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"Hina-chan…" His voice lulled lowly into her ear and her wide, opal eyes fluttered open to meet his onyx gaze.

She smiled, pushing a hand into his hair. "Good morning."

The Hatake nuzzled her neck, his arms held firmly around her waist. "Good morning. How do you feel?"

The Hyuuga gave an inquisitive tilt of her head before realizing. "O-oh; I'm a b-bit sore but it's alright!" She squeaked embarrassedly, the rouging of her cheeks making her humiliation quite obvious.

"So you'd still like to go on that date?" He asked her, a hint of excitement in his tone.

"Of course; I mean if you'd like to."

The White Fang's son nodded, his arm lifting to press her body against his as he leaned down to kiss her before standing. He stretched out and she couldn't help but admire the contours of his body, his hair unruly from sleep. She giggled delightedly and stood, threading her fingers through it to straighten the disorderly tresses back in place. His arms slithered around her slender middle once more, pulling her against him. The heiress stood on her toes to plant a quick peck upon his lips before pulling away and stepping into her closet, shutting the door behind her.

"What are you doing?" He asked mirthfully. "And of course I want to take you."

"Changing!" The man heard her muffled voice from through the thick wooden door and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Like I haven't seen you nude before."

"Excuse me?" A gruff voice made him jump, his eyes widening almost comically as he spun around to meet the glare of the one and only Hyuuga Hiashi.

Kakashi didn't really know what to say at that point. He was in boxers, his body littered with bruises and hickeys, and not only that but his mask was off as well. It was the one thing that made him comfortable speaking to people. Oh well. It wasn't like he couldn't kick her Dad's ass, though that would be stupid to do for so many reasons.

"Oh, uh…." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Yo. Hatake Kakashi." The man figured the best way was just to play it cool and so he extended his hand.

Hinata was on the other side of the closet door, her mouth agape and her lilac irises expanded out of horror. Oh no. Oh no, no, no. Could this have turned out any worse?!

"Hinata get out here this instant." Her Father demanded before raising a brow at Kakashi, clearly skeptical. "I know who you are." He left his daughter's company hanging and so the arm fell back to the silver-haired man's side. The Hyuuga girl rushed to get dressed in a high-collared sweatshirt along with some jeans before she peeked out of the door, complexion as crimson as it'd ever been.

"Hai, Outosan?" She asked meekly.

"Why is this man in your room?"

Her face flushed even more, if it were possible, and Kakashi set his arm around her confidently, pulling her closer and kissing her forehead without shame.

"H-he spent t-the night…" Hinata admitted, hiding her face in Kakashi's chest.

Hiashi watched them, crossing his arms. "And why is that?" Despite the fact that it was completely and utterly evident that his daughter was with this man, he felt he had every right to mortify her further.

"He…We…We're…" She squeaked uncomfortably, burying her face deeper into her boyfriend's shoulder.

"We're together." The Hatake finished for her, soothingly rubbing her back. "It's okay, Hinata." He added quietly, guilt spreading through him. He should have been more alert, should have noticed her Father approaching. Now his poor girl was dealing with the consequences.

Her Father grunted. "You better take care of my daughter, or I swear you'll wish you hadn't ever laid eyes on her."

Kakashi chuckled lightly, kissing his lover on the top of her head. "I don't think that's possible. I plan to take care of her as long as she'll let me, Hyuuga-sama."

"If you were anyone else, anyone less respectable, I would have you thrown out immediately and ban you from seeing my daughter. So don't push your luck."

"I understand, Hyuuga-sama."

"If you get hurt it's your own fault for subjecting yourself to something like this. Sex before marriage…despicable." He turned his attention back to Hinata, his cruel tone only making her shoulders sink deeper.

"H-hai, Outosan."

"I don't plan on hurting her." Kakashi stepped back into the conversation, stroking Hinata's smooth hair in a comforting manner.

"I don't care." Her Father said bluntly. "Don't do anything stupid. She is still the heiress to our clan, however controversial that matter may be." With that he turned and left the room.

Hinata hung her head disgracefully, staring down at her hands as she wrung them. Like her Father hadn't already hated her enough. She let out a small whimper-like sigh before returning to her closet. The Hyuuga pulled her hair up with a collection of pins, leaving a couple loose strands on either side of her face.

"You look beautiful." Kakashi said as soon as she stepped out. He'd taken the opportunity of her absence to dress himself. The man pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her smooth biceps and over her shoulders. "I'm sorry." He added, kissing her amorously on the top of her head. It wasn't hard to tell that she was upset, and it caused the awful kind of swelling in his chest.

She bit her lip, her small arms slithering around his waist as she took her face into the crook of his neck. "Thank you…" The heiress mumbled. "You shouldn't be."

"Come on. I'll take you on that date now." He told her, utilizing his thumb to pull her lip from the confines of her teeth. He left a delicate kiss upon her mouth before leaning down to scoop her up, carrying her out of the house bridal-style, not without her groans of disapproval.

He nuzzled into her warm neck, chuckling and leaving a couple soft kisses there as well. As soon as they'd passed the threshold he pulled up his mask, setting her down and taking her hand into his.

"Here we go…" She stated nervously, clutching a bit harder onto his hand.

He gave hers a reassuring squeeze, pacing along the path which led into town. "The fair is today. Would you like to go there?" The man inquired with a tilt of his head.

The Hyuuga girl nodded, setting her free hand on his arm. "As long as that's where you'd like to go."

He raised a brow, impressed but not surprised by her ability to include him. "That sounds lovely."

Hinata was about to speak when a gasp filled her ears, and, recognizing the voice, she turned to greet Ino. "Ohayo, Ino-chan." The pale-eyed girl greeted with a civil smile.

"What is this?!" The blonde asked; her mouth agape. "I thought you liked Naruto!"

Her impudence caused Kakashi to flinch.

"I…um…Hatake-sama and I are on a date." The Hyuuga hid partially behind said man, peeking up at her friend.

"Wow, Hinata! Who would have thought?! And right when Sakura and Naruto break up, too." She gave the Hyuuga a sympathetic smile.

"O-oh, did they have a fight?" She furrowed her brow concernedly.

The grey-haired man watched her carefully, subconsciously analyzing for any sign of avidity. With none found, he relaxed slightly at her side.

"Yeah, it was about you, actually."

At the Yamanaka's words he immediately stiffened once more, a frown etching onto his features.

"Wh-what?! How?" The Hyuuga's expression matched her boyfriend's, though she didn't have a mask to hide it.

The blonde shrugged nonchalantly. "He just realized that he likes you, I guess. Sakura was pretty pissed. Not at you, of course, you didn't do anything wrong. Apparently Naruto wants to convince you into dating him."

Ino and her big mouth…Kakashi sighed inwardly, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Could she keep anything to herself?!

"Ano…" Hinata's cheeks burned. She hadn't felt so uncomfortable with her friends in a long time. "Y-you should tell Naruto-kun not to, I mean…. I-it isn't going to work."

"Tell me not to what?" A voice included itself, and, to her horror, it was none other than Naruto himself.

The Hyuuga jumped, turning to meet a pair of beautiful cerulean eyes.

"I…Ano…" Hinata bit her lip, her gaze flicking to the ground.

"What the hell is this?!" He asked, finally realizing the fact that his love interest's hand was in his Sensei's.

"We're together." Kakashi said candidly, a bit vexed.

Naruto locked eyes with Hinata again, the hurt expression on his face making it almost unbearable for her to look at the boy. "Is that true..?" The blonde's voice was soft and raspy, cerulean orbs wide with fear.

The heiress nodded once, staring down at her shoes.

"You…You told me you were taken…You never said it was by my Sensei!"

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but you never really did pay any attention to her until she was no longer available." The Hatake noted indifferently.

The whiskered boy crossed his arms, brow furrowing in distaste. "I didn't know she was taken until I asked her out. You're too old for her! What… What is this?! Some kind of sick joke?!"

The Hyuuga's frown only deepened, her lower lip wavering. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun…"

He growled, shaking his head before he turned away, fists curled into balls and teeth clenched. "No you're not." The orange and black-clad ninja walked off in a hurried pace.

The Hyuuga turned to her boyfriend, running delicate fingertips over his knuckles. "I have to talk to him."

The silver-haired jounin nodded in agreement, pulling his mask down to capture her lips in a soft kiss. "I'm sorry if I made things worse." Jealousy was a powerful thin, after all.

The pale girl shook her head, giving him one more quick peck before turning. "I will meet you at the fair in twenty minutes." She promised over her shoulder, scampering after the blonde boy.

"Naruto-kun." She caught him at his door, putting her foot in the frame before he could close it. "Stop this, please, Naruto-kun." The Hyuuga begged.

He opened the door enough to pull her in, slamming it and then holding her up against the wall with his hips, long arms on either side of her head, acting as barriers. The Uzumaki stared intensely into her eyes, his breath sweeping down her face. "You said you loved me. You…You said you did! You almost died for me and now you won't even go on a date with me? Am I that worthless to you now? Did I do something? Because right now you're treating me just like everybody else did and I thought you were different than that, Hinata!"

"I…I d-don't love you anymore, Naruto-kun." Hinata had always been a bad liar. But she needed to get over him, and frankly, she didn't know what was going on anymore. She still held powerful feelings for the blonde, but Kakashi meant a lot to her all the same.

His words stung. Hyuuga Hinata had never once thought Naruto was below her, never once disliked him or thought of him as worthless. He had always been the light in her eyes, had always seen him as more valuable than anyone else. The fact that he was brushing her affections off so stubbornly hurt.

"Lie to me all you want…" He growled, getting threateningly close to her face. "But don't lie to yourself. I hate people who do that."

Her brow pinched in determination. "It doesn't matter whether I love you or not, Naruto-kun! We can't be together and that's it. I've made my decision because you made yours, and you chose Sakura-chan…I'm sorry."

He grunted, his lips centimeters away from hers, hot breath cascading down her face. "So you love me?"

Hinata closed her eyes, frowning. "Yes, I love you…I always have and it will probably take a while for me to stop."

He got a bit closer, their mouths just barely brushing. "Then leave him."

"I can't…Kakashi…he put me first." Temptation ran its hands down her body, halting at her hips where the blonde gently held onto.

"Then have me anyway." He whispered, impossibly blue eyes gazing into hers. Before she knew it his lips were pressed against hers in a deep kiss, lifting her so that both of her legs wrapped around his waist.

He had her flush with the wall as his tongue invaded her mouth, gently and deeply kissing her.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she turned her face, shaking her head and forcing her legs from around him. "Stop…Naruto-kun…please stop."

Oceanic blue orbs filled with tears of their own as he grasped her hand, laying it flat against his chest. "Can't you feel that…how fast my heart beats around you? There's no way he feels that way; he can't! He doesn't even know you."

She shut her eyes, lacing her fingers with his. "I'm not…this kind of person."

"You don't have to be. You can have me, and only me."

The Hyuuga heiress breathed out shakily, resting a palm upon his whiskered cheek. "I'll never think less of you for anything, Naruto-kun, but this isn't right. I need to leave."

"I won't give up on you, ya know…When I want something, I fight for it until the end!"

She thought of how determined he was with Sasuke and nodded somberly, eyes softening. "I know."

With that she stepped out of the apartment, racing to find Kakashi.

It had only been 15 minutes when he'd caught sight of Hinata. The man quickly went to meet her, arms sliding around her waist as he nuzzled into her temple. "Please tell me he didn't convince you otherwise."

She shook her head, hugging him tight. "No. He didn't. He'll be okay."

Kakashi thumbed over her cheek, wiping away the trails of dried tears. "What happened?" His brow pinched in worry. She looked incredibly distressed.

"I…I'd really rather not speak of it right now. Can we talk about it later?"

He nodded, although this only further concerned him. "Do you want to go home? Or are you still up for a date."

The woman's shoulders slumped and he knew the answer right away, lifting her up and onto his back, slender legs around his hips. "There's always tomorrow."

She hugged onto his neck snuggly, shutting her tired eyes. "Kakashi…?"

"Mm?" He turned his head slightly to look at her in question.

"Could we go to your house instead?"

The Jounin smiled in satisfaction. "Of course."

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