The World's Treasure

Part 1: The Rainbow


There's a part of the Pokémon World that few have visited. It isn't because it's hard to get to. On the contrary, unless its barriers were to be put up, anyone could reach there if they were in the right state of mind. No, the problem is that very few know of its existence outside of the realm of lore and legend… and those that do know often stay away out of respect.

If anyone did manage to enter, however, they'd find themself on the beach of an island, surrounded by miles of ocean. If they looked down the shoreline, they'd see a small, well-furnished house. That's the guest house. If they wandered inland, they'd find themself in a jungle full of trees laden with every type of fruit imaginable. More houses would be scattered here and there amidst the trees, and each would be full of different necessities and pleasures. Some would have kitchens and dining areas stocked with delicious meals. Some would be state-of-the-art medical wards. Some would be full of toys. Some would be stocked with art supplies and function like studios.

None would be inhabited.

Continuing through the jungle, one would find themself staring at a cliff wall. It's too sheer to climb and seems impassable, but if one looked hard enough they'd find a small knob. Releasing one's aura into it would open a door that led into a rocky tunnel. Eventually it would lead to a dead-end. A door on the right would lead into the living quarters of the sole inhabitant of the lonesome place, but if aura was released into the dead-end wall in front, the stone would melt away to reveal something beautiful.

Encircled by rocky walls would be a field of wildflowers. At the far end, a waterfall would feed into a small pool encircled by a grove of trees always in bloom and constantly dropping white petals onto the surface of the water. A path of stepping stones would lead up to a pedestal in the center of the pool.

On top of the pedestal and nestled in a basket woven of fragrant white flowers would be an orb. The orb would be more breathtaking than anything you could imagine; full of the swirling colors of a rainbow. It would glow with an ethereal light that constantly dims and brightens in response to some unknown force. Anyone who looked at it would immediately believe it to be the World's Treasure.

However, they'd be wrong.

The orb is important, yes… but it's nothing compared to the real Treasure… and the truth about the real Treasure is an even greater kept secret than the island itself…