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Story takes place after the series ended. Marriage and jobs are both known to everyone.

Near Yecora, Mexico


Amanda looked at Lee tears streaming down her face "Lee you have to go. Tell them that I love them."

"I can't ..."

"You have to. You're wounded and you have the chip. You have to!"

"I'll find you Amanda wherever you are I'll find you. I love you."

"I know. Love you too."

Francine grabbed Lee's arm and dragged him towards the plane "We need to go NOW!"

As the plane took off Francine looked over at Lee And reached for his hand "We'll get her back Lee."

Lee couldn't look at her "I left my wife trapped in a cave with mercenary gun runners closing in... What do I tell them?"

"She's strong and resourceful I'm putting my faith in Amanda. She's a fighter Lee you know that. She won't give up so you better not either." She couldn't imagine what he would tell his family but she had faith them too.

Amanda could hear the mercenaries approaching she looked back at her leg that was trapped under a pile of rocks. Closing her eyes praying they wouldn't search the cave. Knowing that they would have seen a man and woman run for the plane she hoped the odds were in her favor. All she could do was wait and pray.

Community General, DC

Billy charged towards Francine "How is he?"

"I don't know they took him into surgery he passed out soon after the plane took off."

Billy scanned the waiting room and felt a knot forming in the pit of his stomach "Where's Amanda?"

"Billy we ... " Francine couldn't get the words out and stared down at the floor.


"We had to leave her behind." Francine failing to hold back her tears she looked over to her boss. "He promised her he would find her. I told him to have faith in her that she was a fighter but Billy if..." She couldn't finish her thought. She was afraid that if Amanda was lost they would lose Lee too.

Billy fell heavily into the chair behind him "I know Francine but he isn't the same man he was six years ago. He has a family and that's a big incentive to keep fighting."

Francine nodded but stayed silent.

"Were they able to get the chip?" Billy hated asking but that chip could save thousands of lives and if Amanda did die because of this mission he hoped it wouldn't be in vain.

Handing an envelope she had been clutching over to Billy "Yea. He had it under his watch band. The chip was part of the reason Amanda begged him to leave her. She knew how important it was." Closing her eyes "Lee always says she's the bravest woman he knows. Guess I'm going to have to stop rolling my eyes when he says that now."

Billy sighed and stood up "Im going to head to their house Dotty and the boys need to be told and I feel a sudden urge to hold our Goddaughter."

"Give her hug for me too and tell Dotty I can watch Emily so she and the boys can be here. Lee is going to need them."

"Call when you know something." Giving Francine a hug he turned and left.

Amanda waited for what seemed like hours but no one had entered the cave. Deciding it was probably safe to try and move she struggled to one knee. She tried to pull her other leg free but it was no use. She needed to figure out how to move some of the rocks.

Laying back down she decided her best option was to try and kick at some of the rocks with her free foot and hope she didn't cause more damage. Testing her idea by kicking at a few of the rocks furtherest from her trapped leg she breathed a sigh of relief when no other rocks fell.

Feeling a little braver she worked on wedging her free foot between one of the rocks nearest to her other leg but she couldn't move it. Shifting her position a bit she tried again this time feeling it move a little. She worked at for hours but little by little she could feel it moving more. When she was able to move her other leg a little she tried to pull it free but felt the rocks on top shifting. Stopping and lying back down she tried not to scream out in frustration.

"Lee what should I do?" Talking to Lee when she was scared usually calmed her down and helped to clear her head. She didn't really expect an answer but she suddenly realized she knew what she had to do. "Kick and move fast Amanda."

"OK Amanda this is it count to three and go." When she reached three she kicked the rock with all her might and propelled herself forward as quick as possible pulling her trapped leg with her. Looking back she was amazed at the distance she was able to put between her and the falling rocks. She sat there for a few minutes enjoying her victory before returning to the realities before her.


"Shhhh Lee." Dotty placed her hand on top of her Son-in-laws hand and squeezed it. She had been sitting with him for hours. Francine had taken the boys and Emily home an hour ago and promised to stay with them. She wasn't exactly sure of everything that happened but she knew Lee needed her and Amanda would want her here with him.

Lee slowly opened his eyes and looked over at the woman holding his hand. Before he opened his eyes he willed himself to believe it was Amanda but opening them and seeing Dotty sitting there he broke down. "I failed her. My beautiful Amanda how could I leave you."

Dotty leaned over and took Lee in her arms and let him cry. When he fell silent she looked him "Lee look at me." Lee looked up at her afraid he would see hate in her eyes but all he saw was compassion. "Lee I believe in you and I know you would never cause Amanda harm." "But Dotty I..." "Shhh Lee let me finish. I know how much you love her and the mountains you would move for her but right now she needs you to get better. I know you promised to find her so let's get you better so you can make good on that promise."

Lee nodded and fell back asleep. Dotty reached for the phone and called Billy to let him know that Lee had awoken briefly they hung up with Billy telling her he would be their shortly.

When Billy arrived he looked at Dotty holding Lee's hand and couldn't help but notice how exhausted she looked. "Dotty why don't I get someone to take you home so you can get some rest."

Dotty shook her head and told him she needed to stay.

"I guess stubborn runs in this family." Billy smiled and placed a hand on Dotty's shoulder.

Dotty looked up at Billy and smiled back "It's why Lee fits in so well." They both allowed themselves to laugh a little and then directed their attention back to Lee who was starting to stir.

"Billy?" "Lee how are you feeling?" Billy was concerned about Lee pushing himself to fast he knew it would be impossible to keep Lee in the hospital to long especially with Amanda still out there.

"I'm OK."

"Lee Stetson! You've been shot twice in the leg. You are not OK!" Although Dotty's words sounded a bit harsh she gently brushed a strand of hair away from his face.

Billy looked down at Lee and smiled "Hard to slide something by the West Women Lee."

"Tell me about it." Lee smiled softly at Dotty.

"Lee can you tell me what happened?"

Dotty stood up to leave but Lee held onto her hand "No Dotty stay this part isn't classified and you need to hear it."

Dotty looked over at Billy he nodded his head at her and she sat back down.
Lee looked up at the ceiling and began. "I was shot as we were leaving the camp but Amanda wouldn't give up she practically dragged me to the pick up point. We ran into the cave to wait for the plane but someone must have known that was our plan." Lee stopped and took a few deep breaths before continuing. "Amanda saw the explosives first and pushed me out of the way but she wasn't fast enough to get us both out." He looked at Dotty "I'm so sorry."

Dotty knew the rest Francine had told her what she could earlier. Closing her eyes to stop her tears sometimes she had a hard time picturing the life Amanda led but one thing she did understand was her daughters love for this man. She opened her eyes and leaned over to kiss Lee on the forehead "Get some more rest Lee."