alright, here goes..."

And then with a blinding sweep of motion, He entered the portal and dissapeared into a sea of blackness.

Inside the portal, he looked as debries floated about, the entire background was monochrome with tinges of red and gray. He looked around and there in the middle he could see two platforms; one red...the other blue. He flew to them in his demon form and then transformed back into his human form. He took out rebellion and placed it in the red lock, and then unsheathed yamato in the blue lock. Rebellion did the trick and the portal to Cocoon slowly began closing on itself. Dante placed it on his back and then moved to get yamato.

Heart of Eden, Cocoon

Back on Cocoon, the group had finally defeated Orphan, they watched as the being in front of them was covered up by fire, a blue gate opened up behind them and crystal dust floated around them. Fang and Vanille stayed in the center while Snow, Sazh, Lightning and Hope. Snow glanced down to see Fang and Vanille not coming up with them and called out to them.

"Fang! Vanille! come back!" shouted Snow.

"Vanille" questioned a concerned Fang. Vanille hesitated adn then looked to Fang and nodded her head "I'm ready..."

Pulsian creatures all around them dissipated into dust and then with a loud roar, the fabled beast of legend, Ragnarok ahd made it's entrance. Cocoon slowly fell down to crash onto Pulse. The blue demonic portal still lingered above them, Ragnarok spared the portal a glance and then moved downwards to the shell of Cocoon. Calling onto a lava pool on Pulse, it roared and activated the fiery liquid. It slowly dived down into the lava, debris hit the beast but that did not stop it from moving into the lava pool. The lava then rose out of the pool and latched itself onto Cocoon. The lava immedeatly cooled down and the lava turned to crystal and held onto Cocoon and in the middle of it sat two crystal figures...Vanille and Fang, the saviors of both Cocoon and Pulse.

Demonic portal

A great amount of force threatened to move Dante from the platform as fire and blood mixed together in the portal. Dante held onto yamato and moved to twist it so that the seal would close. He transformed into his devil trigger and with all of his strength turned the lock around. Vergil's amulet reacted and at the same time split itself from Dante's amulet. He watched as it then shone in front of him, Dante felt it was now easier to remove yamato but when he did...a demonic force crashed onto the katanna. Dante was sent flying back, he watched as yamato was shattered into two pieces and Vergil's amulet floated in the space. He moved to catch them but was too late as he was pushed back by a fiery explosion sealing the portals.

"Heh...that was easy.." smirked Dante.

He transitioned back into his human form and then he too was covered up in the explosion and watched on as the portal closed down on itself, he was sent rocketting back to Earth from the force of the explosion.. And a bright white flash of light covered up Earth and Dante altogether.

Gran Pulse

On the surface of Gran Pulse, a few meters away from where Cocoon was crystallised. Four crystal figures stood motionless. And then as if it had been all just a dream, Vanille's voice ran out to them.

"Wake up..."

And then the crystal figure shattered to announce the rebirth of the l'Cie into humans. Lightning let out a gasp as she watched the crystal around her shatter into pieces. She walked forward and gazed upon the crystalised pillar that held onto Cocoon. She let out a small whisper "They did it...they saved the world"

"No..." came Snow's voice "they gave us a new one..."

Lightning slowly looked back to see Snow, Sazh and Hope walking up to her now seemingly free of their crystal stasis as well. Sazh felt amused as he let out a comment "That's one gift, I'll forgive them for not wrapping.."

"Does this mean we've compleeted our focus?" asked a surprised Hope.

The group watched as PSICOM and guardian troops officials landed on Pulse and prepared to evacuvate the civilians from the airships. Snow blinked in surprise as he too then made his opinion known "We could've seen better days...heh"

"Focus complete..." grinned Sazh. Lightning let out a scoff "Heh...whatever you want to believe...it really is a miracle"

"My brand! it's gone!" shouted a joyous Hope, they looked to their own brands and saw that they too had dissapeard. And then the sound of footsteps drew their attention to infront of them. Snow could see three figures walking to them in a distance, one of them limping, the other a child and yet another a girl. Snow, Sazh and hope's widened as they looked on in surprise and joy.




were the respective names, titles called. Lightning watched as all three of them ran up and hugged their loved ones. She let out a true smile as she looked to see her younger sister alright and well. She let out an audible sigh and looked to the crystallized shell of Cocoon.

"Dante...you stubbborn fool, you did it..." smiled Lightning.

She looked up as Serah ran upto her and hugged her, "I-I missed you..." came Serah's sobbing gasp.

"Serah...I'm sorry" apologised Lightning.

"It's okay..." smiled Serah, immedeatly Snow interrupted them "Hey, hey, hey..come on the apologies can wait!..we got a wedding to plan"..Lightning let out an audible sigh and placed her hadns on her hips and looked to Snow.

"You don't waste time, do you?" chuckled Hope as he held onto his mother. Snow blinked as he looked to Nora. "Ma'am...I-"

"Save your apologies, you got him home...like you said; you have a wedding to plan; don't you?" smiled Nora.

"Yeah!" grinned Snow. Serah then blinked as a sudden thought of realization hit her and then she looked to her older sister "Lightning?...where's Dante?"

And immedeatly at that moment, the sound of thunder roared and the people now on Pulse looked up see the demonic portal closing in on itself. And with a fiery explosion in the sky, it finally closed up on itself. Fang's voice rang out to the group not that they could hear.

"We kept him safe, count on it..."

Lightning heard it and then smiled to Serah "He said he won't make us wait again...you'll see him soon"

Serah didn't understand the meaning of the statement as a confused expression settled onto the group. Lightning walked forward forward to the crystallic pillar now holding Cocoon. A small smile etched onto her face.


"Hurts like hell...gaah.." muttered Dante,

The demon hunter didn't know where he was at the moment, he slowly got up and rubbed the back of his head to ease the pain. He moved to remember what had happened but when he did..his head began hurting. And he let out a grunt of pain.

"Hmm, so what the hell did you go and do this time?" came a feminine voice.

Dante blinked as he looked up to see a figure looking at him in anger and frustration "Lady?..what the? where are we?"

"I'm as clueless as you are, I just got up and found myself here..." she blinked and examined the sitting form of the devil hunter "What happened to your clothes?"

"Huh?" Dante blinked as he examined himself, he began panicking "What the? where the hell is my coat?" and then he looked up to Lady once more, she however just shrugged her shoulders as Dante let out an irritated grunt "Shit..." he slowly got up and picked up rebellion. He blinked as he found three more devil arms lying around him.

"Where'd these come from?" questioned Dante "Oh well, might as well take 'em..."

"You are such a greedy bastard" muttered Lady. Dante just spared her an irritated glance "Look who's talkin' babe..."

"Hmph" grunted Lady, she then walked forward and held out a white piece of paper. Dante blinked as he looked to her "What's this?"

"Don't know, figured it might be yours...since there's a white haired kid in the picture" answered Lady.

Dante blinked in confusion and then took the picture in his right hand. He looked surprised and looked to the picture to see pink haired girls and one white haired boy standing and grinning with happiness. He held his gaze onto the picture as a voice played out in his head.

"Your not a demon...you have a heart that can love, your human, more human than anyone I've ever met, don't forget that..."

He then blinked as Lady called out ot him "What's the matter? something on your mind?"

He smirked and closed his eyes, slowly he placed the photo back into his pocket "Wouldn;t you like to know?..." adn then he drew out ebony and shot at a demon that moved to attack Lady. A horde of hell prides and scarecrows surrounded them.

"Huh, not bad...let's make a bet" muttered Lady "If I kill more than you then you have to pay back your debt in full"

"And if I win? you forget about my debt and pay me ten thousand in cash" said an amused Dante. Lady just blinked at him and then smirked "Deal...you were always a lousy gambler..."

"Don't bet on it..."

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