"Oy! Hinata-chan!" Naruto called, coming over to her. His arm was thrown around Sakura's shoulders casually, as if Hinata hadn't confessed her own love for him just months ago.

Hinata gave a brightly lit smile, a forced one, but nobody could tell anymore. She'd gotten good at that.

"Ohayo Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan." She gave a polite bow.

"Hey Hinata." Sakura gave her a sympathetic glance and uncomfortably shifted from underneath Naruto's embrace.

That made it sting even more. Hinata just averted her eyes, not wanting to watch Naruto's confused stare.

"Well we better get going, eh Naruto?" Sakura prompted.

"But why? We just started talking!" His girlfriend quirked a thin brow at him and he gave in. "Alright, I guess. I'll see you later Hinata-chan!"

"Goodbye, Naruto-kun." Hinata gave Sakura a quick nod before she turned and left herself.

Why did this have to hurt so much? The heiress decided that she needed to visit her Mom.

As she walked to her Mother's grave she caught sight of Naruto's sensei kneeling in front of a headstone. He looked more upset than she'd ever seen him. Even through his mask, his sadness showed.

"H-Hatake-sama..?" The girl's quiet voice interrupted the man's thoughts and he turned to see who'd approached him. The sound had been familiar and as he took in the young woman's appearance he realized why. It was the Hyuuga girl… Hinata was her name?

"Well hello, Hinata." He took the chance on being incorrect and smiled politely. "What are you doing here?"

The girl was caught off-guard by his question and he knew by the way she widened her eyes and straightened her back. She anxiously averted her gaze, and mumbled something inaudible.

"What was that?" Kakashi inquired, leaning in the slightest bit in order to hear her better.

"I…I come here to visit my Mother's grave…"

His own onyx eyes were the ones to widen this time. Her Mother had passed? Oh right; she was left with that dick of a Father, now he remembered.

"I see." His gaze softened as he stood, setting a hand comfortingly on her shoulder. She squeaked at the sudden contact and he let it fall, awkwardly shifting his stance.

She obviously felt guilty of the exchange and rubbed the hem of her sweater in what appeared to be a nervous habit, opal irises shifting away from his direction.

"I-" They both spoke at the same time, then laughed at the discomfort of the entire situation.

"You go first." Kakashi told her.

"Okay…" Hinata bit her lip before continuing. "I couldn't help but n-notice that you looked sad earlier… I don't mean to intrude, I'm sorry." She frowned a bit, meeting his visible eye once more.

He was surprised by her confrontation. "Isn't everyone when they visit a grave?" The jounin rubbed at the back of his neck, shifting his weight. He wasn't used to holding up conversation.

"I…I suppose so…" She looked back up at him. "Is this Obito-sama's ossuary?"

He was again startled by the girl. "Yes, it is. You know about him?"

"Hai, I know what happened. I would say that I'm sorry for your loss but I know how much that doesn't help."

The silver-haired man stared at the girl, astounded by her honesty. Then again; she had lost her own Mother. He didn't know how to respond to that, so he gave it his best shot. "I should be the one saying that to you. You lost your Mother."

Hinata met his gaze once again, brow furrowed in determination. "It is impossible to weigh our losses, Hatake-sama. I know you lost a lot more than just him."

The Copy Nin was dumbfounded by how much this girl knew about him. His knowledge on her was limited and most of what he learned was on her family, not her in particular. It almost made him feel…guilty. "Death is natural; we are all exposed to it one way or another." He murmured nonchalantly, shifting his stare toward the cloudless sky. A bead of sweat rolled down the back of his neck. It was a hot day, and his mask was growing to be uncomfortable, as were the rest of his baggy clothes.

"W-would you like to go get a drink?" She asked cautiously.

"Aren't you a little young for that?" Kakashi asked without thinking about it first.

"No…" She shook her head. "I just turned eighteen last week, but I didn't celebrate. And since it's a hot day, I figured a frozen drink could be nice. If you wouldn't like to come I understand; that's alright."

"I'd love to." He smiled. This girl hadn't even celebrated her eighteenth birthday? That was the biggest birthday; the one that deserved the most merriment. The man couldn't just leave her hanging.

"What bars are good around here?" She asked curiously.

He frowned, deep in thought until he remembered the perfect one. "Come on, let's go." He led her to a small building just around the corner from Ichiraku's Ramen. After holding the door open for her, which he received a "thank you" for; he sat with her at the counter. "What would you like, Hinata?"

She hadn't realized that there'd be so many options until she looked at the list. "Ano…" She was going to get a frozen drink to cool off, but it was quite cold in the bar as it was. The heiress found herself tapping her bottom lip with a finger, deep in thought.

"Will you have the usual, Kakashi? Whiskey, wasn't it?" The bartender asked, thick muscles flexing as he lifted a stack of glasses to the top shelve.

He gave a nod and she piped up. "I'll have the same."

"Uhh Hinata you may not want something so stro-"

"Coming right up." The worker turned and picked out two shot glasses, filling them each to the rim.

He handed them to his customers, giving Hinata a wink. "It's on the house."

She thanked him with a brightly-lit smile, and then lifted the tiny glass to her mouth. The stuff smelled awful. "These sure are small cups." She laughed lightly, curious as to what all of the hype was.

Kakashi chuckled nervously, eyeing her. "Eh, Hinata? That's not how you drink it…" He informed her just as she began to sip the glass.

Her face twisted in disgust and she set the cup back onto the counter. "Um…that tastes…not so great." The Hyuuga didn't want to be rude, but she couldn't lie; she had never experienced such a rancid-tasting drink in her life! She would even stomach medicine over this liquid.

The bartender snickered in mirth. "Of course it does sweetheart. That's alcohol for ya."

Kakashi leaned his head back and pulled down his mask simultaneously, and before Hinata could blink the drink was gone and his mask was back up. "That's how you drink it."

"Oh…" Hinata's head tilted inquisitively as she picked the now-refilled glass up, courtesy of the man behind the counter, and stared at the ceiling as she took the fetid liquid down with one swallow. Hinata coughed and her nose wrinkled. "That sure doesn't get to tasting better." She frowned, chewing on her lower lip in an attempt to get the flavour out of her mouth.

"It does the drunker you get." The employee told her, wiping down the table behind them after moving the condiments aside.

"Another for me, please." Kakashi said. "And one for you, Hinata?"

The woman didn't want to turn him down so she nodded, though she wasn't too sure how fond she was of this entire drinking thing.

Four shots later and she was beginning to get the hang of it. The kunoichi was now a bit dizzy, the music lagging and room spinning slowly around her. She watched Kakashi watching her and felt her heart speed up.

"Ehh Hinata…I think it's time to go." The older man scratched his head sheepishly, a bit ashamed of the fact that he'd allowed an heiress to get drunk in his presence.

"But I like it here…I don't want to go home!" Hinata hiccupped once, her hand automatically rising to cover her pearly lips. The girl giggled, a light blush filling her wan cheeks.

Kakashi pictured bringing this wasted girl home to her strict Father and thought better of it. "You can come to my place." He saw no other rational choice; although he knew how bad it would look if anyone saw him taking her home. Of course he wasn't interested in her that way. He was many years her elder, and even though she was eighteen he'd still feel and look like a creep.

"I…I guess that'd be okay." Hinata decided after a minute of silence, which he wasn't sure if she had actually spent on useful thinking.

Kakashi left enough money to cover both of their tabs plus tips on the counter and stood up. 'Damn, she's an expensive date.' He thought before correcting himself. 'And this wasn't even a date.'

The Hyuuga followed suit, standing up but she wobbled and almost fell. The jounin quickly slid over and caught her, large shiny eyes boring into his own.

He lifted her onto his back and carried her to his place, the heiress commenting on how lovely the village looked the entire time. He silently thanked God that she was so light, otherwise it could have been a pain to carry her. Once they reached his apartment the man set her down in order to unlock the door and she held onto his shoulder to avoid stumbling.

Once it was open Kakashi picked her up bridal-style, carefully putting her down onto the couch.

Hinata looked up at him innocently. "You're a very nice man, you know."

The White Fang's son blushed at the random compliment. He didn't receive those often.

"Thank you. You're very kind yourself." Kakashi returned the favor, truthfully meaning it. This woman's generosity and consideration was no secret throughout the village. He'd heard on multiple occasions from many different people just how sweet she was, and now he was experiencing that first-hand.

Her cheeks turned red and she looked down at her hands which were now folded in her lap. "I'm sorry that you've gone through so much; you don't deserve that."

He felt a pang of surprise that she was being so thoughtful, especially when under the influence.

The jounin took a seat next to her, looking down at her round face. She really was quite cute. "You've gone through a lot, too, Hinata. We all have."

She shook her head in disagreement. "That doesn't mean you should have to endure it as well."

He sighed at the stubborn girl, a small smile quirking at his lips.

"You of all people deserve to be happy, Hinata. I'm not as good of a person as you might think."

The navy-haired woman blushed again, grinning politely. "Thank you, Hatake-sama."

"Kakashi is fine. You make me feel old." He informed her, chuckling softly.

"You're not old. You're still in your peak." She gave him an even wider smile which only served to make him flustered for what had to be the fifth or sixth time in that night. He hadn't felt flattered in a long time.

"I'm almost twice your age." He stated seriously, to remind both her and himself that flirting would not be okay.

"Yeah; if you subtract ten years." She rolled her eyes playfully.

"You're even smart when you're drunk, huh?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not that smart…" Her cheeks turned pink once again. She was obviously being modest, considering that she was one of the top students in her class. "And what did you mean you're not a good person? Is it because you read porn?"

Kakashi nearly choked on his own saliva when those words left her mouth, his face turning bright crimson for the first time in ages. "What?! Who said that?!"

She giggled lightly, covering her mouth with a delicate hand. "I overheard Guy-sensei complaining about how you were wasting your youth on those books to Asuma-sensei. He also said that Jiraiya-sama was wasting his time writing them."

Kakashi's mouth dropped, the man absolutely appalled. "How dare he say that about those books?!"

Hinata laughed harder, holding her now aching stomach.

He found himself blushing shamefacedly, realizing what he'd just practically admitted to.

"Don't be embarrassed, Kakashi-san." She put her hands on either side of the man's face and he felt a tingle arch its way down his spine. How could he not be? Hinata Hyuga, the picture of pure innocence, knew that he read porn in public. "To be honest it's kind of hot that you read those." Kakashi was not only shocked at her use of the word, but also the context. "It means you know what to do."

At those low words a burning sensation flew down his stomach and lower, making him groan. "What is that supposed to mean, Hinata?"

"Well if you read it all the time, then you must know how to do it well, right?" The heiress asked, looking up at him from under her long and thick lashes.

He gulped at the stirring in his pants. 'I can't…' He told himself. 'I can't take advantage of her. She'd regret it come morning and she'd never trust me again.'

"I'll take that as a yes." She answered the question for him with a suggestive smirk.

Of course he was good at it. The man was twenty six years old; obviously not a virgin!

He knew what girls liked and exactly how they wanted it. The man couldn't stop himself from thinking of just what he'd do to Hinata. He would easily be able to make her want it. She was a virgin; that fact was more than apparent. He doubted if she even had her first kiss yet. Kakashi could make her putty in his hands. He would make her feel so good that she'd never want it to stop…

He wanted to taint her innocence, to make her want him again and again. Every girl he'd slept with had screamed his name; told him he was the best they'd ever had. They always left marks on him and filled his ears with moans of mixed pleasure and pain.

He imagined the marks that Hinata would leave… She would probably be too gentle to leave any at first, but he bet he could loosen her up. The jounin smirked at the thought, not having noticed the woman had moved until he glanced up to see that her hoodie had been discarded.

Kakashi couldn't help but gawk at the ravenous curves which she disguised so well under that baggy sweater. She looked at him in a way he couldn't describe with chaste words. In that moment, he wanted her so bad. He wanted to take her and make her his. The man desired to take her virginity; something that would remain his until the end of time. He'd never had a virgin. The girl was probably so tight… Sweat dripped down his forehead at the thought.

"It's hot in here, isn't it?" She asked casually, shifting a bit in her seat.

Kakashi wanted to say that she could feel free to strip all of the clothes she wanted to in order to cool off, but he had a bit more self-control than that.

When the tall man realized he hadn't said anything in a while he cleared his throat and spoke. "Would you like anything to drink?"

She thought about it for a second before answering. "Do you have any alcohol?"

It would put himself into an even more dangerous situation, but he couldn't say no to that face. "Yes."

"I feel like I'm winding down a bit…would you bring it out? I'll pay you back somehow."

Her sensual words caused further tension in his pelvic region. "I'll pay you back somehow." He wondered just what she had in mind as he poured the drinks.

Hinata gulped hers down fast, and he sipped his because he didn't want to lose the control that was already slipping through his fingers.

"Oh come on, Kakashi, drink it like a man." The girl teased lightly, grinning over at him.

He shrugged, thought "what the hell", and took his down in one swig.

"Do you have any mints?" The female asked him, not wanting the taste of alcohol to stay in her mouth. Despite her intoxicated state, it still didn't exactly taste all too great.

"I actually do." He said, gesturing to the coffee table. There was a small tray filled with them. She picked one up and ate it, Kakashi following suit.

After a couple minutes of silence she began to feel the extra liquor and started gazing at the man across from her. When he looked her way he felt as if she were undressing him with her eyes, which for all he knew she was.

He was now buzzed, and extremely horny. Not a good combo. Hinata sat sideways on the couch, her bare feet in front of her. He noticed the metallic purple polish on her toes and smiled. It was sorta cute. Once he looked at her face again he realized just how close he was to snapping. She was staring again, only this time one of her hands was on her thigh, clutching onto the fabric of her pants, the other at her mouth and she was biting her index finger.

His breath caught in his throat.

The woman leaned forward, removing his headband, causing him to flinch at her touch, nearly unable to stop himself from grabbing Hinata and pulling her small body on top of his.

She gingerly unzipped his vest, watching him the entire time for any sign of disapproval. Kakashi closed his eyes and groaned, his head leaning back in exasperation. "Ughh, Hinata. Why do you have to do this to me?"

The heiress let go and pulled away immediately. "I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to."

"Trust me, there's not really anything I don't want you to do to me right now," She blushed a bit at his words. "But I'm trying to control myself so that you don't regret everything in the morning. You're drunk, and so you want this. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't."

She leaned over, her smooth lips next to his ear as she whispered to him, her breath heated on his cool skin. "I've wanted you for a long time, Kakashi-sensei."

Her calling him by the title sensei drove him crazy, as did her other words. The pale girl continued to unzip his vest and began to slide it off, without emitting any protest from the silver-haired jounin who simply sat there helplessly, trying to decide what to do.

'Would one night of fun really be so bad? What if this turned into a relationship? I haven't had actual feelings like this for anyone that I can remember.' He knew that Hiashi would approve of him. He had quite the impressive résumé. He'd probably even get his approval to marry her if the time ever came.

What was he doing?! He hadn't even touched this girl yet and he was already making wedding plans? The sharingan-user decided to blame it on the alcohol although he knew very well that he was not drunk enough for that.

Without a moment's notice he found that his shirt was off, along with his gloves and shoes. Lavender eyes watched his shirtless torso, feeling along the contours of it with her slender fingers.

He reached to stop her from unzipping his pants. "Hinata, if you do that, there's no turning back." The man locked eyes with her, his voice low in warning.

"I know." She nodded solidly, willingly meeting his dark eyes.

"Why would you want this?" The masked man asked softly, capturing her free hand with his own.

"Because you are amazing."

He blushed. This adorable and innocent girl knew he read porn 24/7, and yet still thought so highly of him?

"If you'd be more comfortable with it, I can go first." The girl offered shyly.

He only stared at her curiously in response.

She lifted her shirt up and over her head, somehow the cutest yet most attractive way he'd ever seen a woman do so. He admired her flat stomach, thin waist, and her wide chest and hips. She had the body that every female wanted, and every man wished their partner had.


The heiress sat onto his lap, entangling her hands in his hair. She could feel the bulge in his pants rubbing between her legs and so she pushed against it. The man moaned outwardly before stopping himself. She pulled her own pants off, continuing to massage the hard spot in between his legs with her body.

"Hinata, please…" His voice was strained, and he found himself groaning again.

"All you have to do is take your pants off." The Hyuuga whispered in reply before biting his earlobe, earning a short gasp from the man beneath her.

You haven't done anything wrong yet; if you back out now you're not a pervert.'

But he knew that he was sleeping with this girl tonight. It was just a matter of time until he gave in; he could no longer deny that. He felt the hand which he'd taken leading his down between her legs. It was so wet and he was so turned on… The feeling in his stomach was insatiable by anything other than sex.

She was taking control of him.

This innocent, wide-eyed Hyuuga girl was making him hers. It was the opposite of what he would have ever guessed, yet he was okay with it up until now. But now…now it was his turn. Kakashi allowed himself to slide a finger into her, feeling her small cavern pulse all around it. He experimentally inserted another and she gasped. Damn, she was tight.

He slid his fingers in and out, her giving adorable gasps at his touch. The man began to rub her and she moaned at the stimulation, fingertips digging into his shoulders. Kakashi lifted her up, carrying the heiress to his room and laying her down on the bed. He shut the door before turning back to her, the only light in the room being a small gas candle.

"If you don't want to take your mask off it's okay…I understand if that's too private."

Here she was, butt-ass naked and sprawled out in front of him, saying she understood if his face was too private of a thing to show. He removed the cloth quickly and she parted her lips in surprise which he took advantage of by kissing her for the first time. It was hot, desperate, and passionate; even more so than he imagined. The skilled man loved every second of the exchange.

Hinata pulled back and looked up from under him, dark lashes only adding to the beauty of those iridescent irises. "You are unbelievably handsome." Her voice was so amazingly soft and harmonious, yet another blush spreading across his cheeks as she rubbed down his arms, feeling the muscle tone. The powerful man swiftly took his pants off, kissing her heatedly once again as he fingered her for another minute, the pale goddess squirming beneath him.

"This is going to hurt." He notified her, frowning in apology.

She nodded, brow furrowed. "I know."

Kakashi brushed the dark fringe of her bangs to the side, tracing the shape of her jaw before he leaned down to meet her lips, slowly and gently entering her.

"Ohh…" The woman's breath hitched as she tensed, arching her back as her nails dug into the man's shoulder blades.

"Relax, Hinata… If you clench it will hurt more." He murmured amorously, osculating his way down her neck.

The jounin began to suckle on the skin of her throat, distracting her before he resumed the movement of his hips. Kakashi thrust multiple times in a row and she drew blood on his back. He continued until he was all the way in, feeling her pulse all around him.

"Are you okay?" The Hatake asked softly, a look of onus crossing his face.

Tears slid down her cute, rounded cheeks, leaving streaks. "That hurts." She admitted quietly.

"Do you want me to stop?" Although he'd said no turning back earlier, he'd always known that if it really came down to it he'd stop in a heartbeat if she'd asked him to. He wasn't that sick.

"No!" She shook her head solidly. "Definitely not."

He smiled in response before slowly pulling back out of her, earning a series of whimpers during the process, and began pushing into her again. She groaned still, drawing blood now on his neck from her teeth. As he pulled out once more she leaned her head back, the crimson liquid dripping from his neck and onto the plane above her chest.

Kakashi couldn't help but use his nails now as well; she was so tight that it almost hurt. He thrust more and more, soon picking up a rhythm.

Her cries soon turned to moans and so he picked up the pace, holding both of her knees over his broad shoulders and fucking her fast and hard, their gasps colliding and filling the room with noise. The man kissed her neck, harshly sucking the skin and leaving marks all the way down her torso until he reached her legs. He licked in between them, flicking his tongue quickly along the pink of her skin. She moaned loudly; her head thrown back in pleasure and after only a couple more minutes her back bent and she climaxed.

He licked up all of her saccharine essence, kissing his way back up to her neck. He fucked her even more urgently then, leaving a large hickey on her neck. Her moans grew more frequent and he knew that she was going to cum soon. He bit the light pink skin in the middle of her chest, licking around it and pinching the other between his fingers, the whole time still thrusting inside of her. He could feel himself getting ready to orgasm, but was determined to make her before he did. He sat on the edge of the bed, holding her on his lap facing him, his mouth still on her breast.

After biting the skin once more and earning a moan in return he bounced her up and down in his lap, going from completely inside of her to out within seconds each time. Her lithe arms were wrapped around his bruised neck as he did this, their eyes interlocked in the most intimate way, and when he felt that she was about to cum he held her hips and slammed her down on him. She gave a strained moan and her body shook, small hands entangling themselves into his unruly silver tresses. He came inside of her, filling her with his seed. He wasn't worried; having the knowledge that female shinobi had a seal on their wombs because of the fact that rape was a common thing for prisoners of war to experience.

They both panted and she opened her lilac eyes. He noticed they had just come down from the back of her head. Kakashi stared into them before kissing her gently and lying down while pulling her half on top of him. Hinata's head was resting on his chest, her slender arm around his stomach and he took her leg over his hips. The jounin then pulled the blanket on top of them, eyes still glued to Hinata's and he kissed her forehead, lacing his fingers with hers. "Thank you." He whispered. "You are beautiful."

She smiled and closed her eyes, drifting off to the best sleep she'd had in her life.

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