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In this chapter, Bunnymund reveals to Kit that she's a half Guardian and that she needs to stay with him on Easter Island, so that Pitch won't go after her mother and siblings.

Kit's eyes fluttered open, as she heard laughter as Jack, Jamie and Thalia were being chased by Bunnymund, as Jack had gotten them to help him in a joke, but the warrior Easter Bunny wasn't amused, as he didn't like Jack's jokes, but the young half Guardian awoken stopped him in his tracks.

"Run along, guys.

I'll deal with you later, Jackson." he said.

Jamie and Thalia giggled at the look on Jack's face as he didn't like being called by his full name, but glad that Kit had gotten them out of trouble for now.

"Whatcha ya wanna do now, Jamie?" Thalia asked him.

"It's too bad it's not snowing, guys.

Then we can go sledding, like last Winter, when I first met Jack." he said to her.

Thalia got an idea seeing the many tunnels that Bunnymund had made as one led to Santoff Clausen, but it was Winter there, as a broad smile crossed Jack and Jamie's faces grabbing sleds.

"Let's go, guys." Jack said leading the way.

One of the warrior eggs had seen this and had to tell Bunnymund but saw he was with that human girl, but sighed.

Kit saw a frown on Bunnymund's face after the warrior egg had told him what Jack had done, but saw Kit exploring but her eyes were full of wonder, making him smile.

"Your island is so amazing, E Aster!" she said.

"Call me Bunnymund, Kit.

I'm glad you like my home, kid." he said.

He knew there was a lot she needed to know about being a half Guardian, but knew the Man in the Moon would be proud there were half Guardians helping the children of Earth, along with the Guardians of Childhood.

"You have to stay here, with me, Kit.

You're a half Guardian of Childhood, but will help me and the others protect the children of Earth from Pitch and the Fearlings, but he will try to go after those you care about, to get to you." he told her.

There was a look of sadness in her eyes but understood that it was to keep her loved ones safe, but Bunnymund saw she was hungry, but gave her chocolate, making her smile.

"Thanks, Bunnymund.

Maybe being here won't be so bad, after all." she said feeling better.

She realised that she could use the tunnels to visit those she loved, as she understood seeing Jack, Jamie and Thalia return but tired from their snowy fun.

Jamie then heard his watch beep, meaning he had to go home.

"Aw, I gotta go!" he said hugging Jack.


I'll see you later, okay?" he said.

Jamie nodded, as he took the tunnel that led to his neighbourhood, in Thaddeus Burgess, as Jack sighed.

He saw Kit being shy around him, but understood.

He and Thalia were going to Thaddeus Burgess for a while.

Kit then saw something around Bunnymund's silver grey furred neck, as it looked like a charm, but was curious, as the warrior Easter Bunny blushed a little.

"Toothina gave it to me, when we first met as kids.

I care about her a lot, Kit.

She was my only friend, after my kin were wiped out.

But we haven't hung out, in three hundred years." he told her/.

The young chestnut brown haired half Guardian understood, as she liked Toothina too, but would maybe see her later, but she hoped that Tooth and Bunnymund would hang out again.

"So, you told her she's a half Guardian?

I'm sure she's adjusting well, Bunnymund." Tooth said.

Bunnymund nodded, as he was in her palace but being here with her made him nervous, but reminded him of when they were little, but Toothina smiled seeing he still wore the charm she'd given him, when they had been children, but knew that having his kin wiped out made him distant but she would try to reach out to him again.

"Yes, she knows.

She's taking it very well, for a young Guardian." he told her.

The half human and hummingbird tooth fairy sighed seeing him leave, but knew he would return, but was fighting the feelings that emerged when he was around her.

She hoped to thaw the ice around his heart, but had work to do.

Kit was in Thaddeus Burgess watching Jamie for the night, but his parents didn't know what was going on, but she wore a Guardian charm which North had given to her, but was the symbol of a half Guardian and was looking forward to making her powers strong.

"Does your Mom know, Kit?" he asked softly.

They were in his room, filled with drawings of the Guardians especially Jack.

"Yes, she knows but is proud.

She said that my Dad was a hero, of the Golden Age.

I know that Pitch will meet his downfall soon." she replied.

"Yeah, and then nobody would be scared, right?

Because the Fearlings would be gone, right?" Jamie asked.

Kit smiled, at his words knowing there would always be nightmares that the Fearlings created but she and the Guardians could fight and protect the children of Earth, as she saw him fall asleep, but left the room, unaware that Jack was watching through North's snowglobe.

He knew that Kit was being sweet to Jamie, but hoped that could become true.

He then left before North caught him.