This was an idea I had, in my head while talking to somebody about courses, as I was working on a sweetTooth story on Deviant Art, but imagine that Bunnymund finds it hard to trust.

The other Guardians get along, but Bunnymund doesn't and has a little self confidence issues but North makes Tooth try and befriend him, in a way of understanding him.

As time goes on, he and Tooth become very close.

I hope fellow sweetTooth fans like, as I cannot wait for Rise of the Guardians to come out.

It was a few years after the Guardians had been found and Pitch had been weakened, but they got along, except for one, as Bunnymund was hiding out in his warren in Australia.

They were hanging out in North's house but Tooth wondered why as the warrior Easter Bunny was one of them, but wondered why he didn't hang out or try to get to know them as North sighed.

"Nobody knows, Tooth.

Maybe you should help him out, but be careful." the Russian toymaker said.

The half human and hummingbird Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies understood, as she knew that there was something about the warrior Easter Bunny that the others didn't.

She would try, as they needed Bunnymund's help, in order to keep Pitch and his Fearlings at bay,

She hoped that maybe befriending Bunnymund might help.

She then left, at once heading for the Outback.

North hoped that she could get through to the warrior Easter Bunny, as they needed him.

Bunnymund was walking through the forest, that was his home since he'd made it and felt like he could do things alone but he didn't want to bond with the other Guardians as he didn't want to get hurt in the heart, like what happened to his people as he headed to his warren home, as his eggs were following him, as Tooth smiled at him.

She then followed them into the warren but Bunnymund unsheathed his enchanted boomerang.

"Who's there?

Show yourself!" he demanded in his australian accent.

Tooth then revealed herself, as he put his enchanted boomerang away, as their eyes met, but there was something about him that she liked but he didn't give her eye contact.

"Why're you here, mate?" he said annoyed.

"I-I figured, you could use a friend." she said but a growl emitted.

"I don't need any friends, Toothina.

Get out of here, before I get mad." he growled.

The half hummingbird and human tooth fairy sighed as she left but saw a small tear in his eye looking at drawings of his home from outer space.

She then left, as she felt sorry for him.

He sighed, as his minions were worried about him.

"I'll be fine, guys." he said.

He then left the warren but needed time alone.