After the ending of the dreaded (and short) apocalypse, all higher beings evil and benign were left confused, empty and a little irritated to say the least.

Though that did not include Crowley.

He'd made up his mind long ago that knowing things only made your problems more complicated, and can get you noticed by the wrong kinds of people. So whilst others asked for answers (and got hurt in the process) Crowley was willing to let the past be the past and to get on with the future.

But it seemed that even with this there was a problem.

Right now he was sitting in his apartment, thinking to himself if it was once again time to sleep through another century or two, until this whole thing blows over with him apparently going against hells orders. Even though Beelzebub and said that all was stable and he could go back to the way he was, Crowley had a gut feeling something was going to happen, and Crowley always trusted his gut.

This was the one major thing keeping him from closing the curtains and falling onto the bed. Whatever was keeping him awake, or giving him this feeling of uncertainty, was big. Big enough that Crowley had the urge to call Aziraphale and tell him to be on his guard.

He span in his chair and tried to make sense of the situation. Why would a lower class demon have this much to worry about? He was far too happy with where he was for anyone to think him a threat.

Anyone who knew Crowley even in the slightest knew his specialty is to sit on the fence, for this meant not being attacked from either sides and getting to enjoy the fruit of temptation and virtue. Why would he give that up?

And though he felt this from the depth of his core, the feeling still wouldn't budge. He felt like someone was watching him, someone who he couldn't beat with all the Holy water in the world, and that was a little unsettling.

Yes, it seemed like something was watching Crowley intently and if it had wanted to get rid of him, he could have done it without even being there. So, Crowley thought to himself

'What is it then?'


Michael stared at Metatron with a look that could be said to be shock, if he wasn't an arch angel. Instead all that could be seen was a small change in his eyes that only creatures that were close to him could see.

"You are sure of this?" He asked, with a voice so monotone it couldn't be said to be human.

"You question my loyalty?" Metatron answered; as he did the flames that surrounded him seemed to dance faster at the question.

"I must make sure that what you say is true, when it has never been asked of me before you must understand"

"I do"

"I have never been asked to ascend someone who I have damned"

"When Armageddon did not occur, there was time to see the reasons why"

"Then it shall be done"

Michael walked away from Metatron and had already started to change to a human looking form.

Michael was never one to truly look into human matters, and therefore he never tried to look orthodox. Instead, he had kept his first human body he was given at the dawn of time. The body in question looked like a roman marble statue with the only standing out feature being his shallow, ice blue eyes.

He pin pointed the demons location and headed for his target.