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DRABBLE COLLECTION – Which is the greater number, one or five? The five separate digits or the one hand you hold? Or maybe they're all strong in their own way. – For fivealive123


One thumb – to show the whole world that I'm going to be all right.

Girls soccer, was there anything more ridiculous Dom wondered as he watched the two teams dashing around the pitch. His love for Mia was the only reason he was standing on the edge of the field watching what passed for sport. His arms were folded and his shoulders hunched as he tried to curl deeper into himself. He really didn't want to be there.

Next to him Mia was acting like the one girl cheer squad, it was embarrassing. His sister had dragged him here not so he could watch her play, which would have been a brotherly duty, but so she could scream and wave her hands in the air while she supported her friends.

And what friends they were, half of them screamed and ran away whenever the ball got anywhere near them, while the other half looked as if they could bench press more than he could. Mia gave a wild yell and almost smacked him in the face as one girl broke free from the rest and, ball at her feet, headed for the goal.

Letty didn't miss, though part of him had hoped that she would, because if she hadn't of been on the team then Mia wouldn't have dragged him here. Mia, who was doing a victory dance as if she'd scored the goal and was flashing her friend the thumbs up and grinning like an idiot. He too give Letty the thumbs up as she jogged passed, it was easier than trying to avoid another elbow shot to the ribs from his sister.

Then the whistle blew and they were off again, and Dom really wished that he could go off too. Somewhere, anywhere else. Then there the ball went and there the girls went after it. And there was Letty.

And then suddenly there wasn't Letty, just a tangle of limbs and a body on the ground that was too slow to move. There was another blast from the whistle and people were yelling, and Mia was clutching too tightly at his arm and Letty still hadn't got to her feet.

For a moment it was as if Dom couldn't breath, the column of air was stuck in his chest and he couldn't get it to move. Then she was pushing herself to her knees and shaking her head as if she were trying to clear stars from her vision. And just like that he could breath again and silently swore that he was going to kill her for scaring him like that. The stupid little brat.

Grimacing slightly as one of her team-mates helped her get to her feet she shot a thumbs up in their direction, the universal sign for everything's fine.

Oh she might think everything was fine Dom thought, as he glowered at the sight to her hobbling to the sideline. When he was done yelling at her she know better than to give him the thumbs up after taking a knock like that, he'd see to it.

(A/N) First off this is dedicated to fivealive123 as I found the inspiration on her profile page, so thank you. Second, and for the record, I hate thumbs! As plot device's go they suck! This is going to be a fairly shot collection, and I'll try not to make you wait too long for updates.

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