A/N: Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If' is applicable to all of us, but don't you think it really suits Gilligan? If anyone struggles with day to day living it's surely our adorable First Mate. Anyway, here's my take on Mr. K's epic poem about holding your head up and carrying on when everything seems to be against you.

Gilligan's 'If'

If you can keep your head when Skipper chides you,

And cap-slaps, yells, and blames it all on you.

If you can trust yourself when Howells doubt you,

While you mix their drinks and caddy for them too;

If you can keep a smile while tolerating,

Being laughed at by the other guys,

And, being mocked, don't give way to mocking,

And yet don't let them cut you down to size.

If you can dream, and in your dreams live faster,

If you can make heroic thoughts your aim,

If you can cause both calmness and disaster,

And hope that people love you just the same.

If you can bear to see the help you offered,

Thrown in your face and told "it's all your fault",

Or watch the things Professor built, all broken,

"You should have known that sodium was salt!"

If you don't mind the Howells always winning,

And let the millionaire think he's the boss,

Even though you knew from the beginning,

a two-headed coin would help to cause your loss.

If you can look at Mary Ann and Ginger,

And not let obvious charms distract your mind,

From seeing all the goodness and the beauty,

Within a girl who's soft and sweet and kind.

If you can sit with millionaires and teachers,

And not be swayed by piles of ancient treasure,

If animals and people both astound you,

But all are loved by you in equal measure.

If you can find a million things to do,

On a tiny island, each and every day,

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

But best of all, you're Gilligan. Hooray!