This story has turned out a lot different than what I planned XD

Sherlock flopped down onto his bed and John sat between his legs while Gregory and Mycroft sat on John's bed "so..." John said "how are you both?" Mycroft asked "What do you care?" Sherlock asked "Sherlock stop it!" John said and Sherlock moaned "We're fine thank you Mycroft" John smiled "how about you Gregory?" Mycroft asked and looked at the boy beside him "Please call me Greg. I'm well thank you" Greg said "Mycroft?" all 3 boys asked and Mycroft smiled "I'm very well thank you" he said "well isn't this an amazing conversation" Sherlock said and wrapped his arms protectively around John and kissed his neck from behind "Sherlock" John giggled and Greg and Mycroft shared a looked which said 'they're gonna do it right in front of us' and they both laughed which caused John and Sherlock to look at them "don't worry" Greg said but Sherlock's blue eyes stayed locked onto the elder Holmes and the scruffy boy beside him "well then we'll leave you 2 to have your fun" Greg said "I'm not leaving" Mycroft said and Greg bent down to his ear "Look at the bulge in John's pants. We better leave" he whispered and Mycroft's eyes looked at John's crotch "okay. I must go and see mummy anyway" Mycroft said and both Greg and Mycroft left "I bet they'll be together sometime in the next 10 years" Sherlock said "really?" John asked "yes" Sherlock said "£50?" John smirked "you're on" Sherlock said and shook John's hand "now Sherlock you might need to help me out" John said and Sherlock looked at John's crotch and smiled and pulled John up and forced him against the wall and kissed him violently and Sherlock dropped to his knees and slowly unbuckled Johns trousers and pulled them down unbearably slowly "Sherlock" John moaned and Sherlock yanked John's boxers down and admired John's cock which was leaking pre-come from the slit "I'm gonna make you cum straight down my throat John Watson" Sherlock said and licked the slit causing john to gasp and Sherlock slowly took John's cock into his mouth and put his hand around the bottom and thrust as he gave John the best damn blow job he'd ever had "So close Sherlock" John gasped "yes John. Come down my throat!" Sherlock said and licked strips up Johns shaft and took it into his mouth one more time "Sherlock!" John yelled as he came down Sherlock's throat and Sherlock hummed and licked all the come from John's cock before standing up and kissing his boyfriend.

About 7 years later Sherlock and John were still together and living together at 221B Baker Street and their bet only had 3 years or Sherlock would lose. Both men walked into Scotland Yard to tell Lestrade (Greg) some information on the murder in central London and when they walked into Lestrade's office they froze. There was Mycroft Holmes lent over Gregory Lestrade's desk while Greg penetrated his arse "I WIN!" Sherlock cheered causing Mycroft and Greg to panic "get out!" Mycroft yelled "you wanker's. Doing it where you know I could see!" Sherlock said "It's a free country" Mycroft said and moaned when Greg moved causing his cock to slid out slightly "lets go Sherlock. They're busy" John said and pulled his boyfriend out of the office.

Sorry this is quite short. Have been very busy lately xxxx

Hope You Enjoyed xoxo