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She's human. Is she not?

She's a girl whose name is long forgotten, along with her cold memories that resembled the life freezing ice that lay beneath her.

No one knew why was she there, sitting comfortably, heads down. Maybe she's waiting for something. Or someone. Why or who, no one will probably know. Maybe.

He's a powerful yokai, who goes by the name of Nura Rikuo. He's the Great Lord of the Pandemonium, and rumours have said that it is not only that he held such great power that he can kill a thousand demons in a sway by his legendary sword, Nenekimaru, but also held a very handsome face that he can make a million girls die out of drooling, regardless if yokai or not, in one hair flip.

And this is their story.

A/N: The freaking life of the hottest yokai! This exceeded longer that it was supposed to be, but neeh. It's a prologue. Lol hahaha. I had still to cut this into a shorter one, but it still went beyond my count. Freaking life of! Anyway, I hope you liked it. Hihi. Trololol

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