A/N: I'm going to be totally honest. I'm not a huge fan of incest. But I just couldn't resist writing a Jalex fanfiction. I love them both muchly and all those pictures of them being such 'good friends' in real life just well, what do you expect?

His lips move against her, molding perfectly. It's a sin. They both know, but they lost the ability to care a long time ago, right back at the beginning when it all started. Forbidden fruit. They know deep inside that it's wrong. That they shouldn't feel this way about one another. But they can't fight it.

Drawn to one another, unable to fight the irresistible pull. Skin, warm and flushed, against skin. They fit perfectly, each a piece of a puzzle that fits together.

Her arms around his neck, holding him impossibly close. She's never felt like this. Weak and frenzied, weak and alive. Heat pools into her stomach and she gasps, her hands in his hair, tugging slightly.

His hands slide over her body, touching every inch, wanting nothing but her. She's perfect. So warm and close, everything he's ever needed. She's always been there and now, he's unable to stop from touching her.

Their lips create fire and electricity, strongly connected, linked for life. Ever since they were children, they've known how they've felt. Known it from the such a young age. But as a child, taught that it was bad, wrong.

But what's so truly bad about a relationship between a sister and brother?

Alex holds him close, gasping as he completes her. As they complete one another. Sweat, sweet and salty on the tip of his tongue. He let's out a sharp hiss, kisses her again.

Love, stronger than anything, makes them one.